Court upholds superintendent’s firing

An appeals court recently affirmed a lower court’s decision that the Bellevue school board was justified in firing its superintendent in 2009 for alleged sexual harassment of employees.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 1, 2013


The school board fired William “Bud” Martin, even after an arbitrator found the allegations against him and then-assistant superintendent Darrell Hykes didn’t rise to the level of sexual harassment. When Martin and Hykes contested the terminations, Huron County Common Pleas Court visiting Judge Roger Binette ruled in favor of the board.

The pair then appealed again to the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals, which on Friday issued its 22-page opinion. Of significant note: District principals had agreed they would not leave each other alone with Martin.

“This is clearly evidence of the environment created by appellant’s conduct,” the appeals court stated. The court previously issued a separate opinion affirming Hykes’ firing.


Tsu Dho Nimh

Apparently arbitrators are not always right.

Señor Clown

Bellevue has had a bad run of hiring superintendents that they soon feel the need to be rid of. This seems to be a common problem, though…


The bad run is over......Shubert is doing a fine job! It's really too bad Doc Lahoski got railroaded out.....he was a great guy along with Francis Scrucci.


Lahoski was evil incarnate.

Ned Mandingo

Goodbuy dirtbags. Looks like the citizen for change screw up are behind us. Nice job Linder and Shelly.