Man rescued at YMCA

Heroes step up to revive swimmer.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 24, 2013


A fast-acting swimmer and two staffers at the Sandusky YMCA leapt into action Monday to revive a man who suffered a serious medical problem while swimming.

The swimmer, a man in his 40s, was taking a break from laps in the pool at the West Perkins Avenue facility, but was still in the water when he started to become incoherent, YMCA director Steve Snider said.

The victim’s friend stepped in to help him, prompting a fitness instructor and a lifeguard to rush over. After pulling the man from the pool, they checked for vital signs and found none, Snider said. They started CPR while other staff fetched a defibrillator.

“He had to be revived and was resuscitated,” Snider said.

Sandusky paramedics took the man to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment.    In addition to the trained staff, members of the YMCA — including a registered nurse and a paramedic — assisted in the rescue.

“We’re very fortunate and very blessed,” Snider said. “All that happened just like clockwork.”

“Having bystanders available who can react and use the proper equipment and CPR, it certainly gives the victim so much more opportunity for survival,” Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci said. “It’s so important to get those first few minutes.”

Defibrillators are available at various businesses in the community for such situations. When Snider heard the emergency call, he thought it would be an older member participating in the aerobics class next door to the lap pool.

This victim, however, was in his 40s and he was in excellent condition, Snider said, declining to provide the man’s name. Sandusky firefighters also refused to provide the man’s name, citing federal privacy rules governing personal medical information.



EVERYONE should take the time to get certified in CPR & first-aid.

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The Hero Zone

They are very useful skills to have, not to mention what to do in case a baby, child, or adult is choking.


Amen. You can be in perfect health one moment and dead the next. This shows how trained people can intervene and save a life. The man was truly blessed.


I work for a YMCA and we have to certified on CPR, First Aid and the Defibrillator. We also cover oxygen. Our YMCA has drills in both the pool and our fitness center so we remain on top of what needs to be done in an emergency.


Great job!

Stop It

Good stuff to know...they have changed procedures since my first course way back..