Stealing hot pizza not cool

A Youngstown-area woman was arrested Sunday evening at Kalahari Resort for snagging slices of a pie that wasn’t hers, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 24, 2013


Felicia Cool, 35, of Niles, was charged with theft.

A family visiting the resort bought two large sheet pizzas and left them on a table when they stepped inside the water park for a short time. The pizzas’ owner returned to her table to find Cool taking slices from the box. Cool tried to walk away, but stopped and apologized, saying a man named “George” said she could take some, the report said.

The woman’s husband said he wanted to press charges. He was upset that Kalahari security officers downplayed the theft as “not a big deal,” and that Cool was treating the whole ordeal like a joke, the report said.

Cool bought a small pizza and offered it to the man, but he insisted it wasn’t enough to make up for what was stolen.

Cool was arrested and escorted from the property.




doggie mom

While do people feel the need to leave things lying around for others to touch or get into...I have seen people spit when they walk by food like that or when we have had christmas parties for work people just walk by and help themselves...


Just because you left something laying around doesn't make it alright for another to steal it. I agree it isn't too bright to leave something unattended but it certainly doesn't excuse the thief for stealing it.


What a jerk...... she was going to replace your piazza, and you still had her arrested.. what a D BAG.. take your left arm and reach all the way around you and grab that stick that is lodged in you butt, and give it a pull .... the resort didn't make a huge deal out of it., because it isn't one you dummy.... you left the piazza there unattended, even though wrong and gross she might have thought it was trash and that you were finished with it....... you are a total and complete joke....joke,joke,joke


You must be a Democrat...Thinking it's OK for someone feeding off someone else's dollar!!

Licorice Schtick

You must be a Republican, thinking that the solution to every problem is jail, despite the expense and proven ineffectiveness. Jail for stolen slice, no punishment for stolen billions by Wall Street.

Raoul Duke

She lives on the Nile? That doesn't narrow it down much.


ya your right what a joke! this lady helping herself to someone's pizza that they paid for, self entitlement, probably a obama supporter. hope the pizza had mersa on it, there's no excuse she's old enough to know better and all those kids their to set a wonderful example for, hey kids if someone turns their back on something they paid for it's ok to help yourself, NOT!!!
I'm glad he pressed charges.


I agree, huronguy. Just because it was there doesn't make it right for someone else to help themselves to, & anyone who thinks it's "no big deal" has the same entitlement attitude as the woman who was arrested.


How come we don't all cry foul when the whole taxation without representation thing rears its ugly head? Same thing, isn't it?

2cents's picture

Just life in the USA today, I left a old sweat shirt on a table for less than a minuet at a bar on PIB and it was gone when I turned around. Lac of morals anymore, not much you can do, those days are gone in most places we go.


I recall going to a department store which was full of shoppers but no available shopping carts inside. I had to go outside into the parking lot to get my shopping cart.

The store was very busy and it was difficult to maneuver in the aisles due to other shoppers with their carts. I left my shopping cart in place which had a few items in it. I walk over to an adjoining aisle to get a couple of items and come back a minute later. To my surprise, somebody took my shopping cart and left my items on the floor. I had to go back out into the parking lot to get another shopping cart. Some people are lazy and have no respect for others.

Speaking of shopping carts, have you ever noticed the lazy people who will not return the carts into those shopping cart corrals just a few feet away?


Surprised its not a felony charge. Each pizza at kalahari is valued at hundreds of dollars.