50 employers expected at fair

Terra State Community College will host its annual fall job fair 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday in the college’s Student Activities Center.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 24, 2013


More than 50 businesses and organizations will participate, including Cedar Point, Whirlpool, Ohio Army National Guard, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Volunteers of America, Bellevue Hospital, Speedway, Liberty Tax Service, Job Store and Ohio Department of Veterans Services.

The event is free, and anyone can attend. Job-seekers are encouraged to “dress to impress” and bring several copies of their resume, according to a news release.


Call Joan Gamble, coordinator of Career Services, at 419-559-2252 for more information.



a stupid way to look for a job. I'd like to see the statistics on how many get jobs through job fairs.

The Bizness

Probably more than you are expecting.

Peninsula Pundit

As someone who has done hiring in the past, I would avail myself of job fairs when hiring for entry-level positions. I can take one afternoon and get face to face contact with a number of people and not have to make any promises or allusion of forthcoming employment.If I see someone I like right away, I can tell them to contact me later for further evaluation.
I dunno what statistics has to do with it, but there is no doubt people get hired at job fairs.
If someone wants to get off their butt and get a job, there's nothing stupid about that at all.


So you don't know the statistics yet decided it was stupid? THAT sounds stupid.


An what is your job unASSumer? Ripping on people who actually want to work?