Perkins Schools supporters banned from polling place

The decision comes after levy supporters allegedly influenced Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 27, 2013

The leading officials supervising Ohio Veterans Home activity prohibited Perkins Schools supporters from entering the premises during November's Election Day.

A decision comes about a month after allegations surfaced of levy supporters recruiting Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.

By more than a 4-to-1 margin, individuals voting at the veterans home approved the Perkins School levy in August — the largest margin of victory throughout the district's 16 voting precincts.

Perkins Schools officials are proposing a 10-year, 6.73-mill levy for the November ballot, identical to the issue voters rejected in August.

Pick up Saturday's Register to read more, including comments from Perkins Schools supporters.



This could be an interesting legal issue. But please PLSD, don't pursue it. Let the Alzheimer's vote go.


There was no effort to go after the Alzheimer vote in the first place.


It is so sad that this happened.....especially to involve students and letting them think this is the proper way to get what you want....


"The decision comes after levy supporters allegedly influenced Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause."

Good decision. The Ohio Veterans Home has staff to help the veterans to cast a vote at the polls located within the OVH building. That way no questions will be raised about ethical voting.


You know, that's pretty low! This entire levy push has been a fiasco! This, for me, is the final nail in it's coffin! How ANYONE can ever get on here again and promote this BOE and Gunner is beyond me.


Because we know the facts, and choose not to let all of the gossip, rumor, and inuendo that runs rampant here impact our decision making. A lot more people should try it, instead of letting articles like this tear us apart even farther.

There was no effort to do anything wrong. Period.




The "facts" as you see them, you mean.


"Because we know the facts"

How about the facts about some properties being way undervalued for tax purposes? Please explain why the school did not challenge the low property valuations for property tax. Even after a fair market sale, the valuations remained very low for tax purposes.



I know nothing about that. I know you have made numerous comments on blogs before regarding that issue.

Are you accusing the district of being selective in not challenging, or just stating that they are not challenging anything?


"Are you accusing the district of being selective in not challenging, or just stating that they are not challenging anything?"

In the past, the Perkins Local SD has challenged property valuations of property located in the Perkins Local SD.


I will inquire Centauri. Probably take me a few days to get an answer.

44870 South

Bherrle, go are so diluted and brainwashed. We're sick of reading your same old crap on here.



Thank you for pointing out that my comments are not changing.

If someone wants to make an accusation, then back it up with proof and fact. Too many people on here not doing that, using the rumor mill.

Centauri is putting facts out there, and I applaud him for that.




They didnt even go into the alzheimers unit.. how can they when it's on lockdown?

Erie Countian

I held my nose and voted yes the past two times, but the stench has become overwhelming. Until Gunner is booted out and the current BOE is replaced, I will be voting no from here on out.


Very low valuation of property within the Perkins Local School District.
Current Valuation January 2012 Assessment: $346,020
Sales in 2005: $660,000


when you see property on the auditor website an assessment does not mean that that is what the property is going to sell for. there are different criteria for banks, for taxes,and for equity.


"when you see property on the auditor website an assessment does not mean that that is what the property is going to sell for. there are different criteria for banks, for taxes,and for equity."

Can you show some facts to back up your comments? Internet links will do with a brief copy and paste section from the link.
"The best indication of the fair market value of real property is the recent purchase price paid. In many cases, (once a Tax Complaint is properly filed) the Auditor will accept the purchase price paid as the fair market value, and revise the assessed value of the property accordingly."

Example of a school challenging that the selling price is the best indicator of the true valuation of a property.
"Beck and Horchler, as owners of the property listed as BHP Properties, purchased the building from Philip A. Pisano for $171,500. At the time, the property’s total assessed value was $86,240, according to records from the Erie County Auditor’s Office."

"The Department of Taxation also plays a role in overseeing auditors’ values for tax purposes."

“Courts have consistently said in Ohio that the sale price is the best indicator of what the price should be for taxes,” Kohkstrand said. “Eventually, that sale will be looked at for its worth — it just happens the school district here looked right away.”
Property sold for $105,0000 in 1999
$132,420 is the valuation in 2003
$$86,240 is the valuation in 2006

I see no record of BOR action to drop the value from $132,420 to $86,240. Somebody got deep discount for property taxes.


Matt, Doug, Tim:

You should be embarrassed. You have done nothing but throw gasoline on a spark to sell more papers.

You KNOW that no Alzheimer patients were not approached because those units are locked down.

You KNOW that Coach Niell, who worked for OVH for over 30 years, has nothing but respect for the veterans and he personally over saw the OVH drive for votes.

You KNOW that the only patients approached by kids were at the direction of OVH staff.

You KNOW that Amy Grubby came to OVH and squashed the entire effort that day.

You KNOW that only 29 people voted so there is no impact.

Yet here you go ripping apart our community to sell a newspaper on a Saturday that doesn't even have enough copy to wrap fish. Great job guys. Keep on this path. Perkins failure will lead to the merger agenda with Sandusky that you so strongly push.


I'm definitely NOT a big fan of the Register, but why do you blame the NEWSpaper for reporting what OVH did? OVH made the decision, not the Register. Bottom line is this: the residents of Perkins township are simply fed up with manipulations, threats, and lies from the Perkins BOE and Gunner. I'm a lifelong Perkins resident, and I do not want to "merge" with Sandusky, but I also do not want to be bullied into passing a levy that Gunner's ineptness and ego is forcing on our community! Frankly, you levy supporters should be extremely EMBARRASSED by all this, instead of arrogantly chastising someone for reporting it! You all are on the "Titanic" and keep telling each other that the ship isn't sinking, and are angry at the people who told you that you hit an iceberg!


It is the way they are reporting it, in my opinion, along with the fact that they chose to report this but have never reported anything about the Board of Elections own misdeeds on election day, trying to turn away anyone wearing a piece of Perkins clothing. I agree with everything MP states. All of his statements are the truth of the situation.

Saying it was the largest margin of victory among any precinct is misleading in the context of the article. The result at OVH in August was almost identical to May's results. There is obvious bias in the reporting because they left that part out.


PLEASE, just admit that what they did was wrong, I don't care if OVH residents had full blown dementia or just wanted a little bit of attention. Teaching students integrity should be more important than getting votes anyway you can...

And Perkins has already been told NO twice. This rubs all voters I know the wrong way, with exception of Perkins employees or parents who don't want to pay these crazy fees.

True Blue

You cannot wear any political shirts or buttons when you vote. So, I guess the Board of Elections was doing their job. Anyone wearing a Perkins sports shirt wasn't asked to leave and turn their shirt inside out. Talk about getting your facts right. Why didn't you check your facts out before you made that statement.


True Blue,

You are the one that needs to fact check. I agree that political shirts are not allowed, such as the Support Our Students shirts.

There were numerous people wearing just Perkins apparel (not levy shirts) who were asked to change shirts or turn them inside out. One was my neighbor. Another occurred while I was at the polls.

True Blue

There were two precincts (8 and 9) that didn't ask anyone to turn their shirts inside out unless it had to do with the levy. So, all I can say is Excuss me!


Deleted my comment after rereading it. I'm still not a Perkins Township resident but I think that people are jumping the gun here. There's lots of ways to get into the Alzheimer's Unit. It's not like the Erie Co. Jail - lockdown doesn't mean the same thing. In my opinion people here sometimes start ripping into the guys at the Register and really have no fair reason to.


The truth hurts, doesn't it, MP?

I don't care if it was only 2 votes dishonestly cast, it was wrong and immoral.


No, lies and negative spin hurt, which is what this is.