City needs $1M to keep tap water safe

An Ohio city that relies on Lake Erie for drinking water says an algae threat will cost $1 million in added expenses.
Associated Press
Sep 29, 2013


The additional expense was outlined by Toledo officials before the city council, which expects to vote on it in the coming week.

According to the (Toledo) Blade, Mayor Mike Bell’s administration told the city council the extra money is needed to keep tap water safe.


Specialists fear algaerelated toxins may linger in the water, possibly for weeks after the algae fades from sight, usually by mid-October.

Scientists say farm runoff and sewage overflows are the largest contributors to Lake Erie’s algae problem, which has reappeared almost annually since 1995.


Western Lake Erie is the Great Lakes region’s most susceptible basin, because it is the warmest and shallowest.


Señor Clown

If it's been reappearing since 1995, you'd think they might budget for such an expense.