Homeless vets could get help

Two politicians serving northern Erie County are hoping to arm the Ohio Veterans Home with additional resources to house homeless military heroes.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 25, 2013


U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, on Tuesday introduced the State Veterans Home Homelessness Act.

The bill primarily aims to make state veterans homes, including the facility on Milan Road in Perkins Township, eligible for more federal grants — specifically to secure more beds for the country’s homeless veterans, said Steve Fought, Kaptur’s spokesman.

The proposal could move through Congress on its own merits, or it could become part of a bigger piece of legislation, Fought said.    There’s simply no way of knowing when it could become a reality.

“Congress is impossible to predict right now,” Fought said. “But if there’s a chance of bipartisanship on anything, it would be this.”

“Erie County veterans who have served their country in order to protect our freedoms should never face homelessness,” Brown stated in a release.

The press release didn’t indicate exactly what these resources would be, or how they’d be implemented. It’s also unknown exactly how many homeless veterans reside in Erie County.

But consider this:

• About 7,700 veterans live in Erie County, or about 10 percent of the area’s population, according to recent U.S. Census data.

• Close to 200 people are homeless in Erie County, state data shows.

• About 62,600 veterans are homeless across the U.S. on any given night, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

• Almost 13 percent of the adult homeless population are veterans.

• About 1.4 million other veterans are considered at risk of homelessness.

“No veteran in America should be homeless,” Kaptur stated in a release. “Locally and nationally, we must meet our obligation to the veterans.”

The Ohio Veterans Home in Perkins has been in operation since 1888. It boasts 427 beds and offers standard care for veterans with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Representatives from the Ohio Veterans Home didn’t return multiple messages seeking comment.


Really are you ...

A good possibility would be fixing up a couple of the vacant buildings at the Soldiers and Sailors home.

I love the old style brick and clay tile roof buildings out there, kind of reminds me of Germany. I had asked an employee there as I was leaving an appointment what those buildings were used for? The response was that they were vacant, they needed a lot of repair work to be livable.

Darwin's choice

Take care of all our veterans!!


So we go to a gas station and we are waiting at the drive thru and we look over and see a homeless guy sitting in a wheelchair half bent over falling asleep with blankets all around him.. I think to myself what can I do to help this poor man.. he's a veteran to so I am thinking how can I give back to this guy.. I pull the car over and my fiance and I go over and ask him if their was anything we could do.. he said no I am just trying to get a cup of coffee.. I am like ok well I dont have any money on me but I dont want u hit.. he moves and we walk back to the car and I check my wallet again to make sure I dont have any money and low and behold I had $4 .. I go back to the guy and give him the $4 and said here go get ur coffee.. Fu**ing society man why cant we take care of our veterans.. But I feel good I was able to get this guy coffee!! Poor man, needed a bath and a warm place to sleep but at least he got his coffee :)... and veterans shouldnt be homeless then why arent we taking care of them???

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They don't take care of all veterans teeth either.
Vietnam ERA Vets -the ones that didn't set foot over there .

Just a bunch of LIP SERVICE .


Veterans should never end up homeless-they should have compensation enough to live out their lives comfortably, and we should help all homeless people, not just veterans.


Interesting stats. Wonder how many of Erie County's 200 are vets? Be nice too if the reps from O.H.V. would comment. Decent people need to be valued.

Really are you ...

I am a vet, not having been deployed to any of the recent wars, but spent a year oft life defending the lives of the people of Bosnia Herzogovina. I don't want handouts, I want a job or career with full time hours better than minimum wage. It is not going to happen. That is why I want to take on the combustion of fossil fuel debacle. Start a revolutionary new business, creating new jobs/ careers, and opening new doors of opportunity. Vets, jobs, new avenues of income, and less homelessness. Some of the reasons I had before i enteted the military have not happened since I left the military. Give us hope.


Most vets do not want handouts...they just want to take care of business like you.

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Vets do not get handouts.
They have to pay copays etc, just like everyone else .
If they have insur or medicare they pay the same as they would if they went to a nursing home.

Some of it goes by a sliding scale.