Perkins Schools supporters banned from polling place

The decision comes after levy supporters allegedly influenced Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 27, 2013

The leading officials supervising Ohio Veterans Home activity prohibited Perkins Schools supporters from entering the premises during November's Election Day.

A decision comes about a month after allegations surfaced of levy supporters recruiting Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.

By more than a 4-to-1 margin, individuals voting at the veterans home approved the Perkins School levy in August — the largest margin of victory throughout the district's 16 voting precincts.

Perkins Schools officials are proposing a 10-year, 6.73-mill levy for the November ballot, identical to the issue voters rejected in August.

Pick up Saturday's Register to read more, including comments from Perkins Schools supporters.




One of several of the assessments that were done can be found at the following link. This was the 2008 assessment. Top right hand corner, there are four parts to the report.

No one said the buildings are condemned. No one said the walls are tumbling down. However, there are significant issues that cannot be ignored forever, and need to be planned for. It would not be "responsible" of our Superintendent, or BOE, to simply ignore all these issues.

5.2 mills is what was given to PLSD by the state. That is the extent of what they can move.


"No one wants to build a new school because it's "cool." I understand that that is the sentiment of some, and it appears it is yours as well, but that is not accurate."

Definition of analogy:
Analogy- a comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of explanation or clarification.

"It is within any school boards discretion to move the millage that was originally granted to that school district by the state years ago."

Please explain how many decades or years ago this inside millage was used for operating expenses before the millage was moved? How many school districts in Ohio have moved the inside millage? I know the answer. I will let you "look it up" as I was told to do when I asked a question.

Thanks to troll and flamer brassman, I will be very active here with my comments.

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 11:11pm
"I live in Perkins, my kids go to Perkins, all my nieces and nephews go to Perkins, so of course I am pro-levy. I always support all levies. They are for the good of our community and our schools."

Why is it that most of the Perkins School levy supporters are so arrogant, snobbish, look down upon and criticize poor people and hold back on answers when questions are asked? For example, if I or others ask a question, why do you levy supporters dodge the questions or tell the people to look up the answers ourselves? The levy supporters sound like typical politicians who dodge questions or give very vague or untruthful answers.

So which of you Perkins School levy supporters will be the first to attack me?



I'm not going to attack you. For tonight, I will only question why us disagreeing with you makes us snobbish, arrogant, etc. I'm not criticizing poor people. I'm not a rich person by any means at all. Why is Brassman's statement above wrong? He is giving his opinion, his position, how he feels.


"For tonight, I will only question why us disagreeing with you makes us snobbish, arrogant, etc."

"Why is Brassman's statement above wrong?"

Bherrle, my comment about the school pro-levy group had the word "most" which means that there are some pro-levy people who are not snobs. It was not directed to you since your comments have been civil.

I posted only part of the comment from brassman. Brassman chose to stalk me on another news story. Some of the school pro-levy people are trolls and flamers.

In other comments by pro-levy people, one pro-levy person called another person "self centered" because the other person has no money for additional taxes. I don't have the time to look up old comments to find the person being called "self centered" but the person mentioned trying to sell a home for half of the stated county auditor appraisal, not being able to afford medication and so forth.

The fact is that there are many well to do people in the Perkins Local SD who could well afford to pay additional taxes and student fees. There are also some poor people who cannot subsidize the wishes of the well to do.

I checked the property valuations of these well to do people and found that a large number had very low valuations which means that they pay less taxes to the school than in prior years.


He hurt your feelings so you use him to say what exactly? You didn't leave anything important out from his original comment either. Brassman's comment is admirable and many of us feel exactly the same way. There's nothing snobby about supporting where all the kids in your family go to school. Who are these "well to do" people you've stalked to know what their homes are worth? From your ridiculous statements I'd say that it's clear that some of those against the levy are trolls and flamers.

Julie R.

*eye roll*


It's within their legal discretion to do so, but not within the realm of ethics when it's done in direct defiance of multiple voter disapprovals of that for which they intend to use it. It's like the Iran-Contra scheme in the 80's - a set of perfectly legal actions, undertaken to defy the will of those who hold the purse strings.

As for the reasons for a new school, SCS plans to teach the county's best and brightest in a building more than twice as old as Perkins' oldest building, SMCC produces a percentage of college bound seniors to which the local public schools could only hope to aspire in a building over 100 years old, and Ivy League schools educate the leaders of tomorrow in buildings that were old when George Washington was still in diapers. This building project is an ego project to pad Gunner's resume and service the board's edifice complex.


The only thing the negative voter will accomplish is to make the the end result only become more painful to the community. It is obvious that many posters on this page did not read the article closely. Allegations are just that! No need to be accurate just like the comments here. It has also not gone unnoticed the negative tone of the articles in dealing with matters pertaining to the levy written by the paper. If someone gained access to the alzheimer unit then the OVH staff wasn't doing their job. They just don't want the hassle and that should have been stated.


How many times do the voters have to vote down this levy before you, the BOE, and Gunner realize what "no" means? I mean, really, what does a vote mean anymore if they just put the levy back on the ballot as soon as it fails? You lost, now deal with it.


Observer...just curious....Do you feel the same way about "The Affordable Care Act?" Should folks "just deal with it" if they feel it is the first step in a sprint towards socialized medicine?


we will keep working as long as it takes. In the end you only pay more. Just like that leaky roof you keep ignoring the problems only gets bigger and more expensive.


You also mean the school is WASTING tax dollars placing it on the ballot, again and again. I have a budget and stick to it. That would be a novel idea for the Perkins Schools.


That's right!



No, I'd take the $$$$ I took from the "maintenance of my current home" fund BACK OUT of the "I wanna build a new house" fund, and fix it!

The voters have spoken twice now, and yet, are ignored! I thought this was America where we voted on things and lived with the results whether we liked it or not. Gunner, and the BOE, seem to think "We didn't like the outcome of the vote, so let's just have another election!"

Suitcase Simpson

Have heard a rumor that several people could be charged with masterminding and aiding in this travesty of justice! I hope they all go to prison. Then maybe some group of school kids can come to the prison and help them 'decide' who to vote for! Oh wait, felons can't vote!

Stop It

Who were the "special" kids who had their sports fees funded by private groups?

Big Poppy

There are a few on the football team I know and at least 1 from the volleyball program. That coming from the kids parents.


Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Stop It

Follow the money...

Good 2 B Me

This just gets jucier and jucier!

I am guessing that the BOE and Gunner are slitting their own necks with this nonsense! Corruption I tell ya!!






It seems to me that if you need help voting, you shouldn't be voting. Sure, a blind man might need somebody to read him the ballot, but someone who can't UNDERSTAND the ballot? That's a whole 'nother ballgame, and goes a ways to explain all sorts of candidates/issues that somehow manage a win, doesn't it?


That is not the kind of help that was provided. Helping those who physically needed help is what was done, such as pushing wheelchairs, etc.


Were Perkins kids pushing wheelchairs in previous elections?


Pushing wheelchairs? No problem. But that's not what's being alleged here, IS it...

Some senior citizens are too gullible as it is. They came of age in an era when most people were honest, and a man's word was his bond. They're told something now, and they still tend to believe it even though honesty and honor are in short supply these days. Now take a senior who has a diminished mental capacity, and you can multiply their credulity by an order of magnitude!

I'm not blaming older folks for being more trusting than they ought to be. I think it's a crying shame that their own sense of decency often comes back to bite them. That doesn't, however, change the facts. And it certainly doesn't excuse those who would take advantage of it!


Key word - "Alleged." Plus, the Board of Elections already stated there was no wrong doing, and the investigation was closed.


"Helping those who physically needed help is what was done, such as pushing wheelchairs, etc."

The staff at the veteran nursing home are paid to push wheelchairs, etc.

Have the pro-levy people gone to other nursing homes in the school district for additional votes?

Common Sense

Re: Centauri
"The staff at the veteran nursing home are paid to push wheelchairs, etc".

Two thoughts on this:
1. The OVH is understaffed for the amount of work that is required. Belt-tightening is not reserved for the private sector.
2. Thos of us who push wheelchairs to Mass at the OVH on Sunday morning, are we then manipulating their minds in terms of faith?

It is truly sad that some people look for the negative in nearly every aspect of life.

Also, Perkins Schools has (in the past) assisted the OVH with putting up Christmas lights. No paper coverage of that when it occurred. Why would the students and staff want to continue to do good deeds when there are a number of "shooters" waiting to ruin the moment?

Stop It

Who is playing 1st string in football now, and 1st string basketball this coming winter season?