Perkins Schools supporters banned from polling place

The decision comes after levy supporters allegedly influenced Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 27, 2013


The leading officials supervising Ohio Veterans Home activity prohibited Perkins Schools supporters from entering the premises during November's Election Day.

A decision comes about a month after allegations surfaced of levy supporters recruiting Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.

By more than a 4-to-1 margin, individuals voting at the veterans home approved the Perkins School levy in August — the largest margin of victory throughout the district's 16 voting precincts.

Perkins Schools officials are proposing a 10-year, 6.73-mill levy for the November ballot, identical to the issue voters rejected in August.

Pick up Saturday's Register to read more, including comments from Perkins Schools supporters.



Where are the two "YES" trollers and flamers who stalked me? Will they answer the questions?

That $3600 and $1800 a year could have been useful to the school for expenses.


I have all of October to ask questions and post comments. I ask all "NO" voters to do the same. I am very busy with other issues and could use some help.


How many millions did the law firms get the past 15 years?


Where are the "YES" voters? Planning another free pizza party for themselves?


See you in a few days. I am needed on some issues in Arizona.


I'm just not seeing this noble quest by the no vote crowd bent on sticking it to the man. If you have some notion that the schools will be ok you are mistaken. The students will suffer, the community will suffer, and even the no voter will suffer. All the conspiracy theories just don't exist. We are all heading to a dark place.


Pretty big "no vote crowd", oldpirate. The students suffering is laughable! Dark place? Why, because a levy has failed and the community has lost all confidence in the leadership?



Common Sense

To fifteenth green:

You make these statements with confidence. What do you know to back it up? When was the last time you spent a day in an overcrowded classroom? Were you in the office when two 55-gallon buckets were used to catch the rainfall in the high school? Do you know where the asbestos in the buildings and what it cost to remove? All so that our future generations will not be facing an early death or promoting lawsuits that you won't be able to fix.


Again, laughable. Why are the classrooms overcrowded? They never were before and I know new jobs haven't increased the local population. Why the increase in the student population in Perkins Township?

If these issues you speak of are such a priority and lives are at stake, why spend funds, 1.7 million on stadiums and unneeded programs all while moving voter approved funds frivolously. How much did it cost to remove previous asbestos issues such as the pool ceiling in the high school? Fix the problems and quit your crying, martyr.

themomx6!, children's LIVES are at stake, but let's go out and solicit funds from area businesses to build a multi-million dollar stadium? Sounds like the BOE and superintendent aren't concerned very much for the "children's safety'!





The stadium was a student and public safety issue. Due to the deterioration of the track and the bleachers, it was no longer insurable. Not to mention those who had fallen thru the bleachers and could have been seriously injured. Safety was the reason the project was started. I'll comment more later.


"The stadium was a student and public safety issue". A stadium that is used only a few times a week for a few hours is apparently more important than the school buildings which are used 8-10 hours EVERY day? A couple thousand people at a ballgame for a few hours a week vs. the entire student body all day, every day? Yep, that makes all kinds of sense to me!!!! ???!!! Bherrle, it's called PRIORITIES! IF, and that's a BIG if, the current school buildings are in such deplorable, unsafe conditions like you and the BOE wants everyone to believe, SHAME ON THEM, for not making those conditions the FIRST, and FOREMOST thing addressed BEFORE the stadium! But, NO, we need a NEW stadium, and now a NEW school to go along with it, even though the MAJORITY has told you NO twice! Just another reason to vote this levy down (yet again)----->inept decision making by the current administration. I WILL NOT continue to pay for the STUPIDITY of the current BOE and superintendent! And the MAJORITY of Perkins residents feel the same and have made that very clear TWICE already. If you want to continue to support this current BOE and Gunner, then truthfully, I have serious doubts about your judgement capabilities. You can try to "rationalize" it all you want, but I'm not buying it. I believe most of the residents in Perkins would agree with me. I'm not sure where you moved here from, but the voters in Perkins township have something that was apparently in short supply where you used to live, we call it "common sense"!



Briefly for now, the admin did have the buildings as the priority before the stadium. If u recall, the public voted down a building levy in 2010. The stadium issues had already been put off for over a year. Then it became a crisis.

If u think the facility issues are a "big if", then I would invite u to take a closer look. There are expensive crisis' coming. I'm not trying to be smart about it all.

I grew up in Pennsylvania. Like in many other states, in PA, you vote for a school board, and that's it. The public doesn't get to vote on its own taxes. If the school board determines it needs more in taxes, it gets more. U don't like it, vote out your school board members.


"If u think the facility issues are a "big if", then I would invite u to take a closer look. There are expensive crisis' coming."

Exactly my point! Did all these "issues" suddenly pop up AFTER the stadium was built? I don't think so, which only confirms my opinion that the BOE and Gunner are inept. Either they are so dumb that they didn't notice these problems, or they just ignored fixing them until, according to Gunner, nothing less than abandoning the whole building, and starting over will do. Either way, somebody FAILED at doing their job! And, PLEASE, don't try to come back with the "why don't you run for school board if you have the solution". When I'm traveling, I may not know the right way to get to my destination, but I sure know when I'm going in the WRONG direction! Bherrle, the fact is this.................the people of Perkins township have ZERO faith in this BOE or superintendent. At least the ones' with an ounce of intelligence, anyway. We don't trust them, we don't appreciate the way they are trying to manipulate us, and if you'd open your eyes for a split second, you'd realize the entire "new school" levy (because that IS what it is) has been an epic FAIL. Quite frankly, you're starting to look a little ridiculous. Instead of continuing to WASTE tax payer dollars pushing a doomed levy, why doesn't the BOE use those efforts to find a solution to FIXING THE CURRENT BUILDINGS! You know, continuing to push for building an entire new school when the public doesn't want it, can't afford it, and is against it, is just arrogance. The longer this goes on, the angrier the people are becoming. A wise man knows when he's lost. Gunner and the BOE need to wise up. This battle has already been won by the voters. Why don't you inform the BOE and Gunner they LOST, because they just don't seem to understand that. Put the operating funds BACK where they belong, use them to start fixing some of those problems that are "putting our students in danger daily" (like we believe that), send Gunner packing, and then the voters might just start listening to a new levy proposal. I'll step away now.


Why use school funds for the stadium when half of it was already raised through private donations? Why not let the community pay for the entire project/stadium and let the BOE and district take care of the dire issues in the buildings. Better use of public funds and the community would have kept donating to the stadium project! Patience was needed but Perkins always has to have it now.


Or just renovate the stadium through donations instead of building a new one using nearly $2 million of taxpayer money that wasn't voted on. Gunner needs everything shiny and new, though.


Safety? The bleachers never changed over several decades. Actually, improvements were made periodically. If the child would have been sitting on their butt watching the game, they wouldn't have fallen through the bleachers. Where were the parents? There are areas on the new bleachers that someone could get hurt on. Quit using that as an excuse.


The necessary operating levy approved in Margretta is a prime example of why so many people are against levies anymore. This summer they had "extra" money so raises were handed out. In this economy no one should be getting a raise. You shouldn't be greedy and feel lucky to have a decent paying job. Schools contiue to lack fiscal responsibility and Yes, we are c ontinually lied to. Very few times 100% of the money goes directly where it was promised.


Vote out the school board members, get a petition to get rid of super. Vote no people. If you don't like it change it. Don't just complain about it. Perkins needs Shoff back. And no voters, you clearly avoided the Perkins police scandal, that was actual proven fact not just accusations. But you still voted for the police levy. Very contradictive to your stance. Vote no on everything in November, if you really stand for no raises and higher taxes. It's your right.