Sen. Brown seeks to help Janesville Acoustics

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown wants one of Norwalk’s largest employers to stay open.
Melissa Topey
Sep 30, 2013


On Friday, Brown sent a letter to Janesville Acoustics executives in Michigan, urging them to keep their Norwalk factory running.

Last month the company’s executives announced — to the surprise of employees, union officials and city administrators — plans to close the plant by the end of 2014, leaving 296 people without work.

The company plans to move its operations closer to its customer base. It’s looking to purchase a new plant in Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska before the end of this year.

“We know how to make things in Ohio, especially cars, and the Norwalk workers are among the best at what they do,” Brown stated in a release. “That is what makes it so disappointing that Janesville Acoustics decided to close its Norwalk facility without any effort to consult its workers or the local community.”

In the letter to David Cataldi, president of Janesville Acoustics, Brown asked the company to work with the union and local leaders to find an alternative to a devastating closure.

“Because of the serious impact this shutdown could have on the Norwalk Community, I urge you to leave no stone unturned in these efforts,” Brown wrote. “Please don’t hesitate to call on me if I can be of assistance. I stand ready to help you save the jobs of hundreds of devoted Ohio workers.”

The closing appears to be a done deal, with the company already moving equipment out of the factory. But you still keep hope and try to save the plant, Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan said.

“It is always positive when elected officials take the initiative to get involved,” Duncan said.

The union was made aware of Brown’s letter Thursday, said Casey Martin, union president for local 1422 Workers United.

“We will see how far this goes,” Martin said. “Any help is good help.”



If Doo Doo Brown was serious, he'd hop on a plane and go to Janesville's Corporate offices and have a face to face meeting with company officials. Sending a letter and saying not to hesitate to call me if I can be of assistance is just plain lazy.


I bet he didn't even write it! It would be beneath him to pen a letter, unless it was to benefit him of course.


Merely Comrade Sen. Brown trying to score political points after the ship has sailed.


He saw headlines and took it for all its worth. Offer something nstead of pretty pretty please.

The New World Czar

“Please don’t hesitate to call on me if I can be of assistance. I stand ready to help you save the jobs of hundreds of devoted Ohio workers.”

LMAO, as if they'll call him.

Stop It

I dunno. A move so late in the game and pretending to care, may have hurt him worse than doing nothing at all.

At least in my mind.

2cents's picture

Charade Brown : )


He's always been for more taxes, more regulation, and more demonizing corporations, and now he wants to know why they are leaving? Look in the mirror, Senator.