Republicans at odds as 'Obamacare' showdown nears

Senator vows to do "everything and anything possible to defund Obamacare."
Associated Press
Sep 20, 2013


Congressional Republicans struggled to tamp down a family feud Thursday as they approached a politically charged showdown with the White House that combines the threat of a government shutdown, a possible first-ever federal default and the GOP's bid to repeal the nation's three-year-old health care law.

One day after conceding that the Democratic-controlled Senate probably would prevail on the last part, Sen. Ted Cruz still vowed to do "everything and anything possible to defund Obamacare." That includes a possible filibuster of legislation to prevent a partial government shutdown, added the Texas Republican.

That was a step further than Sen. Mike Lee of Utah — Cruz's partner in a summertime run of "Defund Obamacare" television commercials — was willing to go. President Barack Obama's health care law "is not worth causing a shutdown over," he said.

The two men spoke at a news conference with several House Republicans where lawmakers stressed they were unified and thanked Speaker John Boehner for agreeing to tie the anti-shutdown and anti-Obamacare provisions into one bill.

That bill is on track for House passage on Friday, with a Senate showdown to follow.

The House intends to move quickly next week with a separate bill to put the health care law on ice, this one a measure that also would allow the Treasury to avoid a default that could destabilize the economy.

Boehner himself sought to redirect the political fire at Obama, accusing him of being ready to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Syria but not engage with Republicans on raising the nation's debt limit, an issue that could lead to national default.

But he also got in a subtle jab at Cruz and Senate conservatives who have been clamoring for weeks for a showdown on the health care law.

"I expect my Senate colleagues to be up for the battle," he said.

The prospect is for a 10-day period of intense uncertainty, with Boehner pledging to avoid a shutdown yet also hoping to come away with a bite out of the health care law, even if less than complete defunding.

Congressional aides pointed out during the day, for example, that if the Senate rewrites the House-passed bill to leave the health care law in place, Boehner and the rest of the House leadership could still seek further changes before passing it a second time.

For their part, the White House and majority Democrats in the Senate will be trying to protect the health care law that stands as Obama's signature domestic accomplishment — without complicating the re-election chances of senators on the 2014 ballot in swing states.

The White House intruded briefly on the Republican feud, pledging that Obama would veto any legislation that blocks the health care law from taking full effect. The defunding drive "advances a narrow ideological agenda that threatens our economy and the interests of the middle class" and would deny "millions of hard-working, middle-class families the security of affordable health coverage," it said.

The effort seeking virtual repeal of the law as part of a government funding bill gained powerful momentum over the summer when the Senate Conservatives Fund, Heritage Action and other groups with tea party ties launched a nationwide campaign.

Cruz and Lee played prominent roles, each appearing in television ads aimed at pressuring Republican lawmakers not to yield. "Republicans in Congress can stop Obamacare if they simply refuse to fund it," Lee says in one SCF-funded commercial.

On the other hand, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has urged Republicans to fund the government and prevent a default, then double back and try and work out changes to the health care law later.

In a tea party age, it is unclear how much political clout establishment groups carry with individual GOP lawmakers.

At the same time, many Republicans fear a replay of twin government shutdowns nearly two decades ago that inflicted significant damage on their party and helped resurrect then-President Bill Clinton's political fortunes.

"When it comes to shutting the government down, that is not going to succeed because people don't want a government shutdown. And they'll blame Congress. They did before," said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Another Republican, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, agreed. "I'm one who doesn't believe that a shutdown does anything except divert attention from a president and his policies, which are rightfully unpopular, to congressional incompetence," he said.

Cruz saw it differently hours earlier.

He told the National Automobile Dealers Association that the 1995-96 episode was just a "partial, temporary government shutdown" that didn't hurt Republicans politically as much as most people think and that it helped bring welfare reform in 1996 and a budget deal in 1997.

"Nobody likes that outcome. But it also wasn't the end of the world," he said of a possible shutdown.

Ironically, it was a Cruz comment that ignited anger among House conservatives on Wednesday evening.

As word spread that the House would pass legislation to fund the government and cut off money for the health care law, he issued a statement that said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid "likely has the votes" to delete the health care provision. "At that point, House Republicans must stand firm, hold their ground, and continue to listen to the American people," he said.

House Republican aides said rank-and-file lawmakers on the House floor at the time vented their anger at what appeared to be a pre-emptive surrender.

Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., tweeted that Lee and Cruz "refuse to fight. Wave white flag and surrender."

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga., tweeted, "Senate R's already declare defeat... before the battle even begins. So much for standing up for the American people."



Darwin's choice

An Ohio clinic that was touted by Obama while he was speaking on health care reform is now blaming ObamaCare after it was forced to cut $330 million from its budget.

"Fox 8 reports the Cleveland Clinic, which is the largest employer in Northeast Ohio with about 39,000 workers in the region, announced the cuts to its 2014 budget at a meeting Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the clinic tells Fox News the clinic is being forced to cut back to prepare for increased costs and decreased revenue under the health care reform law.

These changes will include offering early retirement to approximately 3,000 employees, reducing operational costs, and then layoffs as needed"

Obama fail.....!


Re: "increased costs and decreased revenue,"

Part of Obama☭are's "magic" of reducing health care costs is to reduce the amount that Medicare will pay (reimbursement schedule) for medical services.

"Doctors Will Have To Take A Pay Cut Under Obamacare":


Pick two 'cause you can't have all three - it ain't financially possible.


And meanwhile, in California and New York (2 states that have embraced Obamacare), insurers are charging even lower-than-expected premiums for individual policies sold under the law. In short the insurance changes are working - in states that WANT them to work.

Cleveland Clinic is one of the top 3 money-earning hospitals in the nation. Clearly, they do not need to make any cuts, but have chosen to do so, simply because they don't want anything to affect their obscene profit margin. I urge everyone to read the recent expose on the medical industry in TIME magazine.

The problem is not Obamacare, it's extreme greed with the 1% who run Cleveland Clinic. These are people who, instead of having 3 yachts instead of 4, would rather make their rank-and-file workers tighten their belts. Anyone surprised that Fox didn't report THAT angle?

Darwin's choice

And, the Obambot has spoken! Have any proof of your stupid remarks? 3 yachts instead of 4? California and New York? Two of the biggest failures of government, and ready to cave in? Your constant cheerleading is ignorant.


Re: "insurers are charging even lower-than-expected premiums for individual policies sold under the law."

Many have no experience in the market place.

In CA, 8 of the 12 insurers are new insurers who have never been in commercial markets.

In NY, 8 of the 16 insurers are newcomers.

"Big Insurers Skip Health Exchanges
Some Lesser-Known Insurance Firms Will Offer Comparatively Lower Rates"

Said the CEO of a NY "newcomer":

"'We stay up at night worrying if we've priced this right,' said Rev. Patrick J. Frawley, chief executive at Fidelis."


When picking a health care plan, pick two, 'cause you can't have all three.


Re: "These are people who, instead of having 3 yachts instead of 4,"

Typical Marxist class warfare nonsensical hyperbole.

Besides, what do you care Comrade? Your health and welfare benefits are GUARANTEED (with COLAs) by OH taxpayers.

You're part of the ELITE Comrade REJOICE!


Wrong again, coasterfan! Do a little googling on California's healthcare exchange and learn for yourself that the most affordable premiums on the exchange (comparatively speaking, anyway) sport dramatically smaller provider lists and extremely long waits are already predicted. Premiums on California have, on average, gone up, and they've gone up dramatically. That state's also a really bad example to use for ANYthing related to dollars and cents since it's in deep financial doo doo thanks to it's many entitlement programs...

New York? Extremely high taxes already, and an exodus of residents has been underway for some time now (meaning that those who remain will be liable for still MORE of the tax burden).

Is SOME healthcare reform needed? Yes. Is Obamacare needed? No. It'll create more problems than it solves, and make plenty of existing problems even worse. Leave Obamacare in effect long enough, and some of those problems will be irreversible. Even the current system is far, far better than rationing, long waits, or unaffordability for a greater population than ever!


coaster is owned again and watch this person just skate on by to the next topic proclaiming they know it all. Hilarious.


The "defunding" is largely symbolic.

The Repubs want RINOs and Dems that were elected in Red states to go on record that they support Obama☭are.

Their support will be used by their Tea Party and libertarian opponents as a campaign issue for the 2014 congressional elections.

Polls have shown that Independents and Seniors overwhelmingly don't like the ACA.


Yeah, that's as good as it gets with today's GOP. They can't get anything done, but they can do something "symbolic", like bills to rename local Post Offices. And, as we've seen, they can filibuster the heck out of anyone else's attempt to get anything done.

Contango's comment is very telling. He admits that the Repub congressmen are merely voting the way they do, to ensure their own electability in the 2014 election. They don't give a hoot about Americans who don't have healthcare. The same hypocrites, of course, don't vote to defund their OWN government-provided health care. These are people with even fewer scruples than we would expect from a politician.

Why anyone - who is part of the 99% - would vote for these plutocrats is beyond me.


Re: "He admits that the Repub congressmen,"

My supposition.

Few scruples? This whole Obama☭are abortion was shoved down the throats of Americans by Democrat legislative gimmickry.

Peninsula Pundit

Oh, he's got the hammer and sickle to print!
Isn't that adorable?
Supposition or suppository?
With you guys, there is really no difference.
Both are a pain in the rump.


Re: "Both are a pain in the rump."

Agree. Democrat and Republican - Socialist and Socialist-light.


Libertarianism is shhit.

There you go again

How in the world does Obama plan to fund the rising cost (it's doubled already) of Odumbacare? Raising the debt ceiling is not a viable strategy!


How in the world does the GOP ever plan to win another presidential election, while campaigning to REMOVE healthcare from 30+ million Americans who never had healthcare until the Affordable Care Act? How in the world do they plan to win an election when they move to cut $40 billion in funding to food stamps, when it was THEIR president who brought the recession and resultant job losses upon us?

The continued callousness of the 'me first' party continues to shock the rest of us.

Darwin's choice

And, in another failure, it's been over 1000 days of gasoline prices ABOVE $3.00 per gallon. This administration's across the board failures should keep you employed for years telling us how it's "better" under


Darwin, we all know that presidents do not control gas prices. They went up to an alltime average high of $4.28 per gallon in August, 2008, under George Bush, then - with no control by him - briefly dropped to below $2.00 a gallon towards the end of his term in office.

The across the board failures of the previous president were far bigger. The entire economy crashed, we got into 2 unnecessary, unfunded wars, and the president ignored obvious warnings for 9/11 and returned to his extended vacation at his ranch in Texas.

Most of the problems America has faced under Obama are of 2 varieties: residual problems from the disastrous Bush presidency, and self-inflicted wounds (see: sequester, government shutdowns) inflicted by irresponsible conservatives of the teaparty faction. As this article shows, the same idiots are up to their same games.

Darwin's choice

"Liberalism 101 Lesson 17:

Distort, bend, fold, staple and mutilate the truth, after all:

By any means necessary means by ANY means.

Liberalism 101 Lesson (amended) 17B:

Flaunt, ignore, dodge and break the law, after all:

By any means necessary means by ANY means."

Written by you? Or for you?


That is not the way Obama tells it about gas prices. In his April 25, 2008 speech in front of a gas station in Indianapolis, Obama PROMISED he would lower gas prices, if elected, and blamed Bush and Cheney for the high gas prices. Tell me was Obama lying when he said that or was he ignorant of the system or was it just another broken campaign promise???

Also Obama also promised in a campaign speech that Obamacare would not add one dime to the deficit. Ignorant, lying or again breaking a promise.

You did mention that many would now be able to obtain insurance and that may be true but what about the millions that are now losing insurance and in many cases losing their jobs or hours cut from 40 hours per week to less than 30 hours per week. Like the announcemtnt that IBM will stop providing insurance to 110000 retirees in this country. They will just pay them what they have been paying them for the coverage and they will then have to obtain coverage on their own.

I also learned that many primiums will be more affordable due to tax credits. Really now who is going to foot the bill for the tax credits, seems it is really going to be more affordable for some persons at the expense of others. As it is said that the government will give you anything you want as long as they are using your money.


coaster owned again.


Re: "30+ million Americans who never had healthcare until the Affordable Care Act?"

You NAIVELY assume that coverage equals access.


You naively assume that NO coverage for those 30 million people would be better than attempting to address the issue - which is what Obamacare is.

Bottom line: Republicans were FOR universal health care - until Obama proposed it.


Re: "NO coverage for those 30 million people"

It's absurd to upend the entire health care system for a minority. There were/are other ways to handle it.

You're a member of the ELITE Comrade with no worry - your benefits are GUARANTEED by OH taxpayers.

The Bizness

Typical right winger, who cares about minorities as long as your life is fine and good. You have no compassion Contango.


Re: "who cares about minorities as long as your life is fine and good."

You STILL can read can't you?

"A minority" not "minorities."

Again: There were/are other ways to handle it.

The Bizness

Obama originally wanted single payer health care, Republicans originally wanted to go for that until the tea party got involved.

As far as I can see the health care exchanges are still being handled in a free market system.

I really think you are uninformed about all the good things that the Affordable Care Act does.


Re: "single payer health care,"

Again: Medicare ALONE loses an estimated $60B annually in waste, fraud and abuse.

Gotta figure that the ACA losses will be an extrapolation of that number.

You were complaining' before about your generation, picking up the tab.

Without the youth buying health ins., this whole thing blows up!

The HC exchanges are NOT a part of a "free market system," they are an example of corporatism or fascism if you like.


Libertarianism is shhit.


@The Bizz......and you know all the good things? Hell, Washington and Obama and Pelosi don't even know whats in it.....remember, we have to pass it to see whats in it.....and they still do not even know.


Re: "THEIR president who brought the recession and resultant job losses upon us?"

Still in the time warp Comrade???

No market ever goes up in a straight line. If you had some business and financial sense you would know that.

Agree. The Repubs shouldn't cut from SNAP.

The govt. should continue to tax, borrow, print and spend until fiscal, monetary and financial collapse.

Tres'y Sec. Jack Lew, Sept. 18:

“[W]e are relying on investors from all over the world to continue to hold U.S. bonds. Every Thursday, we roll-over approximately $100 billion in U.S. bills. If U.S. bond holders decided that they wanted to be repaid rather than continuing to roll-over their investments, we could unexpectedly dissipate our entire cash balance.”

Peninsula Pundit

They expect to win by relying on their voters who vote with a jerk of the knee instead of the intelligence of reason.


True coasterfan ,

The only way that the GOP will win another presidential election is by voter suppression which they are and have been working on.

Yes , it still is Bush's fault.


Defund this mess. It's all bad and even the knowledgable left know this. Heck even the big unions are against it. But of course your typical libs on here would love a turd as long as endorsed by Obama.

Obamacare is racist anyhow.

Darwin's choice

Just for fun, Coasterfan, look at ANY of the businesses that Obama has "visited" or "endorsed", all have collapsed! It's the kiss of death!


Re: "It's the kiss of death!"

Good point. Worse than being on the cover of SI. :)

looking around

I know of several company's here in Ohio that were visited by Obama on the campaign trail, all seem to be still up and running? Perhaps you may enlighten us by naming these company's you speak of.


Re: "several company's here in Ohio that were visited by Obama,"

Has he been back to OH since 2012?

He got the useful idiots to vote him in again - he's done coming here.

Darwin's choice

Ok..this was just this week...

How much bandwidth do you want me to use up??



I speak for the 90% of Americans who aren't extreme rightwing nuts. When I hear silly comments like "Obamacare is racist", I just shake my head.

The reality is that Obamacare isn't anywhere close to being fully implemented yet, so to say it's a failure is just silly. The Right said the exact same things about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the GI Bill - and they fought the enactment of all four issues vehemently.

We on the Left know 2 things: universal health care is the right thing to do, assuming we care about all Americans, and that it will work, given time and proper funding.

Darwin's choice

Hahahahahahahahaha!!! You are backing the wrong horse Coasterfan.....


The horse's azz speaks.

Darwin's choice

Finally get out from under Big Dogs tail?


Never was there , Dawrin's bidet.

Darwin's choice

..When you've got nothing, defer, deflect, deny, lie, or call names..


You are the poster boy for that , boy.


Re: "I speak for the 90% of Americans who aren't extreme rightwing nuts."

Don't the Progressive "nuts" continually remind everyone that we are supposed to be a nation of diversity?

If you want socio-politico-economic lockstep thinking, you were born in the wrong country Comrade.


Re: "universal health care is the right thing to do,"

The first country in history to guarantee health care was the USSR.

It was fraught with waste, fraud, abuse and corruption.

NEVER say: It can't happen here.

H*ll, Medicare ALONE loses approx. $60B annually in waste, fraud and abuse.

Your answer: Hire more highly compensated bureaucrats to oversee the transfer of payments and entitlement programs.

The Progressives stupidly assume that they can construct a kinder-gentler form of authoritarian-totalitarianism.

History says YOU can't.


Who perpetrates the waste, fraud, and abuse? Doctors? Hospitals? Surely not the family getting food stamps!

Darwin's choice

Here's more of your beloved "democrat's" Coasterfan. They're disgusting!!

"During the second portion of a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing about Benghazi Thursday on Capitol Hill, the majority of Democrats on the Committee left the room and refused to listen to the testimony of Patricia Smith and Charles Woods. Ms. Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, an information management officer killed in the 9/11 Benghazi attack. Charles Woods is the father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was also killed."...


They are disgusting. They'd rather run and hide.


My health insurance plan at MY request has a $10,000 deductible. I have been informed by my carrier that at my renewal in February 2014 this will change. Apparently President Obama feels compelled to change MY deductible. My carrier has indicated that this deductible is above the limits that will be allowed by law. So, my deductible will be lowered and wella my premiums go up!! Like Pelosi said, just vote yes for this now and we will figure it out later. Only a democrap has that mentality.





He has little "skin in the game."

He "claims" he is a retired teacher with a spouse who's currently employed as a teacher.

If true, his spouse's and his health care (and retirement) benefits are constitutionally GUARANTEED by OH taxpayers.

Plus, they get Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) in BOTH their health care and retirement benefits.

He complains about corporate greed, yet his pension plan (STRS) invests with hedge funds, private equity, Fortune 500 and foreign companies in order to help provide him his monthly retirement check.

In his mind: Do as I say, not as I do, i.e. an elitist hypocrite.


Coasterfan accuses conservatives of having no compassion. In reality, HE'S the one with none! How else can he explain promoting a program that will cause more job loss, higher prices, and pull more people DOWN from the middle class rather than anybody up from a lower income level?

These predictions aren't mine (though I agree with them). They're coming from experts, INCLUDING Coasterfan's liberal Democrat "buddies." Unfortunately, Obama tends not to be inclined to listen to experts on ANYthing. The smartest man in the world — who's managed to completely mess up foreign policy and alienate our allies, who's managed to block real job makers and energy independence (Keystone Pipeline, anyone?), who's all but economically illiterate and who has ZERO experience in running any kind of a business, and who claims to have been a Consitutional law professor yet routinely ignores and disobeys the Constitution — already knows it all and it's the entire country that will end up paying (and paying BIG) for his many mistakes. That does, by the way, include YOU, Coasterfan.

I'd take some comfort in that if it weren't for the fact that we're ALL going to suffer, even those of us who have long known that the smartest man in the world usually isn't even the smartest man in the room!


You are wasting your time coaster. The usual suspects don't want people to have health insurance because they won't have as much to rant about people going to the ER. Pooh's answer is HSA and high deductible insurance. If you can afford to set the money aside....that can never be used for anything but healthcare expenses... why not just buy health insurance? The problem with HSAs is that if you happen to need that money...your money... you can't use it for anything but healthcare when you may need it for other emergencies. Give the law a chance. Stop believing these rightwing websites that can print anything. Funny how they hate unions but use them in their argument. These companies blaming Obamacare are just using it as a reason to keep their profits up. You are right about the yacht thing too. Funny how the people in support of these antics don't own a yacht at all!


Re: "you can't use it for anything but healthcare when you may need it for other emergencies."

Wrong brain stem.

Prior to age 65, the amount withdrawn for non-medical expenses could potentially be subject to taxes and penalties.

Afterwards, if desired the HSA can be rolled over into a IRA when one becomes eligible for Medicare.

The ONLY lonely thought in Bambie's vacuous mind: Just believe in Obama.


Maybe yours works that way but not the ones I have been offered. What is the tax and penalty for using your own money? So you can put "your" money in an IRA but can't touch it until you are how old? You really don't need it if you qualify for Medicare now do you? I choose to believe in Obama instead of you. Nothing personal just the way it is! Those high deductible policies are worthless. I've had two different HSAs and the money could only be used for healthcare expenses.


deerpooh..after Jan 1, 2014 Pres. Obama's "fantastic" healthcare plan will be capping those policies with a $5,000 ded, I believe. So, the day of a person electing to have a high deductible is over. What then happens is that you get a lower deductible but a higher premium. Thanks Pres. Obama for making that decision for me!


Makes sense to me. If the first 5k is on you anyway why buy a policy with a higher deductible? Do you think the average person spends 5k per year on healthcare. Also under Obama's "fantastic" healthcare law if the insurance company does not use a certain percentage of your premiums for your healthcare they have to refund you.


Re: "So you can put "your" money in an IRA but can't touch it until you are how old?"

Gawd are you financially ignorant!

The IRS determines the rules and regs of HSAs brain pan, NOT your employer.

The same goes for IRAs too Bambie:

One can make withdraws from an IRA at any time, but there are potential taxes and penalties.

I've had an HSA for almost a decade.

I've invested the money and am up 22% for the yr.

Thank you Fed Chairman Bernanke!


You are suggesting I am benefiting by being forced to roll "my" money into an IRA at 65 yrs. old. Then if I need it I have to give a large chunk of it to the government. "Gawd are you financially ignorant!"


Re: "Then if I need it I have to give a large chunk of it to the government."

You deducted it off your taxes dumb*ss. You don't think that you should pay taxes on it if you pull it out early?

And yes, you are (bleeping) financially ignorant!

Darwin's choice

And another cheerleader is about this, Rah Rah ?

Home depot cutting employees healthcare due to Obamacare

Working out pretty good huh?

Nice work.

Let's see. That's Home Depot, IBM, Trader Jo's, Walgreens, and I'm sure a whole bunch of other companies that we don't know about.

THere's a couple hundred thousand just in that list above.

I'm sure the number is well over a million now.


Darwin don't forget about UPS dropping spouses from their employee plans.


Is that Obama's fault?


“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” – Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864 (Letter to Col. William F. Elkins)


Re: "all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

On full display the other day when the Federal Reserve decided to continue QE.

The Federal Reserve is helping the wealthy that own investible assets get richer while giving the bill to the taxpayer.



Well said.



Why are healthcare costs coming down this yr.?

Lousy economy.

"The four-year slowdown in U.S. health-care spending will end next year, and there is no sign the Affordable Care Act will significantly curb the acceleration in costs, government actuaries said in a report. "


How can anyone say that the Affordable Health Care Plan is a failure when it doesn't go into effect until 2014. The parts that have gone into effect have been successful. Ask any young person who now has coverage on their families plan, or ask someone who now has no lifetime limit on their coverage. If I have to pay a little more so that someone else can be covered that's ok with me.

AJ Oliver

It is absolutely unprecented for the House of Reps to hold the government hostage to meet their demands that existing law be over-turned. Never, ever happened before. Why didn't Tip O'Neil do it to Reagan? It's because the game has NEVER been played this way before. If the GOP gets away with it, it will open up a whole new era of chaos and instability in Washington. Next, they will undoubtedly demand the end of Social Security, Medicare, the VA system, child labor laws, environmental regs, and God knows what else.


The Republicans are destroying America in their grab for power.

Darwin's choice

LOL !!!! Stop drinking from the urinal!!


The Republicans are destroying America in their grab for power.


They don't care about America. They only care about themselves!



The Big Dog's back

The ACA was overwhelmingly supported by the majority of Americans back in November of 2012.

Darwin's choice

Not by me! "We have to pass it to know whats in it..." You moron's bought into it hook, line and sheeple!


Please explain how the ACA has negatively affected you!


No, in fact, it wasn't. You're right that a MAJORITY supported it, but it was something like 51% to 49%. Now? NOW there's an overwhelming majority, and guess what? It ain't on the support side of the ACA! Apparently now that people took Nancy Pelosi's advice and are finding out what's actually in it, it doesn't look so good. Surprise, surprise.

The Big Dog's back

The ACA was overwhelmingly supported by the majority of Americans back in November of 2012.

Darwin's choice

"The ACA was overwhelmingly supported by the sheeple of America in 2012."

Fixed it for you....


Re: "November of 2012"

And Mohamed Morsi was popularly elected also.


Please explain how the ACA has negatively affected you!


Re: " how the ACA has negatively affected you!"

Premiums DOUBLED on our dental insurance in order to help the co. fund for the 26 yr. old parent's coverage requirement.

We dropped it and then had some expensive dental claims.


ACA only requires health insurance to cover up to age 26, not dental. If your dental insurance is doing that, it is by their choice. So you can blame your insurance carrier.


Re: "So you can blame your insurance carrier."

It's a self-funded trust.

The Big Dog's back

Put some more money in pooh. Once again, off topic.


Re: "Put some more money,"

It's a COMPANY self-funded health care trust, jamoke.

Follow the thread dunce; just answering Bambie's question:

"Please explain how the ACA has negatively affected you!"


So then how can you blame Obamacare for your self-funded trust for dental benefits doing something that is not mandated under ACA?

Darwin's choice

House defunds Obamacare......!!!

Now Obama will say "the republicans shut down the government because they didn't do what I wanted.

Wait for it.......

Darwin's choice

This is hysterical!!!!! And fitting!!!!



I was torn when the ACA was passed. On the one hand it was great to finally have the federal government pass legislation that would provide healthcare for all Americans, but on the other I thought the insurance companies once again won out and would find enough loopholes to increase rates.

I would agree with the GOP wanting to defund Obamacare *IF* they had an alternative plan to offer. But they don't. And they aren't offering one. They're only continuing to point out all the supposed flaws in the ACA. At work I've had employees in the past who thought they were doing a great job when they brought problems to my attention, but after each one would point out a problem, my first response was always the same, "What is your proposed solution to address/correct it? If you bring a problem to my attention, you almost must bring potential solutions. And telling me I need to fix whatever problem you've highlighted is not a potential solution." And that's what I would like to see from the GOP. Proposed solutions/alternatives to Obamacare that helps insure coverage for all Americans.


Re: "Proposed solutions/alternatives to Obamacare that helps insure coverage for all Americans."

NUMEROUS alternatives have been proposed, i.e., creating a funded pool for the uninsured, allowing insurers to sell healthcare plans across state lines, et. al.

But the command-and-control socialists are so hell bent on their road to the nationalization of healthcare that they won't listen to any free market ideas.

Instead of focusing on the problem of getting the uninsured healthcare, (isn't that what Medicaid is for?), the socialists instead upend the entire system causing socio-economic chaos.

Why are the unions now against it if it's so great?

Remember: Coverage does not equal care.

In business, there are three factors:

Quality &

Pick two, because it's economically impossible to have all three. Supthin's gotta give.


Obama stated that Obamacare would not add 1 single dime to the deficit however I see that many persons will have their premiums subsidized to allow them to pay lower premiums. Who is going to pay the subsidy so that it will not increase the deficit????????????


Re: "Who is going to pay the subsidy so that it will not increase the deficit?"

The Federal Reserve already has almost $4T on their balance sheet due in part from buying U.S. Treasuries.

What possible harm can there be in buying a few trillion more?

I mean, h*ll, the Fed can just "print" money outa thin air and give it to the govt through their primary dealers like Goldman Sachs.

List of primary dealers:

Warren Buffett: “The Fed is the greatest hedge fund in history,”

Hedge funds never go bust do they? :)


Those on SSI, give it up to avoid this dilemma. okej

Dr. Information

Im sure the people on SSI would rather have all that they have paid in back in one lump sum. SSI will face major issues in 15-20 years when the money starts reaching the bottom of the bucket.

I know, I know, Im old and 15-20 years is so far away and will never get here but believe me it will be here before we all know it. It will be the big issue during that election time.


As I shared previously, even though I'm for a National Healthcare system, I didn't like the tenets of Obamacare. Even though I figured whatever system our government approved would still be a money-maker for the insurance companies, not implementing a single-payer system I thought would really tip the scales towards the providers still being able to rake in the profits. And evidenced by people writing about the notices they received from their insurance providers detailing the changes for each provider to comply with the ACA, it unfortunately looks like my fears have been realized:

"With ACA, the new plan increases my wife and my total monthly premium from $494 to $965, our co-pay increases from 30% to 50%, and our previous 4 Dr visits/year at $35 each are eliminated along with several other no-deductible benefits."

"My new Regency policy premium increased by 80%, the lowest deductible offered is $5000, the coverage paid by Regency for using preferred providers is reduced from 70% to 50%, and my co-pay visit cost increased from $35 to $60."

"Summary of the new coverage for my wife and I as a result of the ACA: We do not save money; our current doctor is not in the new network; we get pregnancy care, mental health, alcohol and drug dependency treatment, none of which we need or want; and we aren't eligible for the subsidized plans as our combined income is just over the limit."

"We just got a letter from our insurance company specifying the changes necessary for my carrier to comply with the ACA: our total family premium has doubled, our annual out-of-pocket maximums have dramatically increased, and a few in our family may have to change primary care physicians."

I can understand the GOP wanting to defund the ACA, but what happens if hell froze over and they were able to make it happen? How would the insurance companies unravel everything put in place to comply with the ACA? Would they simply continue with current rates? I don't know that it's that simple to hit the "Undo" command.


You are now having to live with the consequences of the election in 2008, when democrats got a supermajority in the senate, a majority in the house, and the president. There was no need for them to compromise with anyone, not one vote from a repube was had for obamacare to pass. It is what happens when there is one party rule.Last time it was this way was under Carter.

As to how to fix it? The public got rid of Carter after one term, they weren't as smart this time around. Remember this when voting the next time around. One party rule sucks.

The insurance companies would be able to make the switch in a couple of weeks. They have the incentive to do so. But first obamacare would have to be defunded or voted out.


We are all having to live with the consequences of the 2008 election. I voted for Obama in '04 and in '08 voted for a Republican by the name of Ron Paul by writing in his name.

The insurance companies have planned for having to implement the ACA, and I would guess have spent probably millions in getting ready. I really wonder what their incentive would be to make the switch given what they've already invested. Maybe I'm being too dense here, but seriously, I see a disincentive to not implementing the ACA as I expect insurers to figure out a way to recover costs spent getting ready to be compliant with the ACA.


Re: "Ron Paul,"

How can you reconcile voting for Dr. Paul and being a proponent of so☭ialized medicine?

In presidential elections, I've voted Libertarian since '92.

BTW: Many large insurers are opting out of the health care exchanges.



Guess I'm just an odd Duck. I liked a lot of what Ron Paul stood for but still wanted to see implementation of a National Health Care System. Ever titling at windmills, I was hoping both parties would get it right, or at least close. Stupid me.


Re: "I'm for a National Healthcare system,"

It'll create the largest employer in the world with a huge unwieldy bureaucracy.

Rather than force a one size fits all monstrosity on 314 million diverse Americans, allow those of us who wish to find other more free market means to OPT OUT.


Provide for opt out? I could not agree more. But even *IF* this provision was provided, I still think the insurance companies would've decided to increase rates anyway to hedge their risks, to the point where "Opt Out" wouldn't matter to them in terms of their soaking insurers anyway.


Re: "their soaking insurers anyway."

Did you mean to write "insureds"?

It's not a matter of "soaking."

Competition leads to pricing differences; see the auto, life and property insurance markets. There are numerous insurers with wide differences in coverage and benefits.

Regardless of what the politicians may think, market forces not politics ultimately control insurance rates.

H*ll, give my spouse and I back what we paid into SS (without interest) and I'd be happy.

On a gross basis, my personally directed investment portfolio is yielding 8% YTD. I can do better than the govt.


I did mean to write "insureds". Thank you for the correction.

Tis true that competition does lead to pricing differences. Tough part is the unpleasant surprise folks are getting today in terms of how their plans are going to dramatically change in terms of much higher costs with reduced benefits should the ACA indeed go live next year.

I, too would love to get back what the missus and I paid into SS, and yes, I'd even settle for just what I contributed. Problem is what the 4 of us have paid has either already been spent or earmarked to pay other debt our government continues to run up.

It's so frustrating to read the current administration putting on the happy face by loudly proclaiming how deficit spending continues to decrease while conveniently leaving out the fact our federal debt continues to climb like kudzu.


Competition often does not lead to pricing differences. Many companies are in cahoots to keep all prices similar (i.e. the baby formula scandal of past that got little press). If competition leads to such drastic price differences and reduces costs, why doesn't that work for gasoline? All stations in a given area usually charge about the same, give or take a penny or two.


Re: "Competition often does not lead to pricing differences."

So all auto, life and property insurance cos. charge the same premiums?

You do know that gas station make about 3¢/gal. don't you?

Stations make their money on pop, cigs, lottery tickets, et. al.


"'Family glitch' in health law could be painful".."WASHINGTON — A so-called "family glitch" in the 2010 health care law threatens to cost some families thousands of dollars in health insurance costs and leave up to 500,000 children without coverage, insurance and health care analysts say.."....(usatoday 9-23-2013)..

Well what did they expect using the democrap theory of "passing it now and reading it later". My hope is that this burns all of the democraps that need this coverage and then we can listen to them whine about how they are getting screwed!


Nancy Pelosi, 3/9/10:

"But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,"

It's starting to look more like:

We'll have to puke, plus have a case of the sh*ts to find out what we ate.

Dr. Information

I have an easy fix. How about EVERYONE in America has to pay taxes. No more returns in April, no more write offs. Everyone pays no matter what you make and you get nothing back in the form of a check. Tax everyone at exceptions.


"ObamaCare Mandate: 301 Employers Cut Hours, Jobs":

"More than 300 employers have cut work hours or jobs, or otherwise shifted away from full-time staff, to limit liability under ObamaCare, according to a newly updated IBD analysis."


What is really sad is the fact that so many people can't understand the costs related to O'Bama Care. The Middle Class (What's left of us) are going to really suffer. The only way out that I can see is to sell everything I own and go to cash. So many things people are over-looking that I have read in the bill. This is going to cause a major revolt the likes government knows is coming. Just ask yourself why they are so intent on getting everyones weapons. Call me a radical now but by March of 2015 or 2016 when you really start bleeding You'll realize the truth of what it is really costing and 75% of Americans won't be able to afford anything, much less Health Care.

Dr. Information

EZOB-You sir are correct. It will really hurt folks like me and you in the middle class. Major overhauls always do. What I don't understand is how the left just doesn't get it. Not every company cutting hours preparing for Obamacare is greedy. Fact is the majority are doing so to stay out of the red. If you cannot stay out of the red, your business goes under which leads to more unemployment, welfare, etc.

Take my friend (real life scenario) who runs a small company of 55 workers. Their team has went through all the pages of Obamacare and realized that it will cost their small company nearly 10 million dollars more over the next 8-10 years. Their profit margin each year is roughly 750K-1.5million depending on the year they have sales wise. His response was that with Obamacare, we cannot grow or hire anyone new if we become busier because we will no longer have the nest egg of cash to do so. They called everyone in and told them that they will no longer be offering insurance, gave them all a detailed sheet of why, informed them they would compensate their hourly rate they best that they could and that they planned on just paying the yearly penalty which will save them a ton of money.

Now some call this greed but its not. Its called business and trying to stay afloat.


Dr. Information,
The SR is really, really lacking news output on this story. You'd have thought by now some "Local" reporter would have done the research and provided "SR Readers" with a fact filled story on how and when these costs go into effect. I know many don't believe you and Me but I have been in meetings in Washington D.C. and have personally read many things that are in the Bill and the page numbers. I'd like for everyone to stop and use "Common Sense", here goes! When anyone tells You that you are about to receive anything for "FREE" you best beware. There isn't a better example that I can give than the "O'Bama Health Care Bill".