Traffic stop yields 20 lbs of marijuana

Troopers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol seized 20 pounds of marijuana Wednesday, arresting two out-of-state men for drug trafficking.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 20, 2013


Jay Clowers, 36, of Mussey, Mich., and Ryan Renusch, 23, of Pittsboro, N.C., both were charged with trafficking and possession of marijuana.

Renusch was also charged with possession of a schedule III drug.

Clowers was driving a Chrysler 300 on the Ohio Turnpike at about 3 p.m. Wednesday when a trooper pulled him over about 3 miles east of the U.S. 250 on-ramp, troopers said. The trooper stopped the Chrysler for following a car too closely, but caught the scent of marijuana when he approached Clowers’ window, troopers said.

When the trooper confronted the occupants with his suspicions, Renusch pulled a small bag of pot from his pants pocket— but that was hardly the extent of their supply.

A search of the car yielded three suitcases containing 20 pounds of marijuana in large plastic bags, troopers said. Two jars of hashish and 19 hydrocodone pills belonging to Renusch were located as well.

Both men were booked into the Erie County jail, where they remain without bond. Clowers and Renusch are scheduled to appear before Erie County Municipal Judge Paul Lux Friday morning, according to jail personnel.


sandtown born a...

These cops should play the lottery with the (so called) luck they seem to have.

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The Hero Zone


From the Grave



You would think that if you had that much weed in the car you would obey EVERY traffic law and oh yeah, maybe NOT smoke pot while you are transporting it. Or maybe that's just common sense talking again.


This just goes to show that drug dealers are not untouchable.


The cops were waiting for these people. Following too close? Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NSA passing on information to Ohio state police? I would say so.

Some police in Ohio are like Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes.

Tru Grit

I've been pulled over twice for following to close on the turnpike just like these two dummies, only I didn't have weed on me. The OSP whether you believe it or not are highly trained this shows a simple traffic stop turned into this. Some of you skeptics don't see all the other traffic stops for following to closely that don't end up like this, why would you. Not to mention all the drugs that get by them because they are driving "perfectly" if you will. More drugs get by then those that get caught.


Getting pulled over twice for the same traffic offense, especially following too close is dumb too! Don't be dumb and naïve!

Tru Grit

Deertracker, naive no. It wasn't back to back it was desperate incidents minor as it is, it's still a traffic violation. You seem like another disgruntled individual who has a chip on their shoulder for the law enforcement of ohio or just in general. Hope you don't ever need them, it would be terrible if they didn't get there in time for you. Also "dumb" dummies don't earn their masters, so I guess I'm a dummy with a masters degree :)


There's no shortage of dummies with Masters' degrees, and deer's comment has nothing to do with an issue with law enforcement, merely with the fact that getting stopped once apparently didn't teach you to alter your driving habits.

Tru Grit

Seperate not desperate.