Perkins Schools supporters banned from polling place

The decision comes after levy supporters allegedly influenced Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 27, 2013

The leading officials supervising Ohio Veterans Home activity prohibited Perkins Schools supporters from entering the premises during November's Election Day.

A decision comes about a month after allegations surfaced of levy supporters recruiting Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.

By more than a 4-to-1 margin, individuals voting at the veterans home approved the Perkins School levy in August — the largest margin of victory throughout the district's 16 voting precincts.

Perkins Schools officials are proposing a 10-year, 6.73-mill levy for the November ballot, identical to the issue voters rejected in August.

Pick up Saturday's Register to read more, including comments from Perkins Schools supporters.



QUESTION to the Perkins Local SD pro-levy supporters.

Which law firms and attorneys has the Perkins Local SD employed the past 15 years?

Anybody can answer.


On a short break right now, just reading this. I see 15th answered. I didn't know the answer. What is the relevance of this question? Not being smart, I'm missing the point of the question?

Centauri, you seem like a reasonable person. We r not on here all day long. Not getting a quick answer doesn't mean we are dodging anything. I would hope u would agree. Be back later tonight.


Thank you for the answer. I believe that you are a NO voter. Have you noticed that the pro-levy people refuse to answer questions? A couple of the pro-levy people have been busy stalking me with their troll and flamer actions.

Until the pro-levy people start answering the questions with honest answers, VOTE NO! What are the pro-levy people hiding?




Additional legal counsel is

Julie R.

Stumphauzer & O'Toole and Wickens & Panzer are the law firms and attorneys that have been employed by the Perkins Local SD for the past 15 years?

Those are two great big law firms from Lorain County. Stumphauzer & O'Toole (the former Baumgartner & O'Toole) were the attorneys for Metroparks --- the case that ended up costing the Erie County taxpayers 3.2 million. The retired Lorain County judge Joseph Cirigliano was also involved in that case. Rich Stumphauzer is also Vermilion's law director who uses his Lorain County law firm to handle legal issues for the city of Vermilion. When the city of Vermilion, Stumphauzer, and his Lorain County law firm refused to provide itemized copies of what they were charging the Vermilion taxpayers, the former Vermilion mayor, Jean Anderson, filed a lawsuit against them. Roger Binette (of course) ruled in favor of Stumphauzer & O'Toole and so did the 6th District Court of Appeals. Anderson then took it all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court and won.

I believe the infamous Elsebeth Baumgartner (no relation to Baumgartner & O'Toole) also made allegations about that law firm years ago --- something about them defrauding the taxpayers of the Benton-Carroll-Salem school district. I believe she also made allegations that they falsified grants for a certain Erie County prosecutor's ferry boat business.

Wickens & Panzer is the big Lorain County law firm that Erie County's favorite rent-a-judge Joseph Cirigliano joined about 5 or 6 years ago. Right after Cirigliano joined, the firm merged with a small Sandusky law firm. At the time of the merger, the husband of the Erie County probate court judge Beverly McGookey was an attorney in that small Sandusky law firm.

What a small world.


Never trust anybody who evades, tap dances around questions or refuses to answer questions. VOTE NO!

More people are asking me where to get those NO signs.


The truth behind the levy issue is greed. Who benefits most from this levy passing......the administration and employees. Two thirds of the expense is spent on SALARIES AND BENEFITS. Have any concessions, other than pay freezes been offered by the employees? These reductions in pay and benefits have been taken nationally by everyone else? Is this the real motive for seeking passage of the levy and the underhanded ways that have been taken to get it passed?
Look at the salary and benefit structure and costs which make up a majority of the total expense....then make a decision as to why the levy is being attempted. Is Gunner willing to not accept his $300.00 per month car allowance? Are the teachers willing to take less for "the good of the students"? Or is the whole issue about "ME"?


The truth behind the levy is that they need to replace the money that was moved (stolen) from the operating budget (unethically) in order to build an unnecessary, lavish new high school.


Just took a drive and went down Bogart Rd. from Columbus Ave to Rt.250. The "Vote No" signs were numerous. I didn't see them the last time the levy was up for vote, and now more people are showing their lack of trust for this administration. More and more people are waking up to the ineptness of Gunner and the BOE. Sorry, BHerrle, I believe your levy is "toast". :)


If they couldn't pass it in August with such a highly motivated group, then there is no way it will pass in November. Also, I love the Vote No signs right next to and across from the high school!



Yeah, those signs are really great. Sends a real good message to our students, teachers, and parents.

Your entitled to oppose the levy, but couldn't you at least do it with some class? The property owners have the right to post the signs. Do you really need to get enjoyment out of it?


The signs do send a good message to the students, teachers, and parents. They say that the taxpayers aren't going to be lied to, threatened, or bullied by their superintendent. They say that people will stand up for what they believe. And you want to talk about not conducting yourself with class? Start with your super. And yes, I do get enjoyment out of people who stand up to tyrants, like those who put up the No signs. We don't all just do what we're told and believe what we're told to believe.


Class, bherrle? Reread the above article you're on here blogging about.


The pot is calling the kettle black.



I drive that route every day and have seen the signs, they have been up for several days now.

It is not my levy, our just the supporters levy. It is the communities levy. We are all entitled to our opinions, but in the end, we swim, or we sink, as a community.


Still no answers from the pro-levy people. Thank you to the "NO" voters for providing answers.

I have been told that the pro-levy people going door to door before the last levy election ignored No Trespassing, No Solicitors and No Soliciting signs.

Ignore Ohio trespassing law? Why?

If one of you pro-levy people tripped and broke an ankle or leg, would you sue the property owner for injuries?



To your last question, no, I would not sue anyone.

To your question on signs, I can only answer that I myself rang a bell at a house with a "No Soliciting" sign. The sign was at the very bottom of the door window, it was older, and I simply didn't see it. It was at about ankle height. As soon as I did see it, after my first ring, I felt bad, and I turned and left. I would suspect that may have happened elsewhere. Obviously, I can't speak for the whole group of people who helped. There was no group concerted effort to ignore these signs.



To your questions regarding tax valuations. Commercial property valuations are challenged every year, if the tax due drops by more than $1,000, or if the property owner challenges an increase in valuation.

Residential property is looked at every three years when the county does assessments, with special attention paid to properties with new valuations lower than recent sale value.

Currently, $1.9 million dollars is owed in unpaid, overdue, property taxes. $500,000 of this is owed by the Maui Sands property alone. The school district has no legal position to take action on back taxes, as the collection authority lies with the County Treasurer.

There are also open valuation disputes on commercial property. KBI is one example. KBI's position is that the property and land is worth $2 million dollars, despite the fact the same property and land was purchased for $25 million. This dispute is several years old.


I have some questions. Anyone can answer.

Why is OK for anyone against the levy to make accusation or allegation without proof?

Why is OK for rumors to be spread with no proof? Why is expected that a pro-levy person has to disprove a rumor that is not based on fact or reality. Is the community really benefiting from this type of behavior?

Why is OK to personally attack people, as Pyrate recently did to me?

Why is OK for levy opposer to not answer questions?


How did I personally attack you?
The key difference that needs to be noted is I am just some Troll sitting here amusing myself. I am not a quasi-official spokesman, whether appointed or not, your prior posts indicate that you think you speak for the Board and the pro-levy group. I am not pretending to be anything more than a private citizen with an opinion so I can play loose and fast and enjoy some hyperbole and irony and satire if need be. I saw how you act at these meetings, how you look at the man, it is not healthy how you worship him.
But bear in mind, I am held to a lower standard of conduct because I only speak for myself and I am not on here lying to get people's money.


To the unproven rumors regarding "extra money" in the football program, that football players don't have to pay now, and that some athletes have not made their first payment.

First, there is no "football program" account or fund. There is an "Athletic Dept Fund." That fund typically has flucuating amounts of money in it at any given time due to revenues and expenses of the Athletic Programs that occur weekly, monthly, etc. Is is no "extra money."

All athletes still have to pay. All athletes have made their first payments. This is kept track of and watched closely. If someone hasn't made that first payment, they can't play.


Why are we still having to vote on a levy that has been soundly defeated twice already? Why doesn't the BOE simply move the operating funds back and deal with maintaining the current buildings until the economic situation improves? Why can't the BOE understand ''no'' when the community has told them twice? Why is Bherrle still in denial about the fact that the majority of people don't support the levy, and it's going to fail again?


I associate Perkins with Congress, they do not care about the majority of the community, only their personal gains. It is not about "support our students". It is good for students to learn to make choices in life and know that they cannot have everything. So choose ONE sport to play for the year, and do more worthwhile things with your time. They should volunteer, and how about having more quality family time, more family dinners, walks, going to some museums, instead of all the school extra curricular activities. And I agree with "observer", it is truly assinine to be voting on this again. Is this going to like voting on Obamacare 42 times??!! lol...


Fiscal Responsibility.

What is it?

QUESTION: How has the Perkins School District shown fiscal responsibility to the tax payers?
"The Six Habits Of Fiscally Responsible Public School Districts"

These habits can also benefit Ohio schools.

QUESTION: How much money was paid to all of those law firms and attorneys through the past 15 years?

QUESTION: What is the interest rate on that bank loan?

QUESTION: Why was that bank loan so necessary if the inside millage was moved?

I recall reading in Mr. Gunner's first Superintendent Contract that he was to move into the School District. That first contract was online and I believe that I posted a link to it. Was it taken down from the internet?

Mr. Gunner's current contract:
"Gunner said he will start the relocation process with plans to move his wife, Carol, and children, Matthew and Emily, into the district."
"He was granted a three-year, $104,500 contract starting Aug. 1."
Please note the 2010 dates of the news articles. I believe that both were from 2008 and not 2010.

QUESTIONS: Why was Mr. Gunner allowed to disregard moving into the school district? Who allowed this?

Parcel number: 44-92628
Sale Date: 7/2/2008

Lucas County Recorder
Recorded: 7/2/2008 9:14:26 AM

It appears to me from what information that I have, that Mr. Gunner moved directly from Bryan, Ohio to Oregon, Ohio.

Synonyms for yes-people

I posted the date of Mr. Gunner's house purchase in Oregon, Ohio for a reason.

When was the first contract signed in 2008?

$300 per month automobile reimbursement? That is $3600 per year taxable. Did the school district send Mr. Gunner tax forms to report this $300 a month to the IRS?

Cellular telephone and internet access will be paid by
the Board as a taxable fringe benefit of $150 per month. That is another $1800 a year taxable. Were tax forms sent to Mr. Gunner?