Danbury Twp. set to fix up hall

Danbury Township trustees are considering spending up to $300,000 in taxpayer funds for various improvements at their government headquarters.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 23, 2013


Trustees want to upgrade handicap accessibility and improve unsafe areas throughout Township Hall, 5972 Port Clinton Eastern Road.

The improvements, which haven’t been approved, would piggyback off officials bolstering Township Hall’s main entrance — costing about $25,000 — a year ago.

“The building belongs to the residents of this township, and it is the trustees’ responsibility to preserve and maintain it for future generations,” trustee Charles Scott said.

Among the tentative improvements discussed:
• Updating the existing restrooms and adding a handicap-accessible one.

• Modernizing the fiscal and zoning departments.

• Replacing the heating, venting and air conditioning and electrical systems

• Adding insulation and replacing windows.

Trustee Dianne Rozak said officials will take their time to make a decision on the project’s scope and funding.

Trustees have yet to determine the potential costs or a timeline.



And the City of Sandusky claims it will cost $2 million plus to do the same upgrades to our City Building. Let's bring in Danbury's Cost Estimate Professionals.

Peninsula Pundit

One of the reasons a new township facility was built, among others,was because it was already determined once before that upgrading this building would be too expensive. Thus, a new facility was approved. And as we all know, any upgrade to the building will make it mandatory to bring the building up to ALL current ADA criteria.
It cost $25,000 just to make the first floor, practically ground-level entrance, wheelchair accessible.
I wonder what it will cost to build an elevator to the second floor?
Save or sell the building, but there's no apparent reason to upgrade it.