Perkins Schools supporters banned from polling place

The decision comes after levy supporters allegedly influenced Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 27, 2013

The leading officials supervising Ohio Veterans Home activity prohibited Perkins Schools supporters from entering the premises during November's Election Day.

A decision comes about a month after allegations surfaced of levy supporters recruiting Alzheimer's patients to vote for their cause.

By more than a 4-to-1 margin, individuals voting at the veterans home approved the Perkins School levy in August — the largest margin of victory throughout the district's 16 voting precincts.

Perkins Schools officials are proposing a 10-year, 6.73-mill levy for the November ballot, identical to the issue voters rejected in August.

Pick up Saturday's Register to read more, including comments from Perkins Schools supporters.



How about getting an honest answer on the pay to play fees then. There are many people who have heard Thor Sports paid for them. This true or not? Did they make a very sizeable donation to Perkins Athletic department? One that Gunner doesn't want the public to know about? We're not stupid, Bherrle, really we're not. You need to stop insinuating that everyone who doesn't agree with you is uninformed or wrong.


"There are many people who have heard Thor Sports paid for them"

OK - so where did they hear it from? Who told them? Can they prove it is true? Is it fact or is someone just stirring the pot? Have you or others that are skeptical of this called the school and asked? Or how about calling Thor and asking??

The last time I asked, several days after the rumor started, there was not truth to that rumor.

Why does anyone have to prove a rumor wrong, rather than the those spreading the rumor proving it right?

I don't think you or others are stupid, and I am not trying to insinuate that. However, when rumor and accusation without proof is used to make a decision, then I will say that is an uninformed (or perhaps better stated a not completely informed)decision, no matter the situation. I do hear so many things from so many people in this community that are just not true, but yet no one seems to ever go back and question the source of the rumor. Why is that?

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and to make their decisions based on what they choose. But if they make statements that are not correct, I will point that out. I see plenty of non-supporters doing the same thing, and worse, i.e. personal attacks.

I will inquire again about the rumor.

Big Poppy

We'll I heard Thorsport paid for the flag football program. And I heard that Thursday at the flag football game

Big Poppy

And what about the big surplus of money that te football team has now? Like between $50,000 & 60,000 that somebody gave them


^^^^ Thor Sports, is what I heard. Funny that everyone except the levy supporters seems to know about it.


Thor Sports has not made a donation to the school, nor any indication that they will. I spoke to the Treasurer this evening.

"Flag Football" is not the school football program.

Now - tell us where this rumor is coming from.

Big Poppy

So Bherrle how are some kids still playing sports when they haven't even paid the first part of the payment? And the AD told the parents they can make payment arraignments. And all of a sudden it's paid for! Who is paying for these kids? Why should some pay and others don't? I know this for a fact coming from the kid and his parents!!!


Probably is coming from the bogus $22,000 plus choir "pay to play" pot!


I see the same people on here all day. I have read some other posts and the times people are on here is all day long. One people either have no jobs, life or anything better to do. Make sure you update your facebook status. And if you all do have jobs, you should be fired because you are more worried about a levy that will not pass. For the people who want it to pass it wont. Where are the signs, what happened to the meetings. For the no voters you win. Read my other posts. I dont care if it passes or does not, just vote. There were over half of the township voters that did not vote. Incredible. Both yes and no voters failed. Now down to real business. After this fails, and it will who is going to own up and take the fight to Columbus. Schools are unconstitionally funded in the state of ohio. Take off the blinders. Someone, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop talking and make your actions speak louder than your words. Get off your little egos and take the fight to Columbus so everyone can help the kids, i.e. our children, grandchildren, family members. Grow up and fix it in Columbus.


MP, I have seen SR do this over and over


Recently, I was informed that some "NO" signs against the school levy have been spotted in yards. Does anybody know where to purchase these?

Stop It

Takes two coat hangers straightened out some duct tape and one piece of poster board wrapped in saran wrap with the words VOTE NO written with a wide sharpie. You have a sign..It can say what you want.


Thank you for posting. I checked some home improvement stores in the Sandusky, Ohio area and found these blank yard signs. Use a permanent ink marker and make your own sign.

There is a Menards located in Sandusky, Ohio. Look there for blank yard signs.

Your local print shop might also be a source for custom or blank yard signs. If you make a sign, make sure that the ink is permanent or rain will wash it away.


Well what can we say. Politics is a dirty game and people will do anything to corrupt it and make it worse. They will try anything until they get caught doing what they shouldn't be doing.


I AM a fan of the Register, especially since my own local overpriced "rag" seldom updates their webpage and prohibits posts on their Facebook page. Then another "news mess" limits page views and holds you "hostage" to pay to read their casual informational articles! (Unless you have figured out that cleaning the temp files lets you start over with page views. Not worth the time anymore.)
I am not the only one to the South and West of Sandusky that comes to the Register and/or Reflector for the news. So, I for one appreciate getting updates, news and reports with the option to comment with an opinion!
Kudos to the OVH for stepping up and doing, what is in MY opinion, the right thing! ♛

Stop It

Bellevue? Sure as hell sounds like it.

Bellevue Gazette and the upper class does the hiding in RSS feed. They won't let you in if they don't want you.


The money that was to be used for operating expenses was moved over to the permanent improvement fund.

That would be kind of like giving somebody money for gas but instead they bought cool rims for the car.

Another example would be giving somebody money to heat their home but it was used to buy a new flat screen TV and they come back asking for more money to heat their home.

The school operating funds were there for school operations. The funds were moved to the permanent improvement fund. Why should the tax payer give the school more money for operations?



First - If the comparisons above correlated to what was being done, then I would agree with you. No one wants to build a new school because it's "cool." I understand that that is the sentiment of some, and it appears it is yours as well, but that is not accurate. The structural, safety, code, and long term health concerns have been well documented. Planning to just continuing to fix these issues as they can be fixed, or when they a hit a crisis level, is not fiscally or otherwise responsible.

Second - It is within any school boards discretion to move the millage that was originally granted to that school district by the state years ago. That millage was never "designated" as operations only money. In fact, in the early years, that millage was frequently used to build schools. Since then, the public in general has gotten used to in being operations money, and therefore some feel it should be that and that only.


It should be that, and that only.


Double post


Please explain the structural, safety, and health value of the $60,000 fountain in the courtyard that was in Gunner's first proposed new building design. Or was it included for the "coolness" factor?



Your asking me a question about a plan that is 3 years old now, and was before my time here. I would have to say the fountain was an aesthetic feature only.

Now, please explain, was the fountain a part of the final design plan that would have been built, or was it an artist's rendition to depict what could be? If you tell you it absolutely would have been a part of the final design, then please also tell me how you know that.


Why is the choir pay to play money being moved to another program, i.e. band, bherrle? Why are parents being misled as to think the $220 choir pay to play fee is actually going towards the choir program? Another lie and misappropriation of funds. To me, it's stealing!



I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Please explain, with proof.


The director confirmed they do not benefit from the pay to play fees and that the funds generated go to other programs. There are over 100 kids in the choir program combined equaling over $22,000. You know that because your daughter is in the program....but according to you, she doesn't have to pay. Proof enough?

This is just one example. These fees are ridiculous and we have no idea where they are going and what they are being used for.



She is taking the Concert Choir class, which is different than the Choir you are referring to.


It was part of the final design that was voted on by the public. The fountain is pretty symbolic of where Gunner's priorities are.


Your forgot three words - In your opinion.


You wouldn't consider a $60,000 courtyard fountain excessive or frivolous? Please inform me of its educational value. Give me the facts of why Gunner included a $60,000 fountain in his original vision.


What are the structural concerns of the current buildings? Are the walls tumbling down?
What are the safety concerns of the current buildings? Fire hazard?
What are the code concerns/violations at the current buildings?
What are the long term health concerns at the current buildings?
Where can I get a copy of official documentation that "condemns" these buildings? Perkins Fire Dept., Perkins Township Zoning,?

So be it as long as it does not exceed 10 mills. And the voters said no to the operating levy when the money was moved to the 10 mill limit.
That is "designated" and voted. However we continue to spend to put the levy back on the ballot. That neither is fiscally or otherwise responsible.