Ohioans can now enroll in Obama’s health care plan

Ohioans can now start shopping for health insurance that’s a key piece of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 2, 2013

The new law requires almost everyone to have health insurance. With Tuesday’s launch, consumers are able to search for health coverage options.

Ohio is leaving it up to the federal government to run the state’s health insurance exchange where people can buy coverage.

Health care providers and other organizations that serve the poor will be out promoting “Obamacare” to 1.5 million uninsured Ohioans. But some groups in the state that received federal dollars to hire people to walk applicants through the process say it will be weeks before they’re ready.

Consumers have until mid-December to sign up if they want coverage by the first of the year.



Re: "out promoting “Obamacare” to 1.5 million uninsured Ohioans,"

Even with subsidized premiums, how are low paid uninsured workers expected to be able to afford the additional costs when most are already living paycheck-to-paycheck in Pres. Obama's "McJobs" economic recovery?

If this "stuff" is so d*mn good; let all the members of the Executive, Congressional and Judicial branches be subject to the same ACA rules and regulations as the "commoners."

Quite obviously, the Political Ruling Class in Washington have different rules for themselves.

Wanna see where the REAL one percenters live?





I guess I'd take the insult a lot more seriously if, under Obamacare, almost EVERYbody isn't a loser!


Turn the channel ShamLOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And the usual flock of brain dead obamabots show up to dismiss the lies... shocker...

The New World Czar

Typical deertracker responses- if you don't have an argument, then resort to name calling.


Typical The New World Czar responses-if you don't have an argument, then resort to a robotic, brain dead, slogan.


And the usual flock of brain dead obamabots show up to dismiss the lies... shocker...

..........All you have is a brain dead slogan , right dim wit?


Re: "LOSER!"

Tsk, tsk. Such language.

Shouldn't you be kinder to those of us that are helping to provide your Medicaid, SSDI, SNAP and other govt. "cash & prizes"?


Nope! Screw you and your so called help LOSER!


Re: "so called help,"

In the next financial crisis, your amt. of "cash & prizes" are gonna shrink.

Enjoy your "crumbs" while you and your worthless family's got 'em. :)


you have alot of nerve calling people worthless because they are receiving help. you don't know their situation and you could be in need of help one day. god bless!


Re: "you have alot of nerve calling people worthless"

What would you call a family that stole money from their mother in order to qualify her for Medicaid?

And what would you call someone who continually just writes, "LOSER!"?

The Big Dog's back

What would I call them? winnie the pooh.


If you love me,let me sell yo food stamps an keep the profit.


Ignore the drunk Unassumer. There is no truth to anything he has written about me or my family!


Re: "There is no truth to anything he has written about me or my family!"

"My mother in law died in a nursing facility.....may she R I P......and the cost to Medicaid was nowhere near 80k." – deertracker, Oct. 1, 2013


Your loser family split her home and assets before you dumped her into that crummy nursing home didn't you?


Oops. :)


Contango is a skillfull liar , propagandist , and alcoholic.

The Big Dogs ba...

sweet comeback 4shizzie, I especially like the part where you denied what he said.....


Wrong again my drunk friend. Her home burnt down while she was recovering from having her leg amputated. My wife and I took care of her in our home until we were no longer able to due to other illnesses. I realize that you really think if you repeat something enough or make up your own so called facts enough times that it actually makes it true. It does not! I am a proud and honorable man and there is nothing you or anyone can say that will ever change that!


Re: "Wrong"

You burned her house down for the insurance money eh, govt. teat sucker?

You and your b*tch are REAL low-lifes aren't you?


Yes, we both are presently doing 10-20 for arson too! What else you got boy?




Re: "we both are presently doing 10-20 for arson too"

Yet confirming once again:

Sucking off the govt. teat. :)

Startin' to sweat your SSDI and Medicaid benefits yet?

Just wait until the well REALLY runs dry during the next financial (sovereign debt) crisis.


@ Clown,

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Darwin's choice

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