Abercrombie settles suits over head scarves

Retailer will allow Muslim workers to wear Hijabs
Associated Press
Sep 24, 2013


Trendy clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has agreed to make religious accommodations and allow workers to wear head scarves as part of a settlement of discrimination lawsuits filed in California, lawyers announced Monday.

The retailer will now allow hijabs, the traditional head scarves worn by many Muslim women when in public.

One judge determined the Ohio-based company fired a Muslim worker from a California store, while another judge said it refused to hire another woman in the state because of their refusal to remove their hijabs during work.

The rulings came after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed lawsuits on behalf of both women.

In court papers filed Friday, Abercrombie agreed to pay the women a combined $71,000 and unspecified attorney fees. Additionally, it has established an appeals process for workers who believe they were denied religious accommodations.

"Abercrombie & Fitch does not discriminate based on religion, and we grant reasonable religious accommodations when they are requested," the company said in a statement. "With respect to hijabs, in particular, we determined three years ago to institute policy changes that would allow such headwear."

Abercrombie will pay Hani Khan $48,000 after firing her four months after she began working in the company's San Mateo store in 2009. She had been allowed to wear a hijab that matched the company's colors until a district manager visited the store in February 2010 and saw her for the first time in a hijab.

Khan was fired soon after when the company determined hijabs violated the company's "look policy" and detracted from its brand, the lawsuit stated.

"It wasn't about the money," Khan, 23, said at a San Francisco news conference. "It was a matter of principle."

Khan recently graduated from college and is looking for work.

Halla Banafa will receive $23,000 to settle her lawsuit that alleged Abercrombie discriminated by refusing to give her a job at its Milpitas store in 2008 when she was 18. Banafa didn't attend the press conference Monday.

Khan's trial had been scheduled to begin in Oakland on Sept. 30. A judge previously found that Abercrombie was liable for discrimination and all that was left for jurors to decide was how much Abercrombie should pay and what it needed to do to rectify the policy.



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The USA has taken this crap to extremes. It's supposed to be that "one adapts to the country in which they reside", not "this whole country will adapt to me".

FRIPPIN' LAWYERS tryin' to find that gold nugget under ANY stone overturned. Show me another country in this world that puts up with this stuff and pays their employees (IE: POTUS, COTUS and SCOTUS) to rule them and hold the cash?

I'd rather have Anarchy.
"Anarchy has more than one definition. Some use the term "anarchy" to refer to a society without a publicly enforced government.[1][2] When used in this sense, anarchy may[3] or may not[4] be intended to imply political disorder or lawlessness within a society.
Others, including most individuals who self-identify as anarchists, use the term to imply a system of governance, mostly theoretical at a jurisdiction level. There are also other forms of anarchy that attempt to avoid the use of coercion, violence, force and authority, while still producing a productive and desirable society. Anarchy is also a technical issue of economic science, as anarchy implies lack of coercive oversight"


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I really hope you can see sarcasm and the difference between what is real and what is analogous, G_R.


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You might wanna consider the Native American Church - peyote is the "sacrament."


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Screw peyote...it makes one puke. Just point me to the religion that uses psilocybin mushrooms.

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They want to take our religious beliefs away, but what about these people?
They are able to wear those rags at the airport, but you try to wear a baseball cap, and find out you have to take it off!


Why can't we be more like Japan and banish the Mushlums?


"Southern Swiss voters back ban on full-face veils":


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^Good stuff, Charlie-Tango^:

"Those who want to integrate are welcome irrespective of their religion," he said in a statement on the website ilguastafeste.ch.

"But those who rebuff our values and aim to build a parallel society based on religious laws, and want to place it over our society, are not welcome," he added.


Yea, the Mormons conceived of their own country called Deseret in the interior of the continental U.S.

The U.S. govt. was NOT amused.


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LOL, you can do that but you can't be fat or ugly to buy his clothes or work there according to the CEO and he is one ugly dude!

What a messed up planet we now live on : )


"The ACLU vigorously defends the rights of all Americans to practice their religion. But because the ACLU is often better known for its work preventing the government from promoting and funding selected religious activities, it is sometimes wrongly assumed that the ACLU does not zealously defend the rights of all religious believers to practice their faith. The actions described below – over half of which were brought on behalf of self-identified Christians, with the remaining cases defending the rights of a wide range of minority faiths – reveal just how mistaken such assumptions are. (The list below includes examples from the past decade only.)"

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Coming to a mall near you!



Scary sh*t.

On-line shopping often works for me.


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There are places downtown I do not mind and others I shy away from, at night I am packin : )


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September 22, 2013


Its ok, I do not like their clothes and do NOT shop there anyway. No big deal for me. I would tell others to QUIT shopping there. Do not support this business. Their ideas of "perfect people" and now this? Makes me SICK.


So I guess it all comes down to you not fitting the clothes there right


I fit in the clothes thank you....I do not like them or their business practices. Such as ALLOWING HEAD SCARVES.

dorothy gale

Whatever happened to employers having the right to enforce their own dress code?! This isn't about religious discrimination, it's about people feeling entitled to disobey the rules and USING "religion" to get their way! If you want to keep a job then you need to follow the rules. How freaking hard is that to understand?! And if your "religion" requires you to keep your head covered then get a job whose dress code conforms to your standards, don't expect the world to conform to YOU! Getting so tired of this crap.


Any local convenient store would hire these people and allow them to dress in any religious garb they prefer.