Traffic signals downed at Cleveland Road, causeway

Intersection closed, traffic rerouted after vehicle hauling boat strikes traffic signal
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 30, 2013


A vehicle towing a boat may be responsible for tearing down traffic signals Monday afternoon at Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive.

Sandusky police said they're still investigating the incident, which happened at about 4:30 p.m. Information on the culprit is pending.

In the meantime, officers have closed the intersection as they wait for transportation crews to repair the damage.

Eastbound traffic on Cleveland Road is being diverted to Butler Street, to Milan Road, to Perkins Avenue, back to Cleveland Road.

Westbound traffic is being diverted to Pipe Street to Perkins Avenue, to Milan Road, to Butler Road. There's no timeframe yet on the intersection reopening.

Check back for updates.


Good 2 B Me

Is this idiot responsible for paying for the damage?


A neighbor's stupid daughter wiped out a guardrail and a sign on the highway & ODOT sent her a bill for over $2000. I'm guessing he'll have to pay, too.

Good 2 B Me

I hope so!


Why in God's name would they send them down Pipe Street? It's in bad enough shape as it is.


PHROGGY, ware dose it say Pipe ST. ?


the last paragraph says Pipe Street if you bother to read the article.


Why bring God's name into it ?

T. A. Schwanger


Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Sandusky government will recognize the deplorable condition of Pipe Street and finally do something with it.