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Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 25, 2013



Capt. Ford

Boy oh boy!!!! I just can't wait.....With a teaser like that one would have thought NASA PlumBrook had discovered the answer to lifes eternal question Life, the universe and everything.

Jason Werling

We were saving that for Friday's paper. Thanks for ruining the surprise.






You're a funny man, my friend.


Spoiler alert!!! : 42

Darwin's choice

Maybe someone is going to check all the stories for spelling and punctuation......! LOL !!

Capt. Ford

There is a numerical answer.


Do I see a hint of a little sarcasm?

Jason Werling


red white and blue

Way to go now we won't have look foward too.I heard they found jimmy hoffa

Jason Werling

red white and blue, you all are ruining our weekend. Jimmy Hoffa was slated for Sunday.

Darwin, why would we need to check all the stories for spelling and punctuation when we have all of you to do it for us?

Tsu Dho Nimh


Darwin's choice


Stop It



Wouldn't it be nice, if one day we could read all intelligent or positive comments? One can only tolerate so much negativity, sarcasm and ignorance. I understand your frustration, Jason.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Lol...good one Jason.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone



I'll pass




From my


heck yeah i will buy a paper every day... NOT

Stop It

I gotta try and set this right in my head. I have had some problems with SR and had to change my handle a coupla times. But hey, I get the hard copy on my porch and read in here to debate or have fun. At times, I have an issue or two with some. But to come into the comment section just to cut down the SR in my mind is puerile at best. If you don't like it, don't come in. K.I.S.S.


I agree. It would be nice to have a good old fashioned debate on here every now and then. But I noticed everything usually just degenerates into a full blown name calling contest.



Fibber Mcgee

Why does one all of a sudden turn in a skull? Not knowing the "rest of the story", I'm sure there is a good reason. Do you keep it as a conversation piece?

Jason Werling

Link with all the info is posted above.


I've been waiting for a story on Owen Barker's waste of a mother and her plea deal. I see she is no longer an inmate at the erie co jail. Is she free? Did I miss the story in the print edition?

Jason Werling

Danielle Flannery is out on bond and has been since August 13, 2013. She is on a GPS monitor. Thanks for the question and we will follow up with a future story.


LOL great come-backs Jason


Shocker alert: maybe SR has finally hired a proofreader!! Nah

AJ Oliver

Hey Jason - Jeez, those anonymous name-callers don't even subscibe !! How about a separate blog for those of us who do subscribe (for thirty years!!) and post under our own names??
The scaredy-cat trolls have made this site increasingly unpleasant, uninformative, and not worth the time it takes to read it.


The comments often get so far off topic, I sometimes have to go back and re-read the article.


I , for one, AM a subscriber to the hard copy.

Now, what I would like to know is, there has been some Big Foot sightings around New London area. Any plans to cover that? Those would be really cool to catch on camera, Jason.


Jason Werling

In this day and age there have been sightings but no one has been able to get a cell phone picture at the very least?

I'm always in for Bigfoot photo shoot, especially within an hour drive of Sandusky.

The Bizness

There are so many adds on this website that I don't feel at all bad for not subscribing.

Some times it is fun to get some people pissed off in the comment section, as long as sexuality, race, and religion are left out of the comments usually we can have civil discussions.

Jason Werling

The Bizness, with that name you should realize that the Register and local newspapers like it are a "bizness" and those advertisements help us pay our bills. Charging $.75 for daily papers and giving a free news site doesn't even pay for the gas in the Fandy vans that deliver the papers to jetskier.

We love our advertisers and are always looking for more....ALWAYS looking for more.

The Bizness

I will never pay for your garbage. This website will suffice.

BTW there are many blogs out there working just fine with their only income being advertising.

thinkagain's picture

No complaints here. This sites advertising is quite mild compared to others, where readers are faced with a maze of pop-up ads or having to complete online surveys to access articles.

The Bizness

I am not complaining about it, just saying I won't actually pay for a paper edition.


Uuuugggh, I just got home from work and my newspaper is not delivered yet! Isn't it supposed to be here by 5? The suspense is killing me!

Jason Werling

jetskier - sorry for what seems to be a canned answer, but if you are a print subscriber you get the e-paper included with that subscription. So as you wait for the paper in the rubber band or orange bag to be delivered you could be reading it here online as well.


Thanks Jason, how do I do that? And a nice person in a Fandy van just brought our paper to us. I didn't think anyone would answer the phone there this late!

Jason Werling

Contact any of these nice people below during the week between 8 and 5 and they should be able to help you out. If they aren't nice to you, let me know and I will steal their lunch out of the Register break room.

Diane Pusateri, Circulation Office Manager

Angie Langhals, Assistant Circulation Office Manager


Brad Linton, Circulation Clerk & Operator


Sue Meredith, Circulation Clerk


Athena Schenk, Circulation Clerk


Jessica Bellottie, Circulation Clerk