SPD makes cocaine bust

Sandusky police arrested two men and seized 10 grams of crack cocaine, four grams of powder cocaine, liquid morphine, a digital scale and $1,400 cash.
Sarah Weber
Mar 11, 2011


Police arrested two men in a drug sting Thursday.

Officers from a number of area agencies executed simultaneous traffic stops at about 2 p.m on John Daniels Sr., 61, of Filmore St., and Danny D. Dotson, 55, of Jennings Road, New London.

Police stopped Daniels’ truck on Sadler Street and Dotson’s car at the intersection of Perkins and Hayes avenues in Sandusky.

They found the men to be in possession of several grams of cocaine.

Officers also searched Daniels’ home on Filmore Street, where they found 10 grams of crack cocaine, four grams of powder cocaine, liquid morphine, a digital scale and $1,400 cash.

Sandusky police Det. John Orzech said the amount of cocaine in Daniels’ possession indicates he was distributing it. Each gram of cocaine has a street value of about $100, he said.

Huron County Sheriff’s department investigators have been working the case for some time, he said. Deputies from Huron County and Erie County, as well as the Sandusky and Norwalk police, assisted in Thursday’s operation.

Daniels is incarcerated in the Erie County jail on charges of trafficking in crack cocaine, trafficking in cocaine, complicity to trafficking in crack cocaine, complicity to trafficking in cocaine, possession of crack cocaine and possession of cocaine.

All of the charges are felonies.

Additionally, Daniels was on probation for previous drug charges at this time of this arrest.

Dotson is charged with possession of crack cocaine and possession of cocaine, both felonies. He is held in the Erie County jail.



It would be nice to see more busts like this in Sandusky . This town could use a good cleaning .


Agreed Bluto!!! This town needs an enima!!!


Excellent job Officers!!!!! Seems to be a lot of drug busts recently .... I have to smile ear to ear while reading each and every story of the recent busts. Amen Bluto!!!! Now hopefully these dealers will get more than a slap on the wrist.


Way 2 GO 5.0!!


 Well done...and hopefully....more to come.  Get active in any way you can residents and help "clean up" Sandusky for the benefit of all.


How can this be without Nueese & McClung?  I am being sarcastic.  Great Job!

Erie County Resident

Excellent job to all the LE agencies involved.

Hope to see a lot more of this in the future.




1 gram is worth $100?  That's $2800.  It must have been Columbian pure to fetch that.  If they found it in Sandusky it's more likely valued at about $50 a gram


excellent job to the cops, but as soon as any of these drug busts go to court, the judge gives them a slap on the wrists and off they go into the streets again to do it all over again, 3 strikes and your out!!! thats the way it should be.


Outstanding work! Keep it coming....we will clean up this town....one block at a time and one problem at a time!!!  Way to go SPD


Thinks "Joker" knows a little more about this drug thing than normal...


Knows Joker knows more than normal about a lot of things.  Educate yourself.


Thumbs up to the police department on the drug bust.  We should have more runs like this to show other people that we aim to clean up our town of drugs.  The more enforcement, the more people will know this is not the place to do drugs or you will be caught.


I hate drugs but how much money did four police agencies ( I'm sure the Border Patrol was there) spend to get a $1400 return. $2800 if they sell the drugs they got. If four agencies were truly watching them they know full well who the bigger guys were. Stop the bull^$# and go after them.


i hope they bust all these drug dealers.. i wonder if this is realted to the bust in lorain ohio of danny smith. another low life who need to get sent up.


If these guys are convicted, they should receive more than a "slap" on the wrist.  Based on the amounts they were caught with, if convicted as charged, they face mandatory time in prison. 

Maybe they didn't get the "big guys", but today, there is that much less of that garbage out there on the street ruining lives and causing other harm to the community, i.e. burglaries, theft, robbery.  We have not even considered what it costs the taxpayers to care for the addicts and their families because they are incapable of maintaining employment to support themselves. 


buff i totally agree people are even murderd because of these dealers.. they will do anything to protect their precious drugs, some murder people to keep the from testifying against other dealers. crazy. look up daniel smith from lorain an informant was murdered to keep him from testifying.


the informant was murdered to keep him from testifying against smith an his father.. smith was aquitted but was just recently busted again in lorain.. he is still dealing so lock him up throw away the key. before someone else dies.


Good job!  Wish we could get all the junkie dealers out of this town!  Too many people and families are ruined because of that crap!  Nothing good can come out of drugs-except the police locking the dealers up! 


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great job Daniels was the drug su pplier to Amanda Gibson in the Martain Murder trial.