Report: Boyfriend assaults girl

A Sandusky teen was assaulted Sunday to the point of unconsciousness on a sidewalk at East Monroe and Wayne streets, according to a Sandusky police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 26, 2013


A man called 911 at about 5 p.m. after he witnessed a man punch a 16-year-old girl in the head numerous times until she fell to the ground, the report said. The attacker left her there and walked south on Wayne Street.

Paramedics arrived and the girl soon regained consciousness. She told police she didn’t know who assaulted her, but her mother said she and her boyfriend have had physical fights before, the report said.

The teen’s mother contacted police again Monday, after she confirmed with her daughter the assailant was indeed her boyfriend, the report said.

Officers are waiting on the mother to call back with a decision on whether or not to pursue charges.



How old is the "boyfriend" ...the girl is underage, why can't the mother pursue charges anyway. Someone punches my daughter to the point of unconsciousness, I will press charges on them. No questions asked. Man, woman, or child. There was even a 3rd party WITNESS! charges!


She'll wait until it's to late, then she'll blame SPD for not doing anything.

Simple Enough II

Pretty much what I was thinking.

From the Grave

This is why they sell ax handles.


Wise up young girl. That's not love! He will eventually kill you!


Why doesn't the State take over and press charges like they would in domestic violence cases

Simple Enough II

No, why doesn't her parents do the right thing. That's the problem, folks thinking it's someone else's responsibility when it isn't.


She is a child SPD go find this guy and put his A$$ in jail. This is crazy to say we are waiting on the mother to call back sounds like her A$$ needs to be in jail to. Why would you think about calling back when someone hit your child. Wake up mom cause you will get no sympathy when the next call you get is that your daughter is dead.


I didn't know you had to "press charges" I thought this would be an assault, plain and simple. Arrest him!

And to the girl...get smart and stay away from this piece of work. It's a shame you have to be told this.


I saw her lying on the sidewalk after this happened. People were helping her. The police hadn't arrived yet. There were 3 of Sandusky's finest sauntering south on Wayne a few blocks away. They must have done it. These people are out of control. The city manager, commissioners and police need to do something. To think that they run a city in which criminals believe they can get away with this kind of a thing in broad daylight in a decent part of town is criminal in and of itself. Get moving or move on city officials!

The Answer Person

John Street....


The mother should be charged with child endangerment and locked up next to this sorry waste of space. Clearly he is no man if he feels he needs to hit on this girl. Parents wake up!!

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Where is her daddy to beat the living sh-- out of the dirt bag?

Simple Enough II

Good question.


If it was the boyfriend then definitely, arrest this guy for domestic violence. This mother clearly isn't thinking of what's in the best interest of her young daughter. Prosecute this monster.


It sounds like the mother doesn't care much for this girl. The mother reported that the girl and her boyfriend have had physical fights before. If she knew this and they aren't going to press charges now, it sounds like she doesn't give a darn for her daughter. I'd be out there looking for this dirtbag myself.

doggie mom

Can law enforcement not press charges since they didn't see or any out ward signs of violence on the girl? Is this why they are waiting till the girl thru her mother press charges?