Puppies dumped in trash bin need home

Two puppies, rescued after being left to die in a Norwalk trash bin, are doing well and should be ready for a new home soon.
Annie Zelm
Apr 2, 2011


Two puppies, rescued after being left to die in a Norwalk trash bin, are doing well and should be ready for a new home soon.

No one knows who left them there, but the resident who found them cared for all the dogs for about a month and found homes for all but two of the puppies, Huron County deputy dog warden Josh Jasinski said.

Jasinski said the puppies are thought to be a Shar-Pei and German shepherd mix, about 8 to 12 weeks old.

They've been in the care of the humane society's veterinarian to be treated for a virus, Huron County Humane Society spokeswoman Bonnie Albright said, but they are playful and active. Shelter managers have named them Laverne and Shirley.

For information about adopting Laverne and Shirley or any of the Huron County Humane Society's other animals, visit hc-humanesociety.org or call 419-663-7158.

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Those two puppies appear to look extremely healthy.  It NEVER surprises me how evil people can be.  People only think of themselves with self-anointed authority dumping off animals or sending them to the humane society to be KILLED because they are pernicious and vulgar bigots who are too lazy and mindless to deal with them.  Yeah, such people are so wonderful and important pillars of society.  We as humans are supposed to be more superior of all the creatures on this planet are be KIND to our pets.  We are supposed to care for them, feed them and be RESPONSIBLE for them.  Typical liberals.  "I fed the stray to make myself 'feel good', but it is NOT mine.  I got the kitty cats because they were so cute, but I decided I did not want them anymore."  I pray people do NOT use the same rational thinking for children. 


First time ever, Taxpayer that I 110% agree with you!


Where's the mother?  Did she get a home?


Taxpayer, You are a moron! I am as liberal as they come, and I do not mistreat animals in any way, shape, or form! I am a member of the Huron County Humane Society, I help support their  work with money and other donations. I am out there several times a week. The Humane Society does not kill healthy puppies. Why don't you stop out there and visit some time and get educated, and take "LISA SAYS" with you! Jerk.


Ok, I do not agree with the Liberals part, but the rest of his comment makes A LOT of sense.Think about it for a second instead of automatically going after him. I know almost all of his other comments are completely idiotic, but this one is true. Animals are like trash to people, obviously. Instead of taking the time to care for them and properly finding them a home, people dump them off to anyone and about anywhere. It happens all too often. Tell me I'm wrong? The LAST place I would EVER take an animal would be the humane society or the pound. 


Great job Taxpayer!  I just knew you could blame this on liberals!  Personally I think George Bush dumped those puppies.  Every liberal I know is an animal lover.

Kottage Kat

@ Lisa,

I understand your reasoning, however the HCHS is as close toa no kill as you can get. Please go out and see the facility and the work that they do before passing judgement or lumping this one in with "all' Humane societies.  This one is worthy of support, well run by very caring and compassionate folks. Check it out.


Some of taxpayers post I agree with. I know a dog trainer, and at one time I was involved with Schutzhund. Some of these animal owners should never own an animal. Some people expect their pup will train itself with no human effort involved, others complain the animal has too much energy to train, well geez if you didnt put it in a crate 12 hour a day, what do you think its going to do when you let it out? Others omg I had no clue my shepherd was going to be so big, how big did you think it was gonna get? Cant you just train it for us? So what do they do, disgard them like trash. Good thing is, they do appear rather healthy, atleast by the picture.


Lisa says, I didn't say he was wrong about how some people don't take care of their pets. He lumped them all as LIBERALS, sorry, no. Taxpayer blames everything on liberals, because he is a bumb -ss. As for The HURON County Humane Society, do not lump us with other shelters! Go see for yourself.


did they take randleman there too after he left the hospital? ........ the puppies would give him roundworms, hopefully!


OMG!!!   What an idiot to blame this on liberals?  That is something only an ignorant old fool would come up with.  WOW ...isn`t it about time to let the hate go and give it a rest? How can one person always say such stupid things?  I`m starting to have a lot of PITTY for that fool.




THEY'RE "pernicious and vulgar bigots" unlike me.

Ha! Ha! (drool,)


Funny how these dogs were dumped at the same time public workers are being asked to pay just a small portion of their healthcare and pension costs!!!  Maybe they belong to a teacher?  Seems like a heck of a coincidence!  Maybe that guy dressed like a cheesehead dumped them?


TaxpayJerK cracks me up. If you called TAXPAYER a maggot on a dogpile, you'd be insulting the maggot.

Ha! Ha!

thinkagain's picture
I’m never surprised by YOUR ignorant, hypocritical posts. Since that’s all you ever do is bash anyone that disagrees with your twisted views. I’ve learned to expect YOUR stupidity. I don’t PITTY(?) you, because I know you “feel good” when you spew your hypocrisy.    Every liberal I know supports the slaughter of the innocent unborn.  Too bad they don’t have a pound where you can drop off hate filled, ignorant liberal hypocrites.    

Ah, I see we have a kitty cat MURDERER among the bloggers.  One who professes to be so important and a pillar of society when they sit at home as a total LOSER.  You know, a person who CLAIMS to be wonderful, important, caring, loves animals, then is totally hypocritical and KILLS two pet cats.  So, because you no longer want them or you are too lazy to find homes for them, you become vicious and hateful turning them in to the humane society to KILL them.  You know, out of sight, out of mine?  Then you have the nerve to BLAME the humane society for your own atrociousness, laziness and villainy?  Such true, typical, entitlement, loser liberalism.  It is EXACTLY like the scum who dumped these two dogs off in trash bin to DIE.  Hmm, I wonder just who such a wonderful and "animal loving" person it could be?  Such a fine example of a liberalistic, total hypocrisy way of life and a person with NO credibility in anything.  "I am such a miserable loser at home, I need to BLAME others for my worthless life on a blog to make myself 'feel good" and important.  It makes me weep.  Boo, hoo, hoo!"  Ha! Ha!