Boy brings gun shells to class

Perkins police were called to Furry Elementary School this week after a child brought bullet shells to school.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 26, 2013


Principal Halley Leffler called Perkins officers to the school at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, after a kindergartner showed up with four MP-4 machine gun shells, a police report said.

School officials called the 5-year-old Eastwood Drive student’s parents in for a conversation following the discovery. The child’s father said his son collects the spent shells, but he was unaware the boy took them to class, the report said.

Leffler kept the shells and said she’d issue a letter to Furry Elementary parents explaining the incident, the report said.



So is it a MP-40? or a MP 5? No such MP-4?


what's the problem if they were spent shells?


MP4 is a video file on your computer. More than likely it is an MP-5, which comes in a variety of calibers. Most MP-5's that are sold are not what would be considered a "machine gun" and they are only semi-auto. They also are available in calibers that could also be used in many other guns. This leads me to be curious on how they know exactly what gun it came from. Depending on the model it could take anything from a 22 to a 7.62. So in other words you could have said that the kid brought in shells that could be used in your grandfathers varmint gun...but that does not attract as much attention and get your advertisers as many clicks, now does it.

If it was a MP-40 then it would be a 9mm parabellum round, that is used in anything from handguns to carbines. It is a somewhat popular round. It is almost the same as a .38 special revolver round.


LOL my daughter goes to furry and we were told they were shotgun shells....


The letter from Furry just says empty gun shells. No specific type was mentioned.




Vote Yes in November. It's time.




Your prediction of the outcome is noted. It's a shame your real identity can't be.




Maybe it was an M4 carbine shell? Funny, OMGreally! I was wondering if they might report that :)

Clark W. Griswald

No wonder people from perkins schools are so special


How is a spent shell an issue?

Because pansy liberals like it that way.


What's the big deal here?


There is no big deal here. The principal Should be charged with wasting the police officers time. If perkins school administrators dont start using a little more common sense I wouldn't vote for a levy either.


I agree that this was not a big deal. My personal feelings aside, I think it was the right thing to do, especially in today's climate. If the Police thought that it was a waste of time, they wouldn't have responded.

It is not a normal thing for a 5 year old to take even spent shells to school. The police looked into it , and determined all was ok. The issue is not spent shells at the school. It is why did a five year old have them. In the end, it sounds like a harmless reason, but it needed looked into.

Señor Clown

It's a normal thing for a 5 year old to think spent casings are something neat that you'd want to show your friends, especially if they have a parent that shoots or reloads as a hobby. Spent brass, just like unique rocks, bits of hardware, and bugs both living and dead, are an acceptable currency for trade amongst young boys.

Stop It

^like^...Just like marbles, bottlecaps, buckeyes, that one cool special walking stick..etc...


I agree with you. Having raised 3 boys I know that they collect all kinds of things and believe me I learned to check pockets before clothes went in the washer.

Stop It

LOL, tk... my brothers and I were doin' stone washed jeans before they ever thought of selling them in stores...


My husband is retired military and a police officer, we have spent brass all over the house. My son at the age of 5 found it EXCITING as He!! to have these. It is Normal for a boy of this age!

Simple Enough II

A lot about nothing that's for sure. Empty casings.........Oh my lord!


Scrap brass - since when is that a crime?


What a waste of ink!