Two shooting suspects arrested

Third still at large in connection to Monday shooting.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 25, 2013
Sandusky police arrested two suspects and are searching for a third allegedly involved a Monday-morning shooting on Eddy Henry Way.

Morgan Weatherspoon, 20, of the 1200 block of Buchanan St., was charged with complicity to attempted murder and complicity to attempted aggravated robbery.

Stanley Frankart, 22, of the 1900 block of Adrian Circle, was charged with attempted murder and aggravated robbery.

A third man is still on the run, but detectives believe he’s still hiding somewhere in the Sandusky area. Jaron “David” Ashburn, 23, of the 2700 block of Carbon Ave., is wanted on the same charges as Frankart, Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said.

Anyone with information on Ashburn’s whereabouts can call police at 419-627-5858.

“Anonymous tips and a review of phone records basically broke (the case) open,” Wichman said.

Lee Donald, 34, was inside his Eddy Henry Way house at 4 a.m. Monday when someone began pounding on the front door. When he peeled back a curtain, someone fired a single 9mm round through the window. The bullet pierced Donald’s left temple and exited his skull behind the left ear, Wichman said.

Donald remains at Firelands Regional Medical Center, where he’s expected to make a full recovery other than suffering some possible hearing loss, Wichman said.

Weatherspoon was arrested Monday night, while deputies located Frankart in Ottawa County the following day.

Phone records, witness testimony and anonymous tips led detectives to Weatherspoon’s home, which Frankart and Ashburn allegedly used as a staging area for the planned robbery of Donald’s home, Wichman said.

“She enabled these two,” Wichman said. “She offered them information about different things in Donald’s home.”

Weatherspoon was an on-again, off-again girlfriend of Donald’s, Wichman said. She was not present during Monday’s robbery.

Donald was known to be flashy with his money, and he was carrying $1,000 cash Monday morning, Wichman said. He also had quite a few expensive items in his home.

Officers originally held another woman for questioning on Monday, but they later released her after determining she was not involved.




Is this the same Weatherspoon that started her duplex on fire, because she didn't know how to cook? And then the family set up a fund for all of us to donate to her and her two kids? At the time we were all told she was a really good mom trying to work two jobs.

She's been busy all right, but it isn't working two jobs. Two kids and 25 arrests and she isn't even old enough to drink yet.


It's strange though that even though she has a record, all but a few of her charges are traffic related - so......What is your point?


Ms Psych101...if you don't want to see black people's criminal records posted underneath what they do, perhaps you should suggest to them they stop doing crimes. Now that would stop all this would it not?


It's public record, so therefore, it is NOT necessary to post it on here, that is the point AND if YOU and the other people that feel the need to post them on here can't understand THAT point then I have nothing more to say about it! It is UNNECESSARY to post criminal records on here....PERIOD! I don't want to see white, black, hispanic, asian,etc...etc criminal records posted on HERE - that IS my whole point, because it has gotten OLD and REDUNDANT!!! It's illogical to post anyone's criminal record on these blogs simply because whatever NEW charges they have are ALREADY listed in the dang article, SO......why do WE need to know their past? How does it benefit ANY of us?????? Make it make sense, please and thank you!


All but a few? LOL So what?? Ask me how many criminal charges (including traffic violations) are on my record. Ask me how many are on my mother's record.

Besides, let's not minimize traffic violations -- bad drivers kill people too -- including their children.

Why do you insist on defending people that commit horrendous crimes?? You keep saying "people can change -- don't judge them on their past" -- how many chances to people get? Judging by the "victim's" criminal record, he's been given about 47 chances -- how many more do you want to give him??


How many chances do they get? You mean like having a baby you can not afford? And then having another baby that you can not afford?


Haha exactly! They usually get 47-50 chances on that sort of thing, too.


The same amount of chances that God gives all of us! It's unlimited! And YES, people can change IF (notice I said IF) they make the conscious effort to do so - and again I will state that I am not speaking of these people specifically, I am speaking in GENERAL terms, SO....if YOU (or anyone else) does not believe that a person (people) can change if they make a conscious effort to do so then, I will say it again; your thought process is messed up NOT mine!


I believe in second chances, not 48th chances. You can't fix stupid -- people like this endanger everyone, including you and your children (if you have any) -- why would you want that person walking the streets??


Trash! Sad to see Sandusky dealing with these losers...

Tru Grit

I went to school with the female and David. I was good friends with his older brother Aaron who sadly passed away. Very poor choice David made, hopefully he can better himself and make something out of his life after something like this. I know his mother is very disappointed, she is a wonderful woman and this is a very tough time for her. Sad the choices people are making in Sandusky.

Simple Enough II

Well if what he has done is true, then he will have a very long time to think about those actions and decide if he wishes to change, but that is not likely, most the time once a path is chosen a person will stay on it.