UPDATED: No charges yet in fatal Bellevue crash

Driver who caused collision had alcohol, marijuana in his system.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 24, 2013


UPDATE: Morgan Jevec, the man accused of causing a fatal crash in Bellevue, had a blood alcohol level of .136 and tested 8.89 ng/ml for marijuana. The per se limit for marijuana is 5 ng/ml. According to a release by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The crash is being sent to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office for review. Charges are pending the review.

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Previous story:
Massillon man accused of causing a fatal crash Tuesday in Bellevue has been released from the hospital, but charges have yet to be filed, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said.

Even so, criminal charges are inevitable for Morgan Jevec, 24, the driver of a Mercury Grand Marquis that slammed into an SUV at about 11:11 p.m. Tuesday and killed the driver, Tracy Albright, 36, of Bellevue.

“The severity of the charges depends on what we receive from the lab results,” Highway Patrol Lt. Doug Hammon said.

It’s still unknown if drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash, which happened at East Main and North Sandusky streets in downtown Bellevue.

A 911 caller first alerted Huron County dispatchers to the Mercury Grand Marquis driving recklessly as it passed through Monroeville at about 11:07 p.m., according to the recorded call.

Listen to the 911 calls in the player below


“There’s an older-type car just flew through town,” a woman is heard telling dispatchers. “He had to have been going almost 60. It’s an older-type vehicle. He almost lost control of the vehicle several times.”

The Grand Marquis passed the caller’s vehicle while heading west through Monroeville.

“It went by so fast,” the caller tells dispatchers. “I can only tell you it was darker in color, and that’s about it.”

Dispatchers alerted Bellevue police to the car at 11:07 p.m. Bellevue officers attempted to position their cruisers on the east side of the city, in hopes of intercepting the Grand Marquis.

The vehicle apparently passed by too quickly, however, and at about 11:10 p.m. it headed into Bellevue at about 80 mph. At least one police cruiser spotted the vehicle and headed after it, although the distance between the cruiser and the suspect’s vehicle is still unclear.

The Mercury slammed into the rear of Albright’s Chevy Blazer, which was stopped at East Main and North Sandusky streets, Bellevue police said. Both vehicles then went through the intersection before bursting into flames, striking a third vehicle stopped on the other side of the intersection. The driver of that car was treated by paramedics at the scene.

After firefighters extinguished the flames, they pulled Albright’s body from the charred SUV. The body has been sent to the Lucas County coroner’s office for an autopsy, which could help determine if she died from the crash impact or the ensuing fire, Huron County coroner Jeff Harwood said.

“It’s something we’re hoping we might learn from the autopsy,” Harwood said. The coroner’s office will also try to positively identify her body through dental records.

Jevec and the three passengers in his vehicle — Christopher Watters, 48; Ricky Treherne Jr., 32; and Steven Gresser, 31, all from Canton — were flown by medical helicopters to Toledo hospitals. Jevec was released from Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center Thursday, but the three others remain in hospitals. Watters and Treherne are at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, while Gresser is at the Toledo Hospital.

Troopers said they’ll await lab results from a blood-alcohol test to determine the severity of Jevec’s charges. Troopers are also working to finish a reconstruction of the crash scene, as well as consulting with Huron County prosecutors.



You don't need freakin' lab results. He KILLED a woman.

He was seen driving reckless and very excessive speed.. That' s ALL you need. He never tried to slow or stop!

Lab results are just icing on the cake.

How about an IQ test? Or a common sense test? Apparently he has neither.



Dollars to donuts he was on drugs. That should get him off. After all, you can't be responsible for your actions if you drink, do drugs, have a medical history, or a mental illness and willingly go off your meds.


I agree, rumor has it they were fleeing a Drug raid in Cleveland. Not confirmed.


To the lady that made the call from Monroeville: Thank You for trying and getting involved, you did all that you could do by making that call. Wish more people would get involved instead of just looking the other way. Makes you wonder how many he passed before Monroeville that COULD have made a call?


They should already have enough charges to put his a-s in jail, then they can file more charges later!

doggie mom

My guess would be they do not want to be responsible for any heath issues he may have from the crash...they don't want him dying on their watch...


I am the cousin of one of the guys in the accident. They were working out of town for someone. The guy driving had no insurance and many legal problems. He was the only valid driver and my cousin was not as wreckless as the driver. He is still in critical condition and is paying for that scumbags actions as well. My cousin has kids and a family and was not driving.


Your cousin and the others are just as guilty to blame as the driver. If he was drunk, why did they get in the car with him? Why didn't they try to keep him from driving? Why didn't they call the cops? He was not being chased. Another driver that this guy blew by had the decency to call the cops. At that point he was not being pursued. If there are any innocent victims her, it is Tracy Albright! SHE WAS SITTING AT A FREAKIN' STOPLIGHT WHEN SHE WAS HIT MY THIS CLOWN!!!! At the rate of speed she was hit, she never had a chance. One can only pray that the impact killed her before the fire did. At least your cousin and the others lived and you are able to hug them and tell them how much you love them. Tracy's family didn't even have a chance to look at her one last time, her body was so badly burnt. Her children will never again feel her arms around them as she hugs them or hear her say "I love you". I feel NO, ZERO sympathy for anyone other than the friends and family of Tracy.


no the passengers are not to blame; they may have been unwise in their choice to ride with this guy but they had no control over his actions. there was a case in PC where there was a fatal wreck and the husband was hitting his wife while she was driving. there was even a witness to this. she crashed and killed herself, another driver of another car and another passenger but not the husband. he was not charged with anything even though he contributed to that accident. they had all been drinking. you of course don't have to feel any sympathy for the passengers in this particular case but they were not to blame for the accident.


"there was a case in PC where there was a fatal wreck and the husband was hitting his wife while she was driving. there was even a witness to this. she crashed and killed herself, another driver of another car and another passenger but not the husband. he was not charged with anything even though he contributed to that accident."

In what year did this happen? I have researched the fatal accidents in Ottawa County, Ohio and could not find where three people died in a two vehicle accident where a passenger caused the tragedy.


So he was drunk and high. Why are they still waiting? He KILLED A WOMAN. Witnesses. He was IN the car. Case solved. Think that is Vehicular Homicide. DUI? Call it what you want. Arrest him and start a list. Keep adding to it.


I think they're waiting to get all their ducks in a row with all the tests confirmed and compiled and until the driver is able to stand trial. These things often don't happen overnite. I am sure he will be charged with vehicular homicide among other things and will go to jail at least the mandatory 5 years.


Well he was drunk, and he is out of the hospital. He, himself was barely injured. Why wouldn't he be able to stand trial. Nothing else needed.


Chances are that the worthless Huron County prosecutors will offer him a plea deal that is only a fraction of what he should get or they will drop the ball and allow him to go free.

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Wow, it only took three of us to comment about the remarks of dixiecrandal being off topic. And then we get ours removed to. It took three hours for you guys to hear us?

Stop It

Not allowed to complain about The Holy Moderator behind the curtain, grandmasgirl.

mimi's word

I am sorry i do disagree. If they had robbed a store they would all be charged with it even if they had no idea what was going on. I think that there should be some way to punish people who make the decision to be reckless just because there can only be one driver is no excuse they all feed the flame.


If you were in a car going to lunch with a co worker and he goes crazy in his car in a rage and kills a car full of people and test positive for drugs in his system, you think you should also be held accountable... why? You cant control the actions of someone else.... it could happen alot of different ways to alot of different people. The one that committed the offence and who was behind the wheel making the decision was the one and only one that could change or stop this situation. The other boys can not be held accountable for bad judgement and being in the wrong place withthe wrong person at the wrong time.... get a clue and use your brain that God gave you