Boy, 13, faces additional charges after incident with justice center employee

A Sandusky boy arrested Monday for brandishing a knife at a Walmart employee is facing additional charges after an incident involving an Erie County Juvenile Justice Center employee.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 21, 2013


The boy, 13, of the 1000 block of Putnam St., was charged with felonious attempted escape and vandalism.

A justice center employee had taken the boy to his weekly physical therapy session on Bone Creek Drive when he allegedly became confrontational. The boy’s guardian met the employee there and asked the boy how he was doing, according to a deputy’s report, but the question only got the child worked up.

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He was aggravated because his doctor forbade him to participate in physical activity.

The employee then escorted the boy inside, where he began causing a commotion. He then decided he wanted to leave, as the employee refused to remove his handcuffs unless he settled down, the report said.

The child pulled away from the employee, but was ultimately escorted into a county vehicle. While the employee conferred with the boy’s mother, the boy began kicking at the rear window of the vehicle. His second kick knocked the glass out, the report said.

A Perkins police officer responded to assist the employee, and drove the child back to the justice center.



The Answer Person

I said it before. This is why we need more guns. If they had addressed this doofus headon at WalMart in the first place, none of this foolishness would be going on. He will either be dead by 30 or a lifer, Stay tuned folks!


Agreed! Taser the little ba$turd! I'm sick of reading about him already.

The bad part is he will impregnate three baby mommas, THEN go to prison for life.


Get him off the street
And out of the gene pool


This child has serious issues. Has nothing to do with the need for more guns. They have addressed him head on and he is in the justice center. I hope he gets the help he needs and does not continue down this path. Who caused this child's anger might be a good question.


That's the liberal mind working hard! Give him food stamps while you are at it!


There's no helping him now, the patterns are already there. Best thing to do is put him away. Or on a chain gang.

He's another Randleman or Clinton type in the making.


Straight to the zoo with him.


Yeah, this boy will be in jail for the rest of his life. He shows signs of a killer mentality. Psycho!


So far you have all convicted and found guilty a kid that is only 13. You have decided his fate and his future without even considering what made him this way or if he needs psychiatric help. The patterns are already there? He's had 3 arrests and you have decided he's a career criminal, which he might end up being if he's locked away until 21. He'll get out and head straight for his next conviction. It's not 'liberal' thinking to find out why the child is like this and try to change or help him. Since none of you are psychiatrists or behavioral specialists, I find it hard to accept your sentiments or premonitions. I am actually more concerned about the boy that threatened the girl on the bus than this child. But both need some counseling or intervention and not locked up as lost causes.


Hey bleeding heart reporter54, do you know what the best predictor of future behavior is!? Past behavior!

Both his parents re too strung out to raise him and his siblings, so gramma and gramps are raising him. And obviously doing a terrible job at it. Gramma and gramps already raised LOSERS the first time! You think they are going to do better this time?

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

"He's only had three arrests" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


The kid is 13 and he's already committing adult-level crimes. Yeah, I think it's pretty safe to say his future and his fate are already pretty much decided.

It doesn't matter what "made" him this way (though I'm frankly sick and tired of people blaming everybody but the one who actually did the bad stuff). The fact is that he IS this way. It's not about coddling him any more. It's about protecting everybody else FROM him.

pigeon farmer

The only viable option for this individual is to harvest his organs and put him down. His only contribution to society is his organs. He will cost society his whole life if not.

pigeon farmer

The only viable option for this individual is to harvest his organs and put him down. His only contribution to society is his organs. He will cost society his whole life if not.

pigeon farmer

The only viable option for this individual is to harvest his organs and put him down. His only contribution to society is his organs. He will cost society his whole life if not.


This kid has some issues. You have to ask why? No excuses but why all the anger at 13?

Tru Grit

Where I work I see this behavior everyday I work but with youths 15-20. Its their fault and the men and women who didn't raise them correctly fault. This kid is on a long road to being told when to sleep, eat, line-up, sit-down, be quiet. We think this is bad in bigger cities there are 50 of these kids versus this one in Sandusky. I can tell you this the juvenile justice centers whether detention centers or DYS, don't show the kids of today what they will be calling home (prison) if the behavior they have continues into their adult years. I am not saying this kid should be physically punished by the authority in charge of him but, but if he is lashing out physically his resistance should be matched and shown it won't be tolerated. What this kid needs most is therapy but like the age old saying goes you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. He won't get better unless he really wants to change, I see it every day with the youths adjudicated to DYS.


This one and many others 've been reading about are products of our laws.. We can't spank our own children anymore.. Bust these kids a$$e$ when they deserve it and we wouldn't be having all this crap! The laws have made these kids get away with anything, when you can't discipline your kids anymore. But the law surely things locking them up is discipline enough.


Pigeon Farmer,Put him down and harvest his organs????? Are you serious? Dick Tracey you must know the family to know all of this??? Well let me tell you that you have no idea what this child is going through or his brother and sisters. They lost both of their parents on dead and one in prison and the grandparents did the best they could you can't always help the way kids turn out when they get older. I have known all of them since they were babies and when they were younger they were not bad kids. After they become adults there is nothing you can do for them. As far as this kid here well he has been through so much and the grandparents are doing the best they can, he does not have either parent there so it has to be hard on him. He is great at sports and does need councling and help. So do not bury him yet, he deserves to get the help he needs before everybody gives up on him. It is sad that people are so quick to judge and have no idea what is going on. I hope he gets help and can turn his life around and knows that because his real parents aren't there that his grandpartents love him and his brother and sisters.I hope and pray he can get himself together.

Stop It

At 13 yrs. of age, if you have to spank/paddle/swat their butt, you're way too late in the discipline dept.. More than likely they'll laugh at you. Just sayin'.