Port Clinton girls: Man, woman offered us ride home after football game

Two 10-year-old girls leaving a football game told police a man and woman offered them a ride when they were walking home, according to a Port Clinton police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 21, 2013


The children told police they yelled “no” and ran away, and the car left the area. The girls later told their parents, who called police. The incident happened at about 5 p.m. Sept. 15 on Fifth Street.

Officers searched the area but did not find the vehicle the girls described: a tan, four-door car with a black stripe.

The girls told police the woman in the car was 40 to 50 years old, was wearing a red sweatshirt and had black hair tied up in a bun.



My first thought: WHY were two ten year olds walking home alone after a football game?....My ten year old doesn't leave my sight in my own yard, much less walk home alone from a football game!!!....TOO many crazy people in the world these days for that!!!...If parents actually parented their children like they should, scums like this would have less of an opportunity to try to lure them into a frightening situation!


You are making the assumption that there were bad intentions. I realize people should not offer children rides, but honestly they probably felt bad for the kids since it was pouring all night and they were clearly too young to be out that late alone. Good thing the kids did run because the alternative could have been worse, but the assumption that these people were scum is ridiculous. Clearly the parents that let 2 ten yr old girls walk home after a football game in the rain are stellar parents of the yr. Some people really do have good intentions.


I agree not everyone is a pedophile or has ill intent. Some just want to get a child off the road before someone that DOES have bad intentions rolls up.


I agree with you on the "stellar parents of the year"....but obviously the police and Sandusky register were the ones who assumed these people had bad intentions, hence the "news" article.....the whole point I was trying to get across was that if these ten year olds weren't walking home alone, there wouldn't even have been a need to publish this in the first place...


Agreed. Atleast it turned out for the best and they made it home. Let's hope they live in Erie Gardens across from the stadium and it wasn't a far run in the rain. I guess best is assuming home life is safe :)


LOL well if they live in Erie Gardens, that would explain the parenting issues...

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Sun, 09/22/2013 - 7:46am

LOL well if they live in Erie Gardens, that would explain the parenting issues...



It says it was at 5 pm ... I wonder what football game that was?


I would say probably like a peewee game or something...


It happened on Sept. 15 which was a Sunday. That leaves me to believe it was probably a catholic parish game. I don't think it was raining that day but cannot remember. I find it sad that you cannot offer a ride these days without everyone thinking it was anything other than an offer. It is never a bad thing to refuse.


Shows how oblivious I am. I actually didn't realize it said that date. I just knew if was pouring Friday night, all night and there was a muddy mess of a game.


Why are you letting 10 years olds walk around town alone?!?!

The two adults in the car were probably GOOD parents just trying to protect girls that obviously have BAD parents!

Apparently they missed the two part Dr. Phil episode this week of the careless parents that let a 15 year old take a bike ride after dark. She was raped and killed in a woods 100 yards from her house!

Every time you let your kids walk alone you are just rolling the dice. Stop being lazy parents!

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At least they did the right thing and said NO and RAN .


This all was probably innocent and should be used as a teachable moment!


Regardless, of the time of day or night, kids that young should not be allowed to attend football games or any school function without a parent or adult.

NOT in this day and age.