Man stole from elderly, avoids prison sentence but must repay money

A Norwalk man who stole $11,000 from an 78-year-old man he met at Alcoholics Anonymous received a suspended prison sentence, but was ordered to repay the money, according to Ottawa County court records.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 22, 2013


Timothy Gilbert, 42, was charged after bank employees called police in December 2011 when they noticed the elderly man making unusual withdrawals from his bank account.

Gilbert had fed the man a story about needing $11,000 to get his father’s inheritance, and the victim agreed to lend him the money, according to police reports.

Gilbert was eventually charged with theft from the elderly. He was sentenced Thursday to more than three years in prison on the theft case and a 2011 theft case.

The prison time was suspended, and Gilbert was instead placed on three years probation and ordered to repay the $11,000, according to court records. He was also ordered to complete 100 hours of community service.




Elder abuse is a horrible thing.


"Timothy Gilbert, 42, was charged after bank employees called police in December 2011 when they noticed the elderly man making unusual withdrawals from his bank account."

No middle initial? Is that age 42 correct or is it 43"

If the initial is a "D" and DOB is 8-24-1970, then this Timothy has criminal convictions in Sandusky Municipal and Norwalk Municipal courts.

How is that other case of theft from the elderly coming along in Ottawa County, Ohio? Did anyone forget?
"Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan has yet to make up his mind on a possible $200,000 theft from the elderly case. But that’s not to say he hasn’t done anything. In an unorthodox pre-trial, pre-charges move, Mulligan sent a letter and all his evidence to the suspect’s attorney last week."


"In the past, theft from the elderly cases were always handled civilly,” DeWine said in an interview Tuesday. “(The Elder Justice Act) seeks to recognize that the elderly can be abused not only physically but financially as well.”

If DeWine says "theft from the elderly cases were always handled civilly" then how in the hell did Krista Harris get a criminal conviction and a 5 year sentence?

Julie R.

We all know the REAL reason Harris ~ with the assistance of a special prosecutor and a rent-a-judge ~ got a criminal conviction and a harsh 5-year prison sentence ...... and it sure wasn't because of theft from her elderly aunt.


This is terrible! Manipulating the elderly out of their hard earned because they are to freakin lazy to get off of their buttocks to get a job. The judge should have ordered the 100 hours of community to be performed in the laundry room of a nursing home!

Julie R.

In corrupt Erie County their illegal way of handling crimes against the elderly --- the ones their attorneys buds and financial institutions are involved in --- create half a dozen other issues to take away from the real issue ...... arrogantly refuse to address the real issue .... refuse to address the facts staring them right in the face .... pull off one illegal scam after another ~ maybe even pull off one of their ignorant idiot intimidation tactics ~ and after over 10 years of one scam after another, bring in one of their infamous back-up corrupt old rent-a-judges.