Ohioans eligible to enroll in Obamacare Oct. 1

Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans will become eligible on Oct. 1 to sign up for health insurance heavily subsidized by the federal government.
Tom Jackson
Sep 19, 2013


They’ll be joined by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, who also plans to use the new health insurance marketplace to buy health insurance.

In a phone conference with reporters, Brown said when he entered Congress 20 years ago — he began with the House before moving over to the Senate — he promised he would not accept Congressional health coverage until everyone else in America had access to health insurance.

Now that a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care, is going into effect, Brown said he will use the health insurance marketplace to buy his own health insurance.

Enrollment starts Oct. 1 for coverage in a private health insurance policy in effect Jan. 1.

Brown apparently won’t qualify for a subsidy and will have to pay the full premium for the coverage, but many other Ohioans can get help.

Ron Pollack, president of Families USA, a group that lobbies for health care coverage, told reporters that people living alone who earn less than $46,000, and families of three below $78,000, will be among those who qualify for help.

“Those people who need the most help will get the most help,” Pollack said.

For example, he said, a family of three with an income of $29,000 will get a subsidy of almost $7,300, covering most of the cost of a $8,250 premium.

Although the “carrot” to buy health insurance starts soon, the stick is also due to arrive. Beginning in 2014, anyone who can afford health insurance but doesn’t buy it by the end of March 2014 will pay a federal income tax penalty. The penalty is small in 2014, but will continue to rise, Pollard said.

Facts about Obama Care provisions going into effect soon:

• People who need information about buying health insurance can go to healthcare.gov or call 1-800-318-2596.

• An estimated 916,000 Ohioans will qualify for subsidies to help them buy health insurance. q Enrollment starts Oct. 1, but coverage goes into effect Jan. 1.

• The federal government will operate the health care marketplace for Ohio because Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio Legislature declined to operate a state marketplace.

• Starting Jan. 1, Ohioans with existing serious health conditions can no longer be denied coverage or charged more for coverage. This provision is expected to help more than 5 million Ohioans.

• Grants have been awarded to Ohio organizations that will supply “navigators,” people who will provide counseling on choosing a health insurance program. The Ohio Association of Foodbanks will provide navigators and hold a series of enrollment events across the state, said Joree Jacobs, a spokeswoman for the group. She said people should go to healthcare. gov first, then call the association for help at 1-800-648-1176.



Like the 401(k) (defined contribution) pension plans that preceded the demise of the defined benefit pension in the private sector; health care exchanges may proceed the death of employer provided health care plans.

Your employer may just give you a check and let you buy your own.

"Walgreens moves workers to private health-care exchange"



It's better than cutting people's hours plus Walgreens probably is not affected due to the number of employees they have! Let me explain for pooh. It is better to tell your employees to get the health exchange coverage than to cut their hours! It's cheaper!


Re: "It's better than cutting people's hours,"

Did you ACTUALLY read the article?


Did YOU ACTUALLY read and comprehend the article!???????? This one, you know the one you are commenting on!


Re: "This one,"

You mean the by-line which states: "heavily subsidized"?

Good luck with YET ANOTHER tax, borrow and spend Ponzi scheme Bambie.


Did you read the part about cutting hours? You had no problem when Wall St. got subsidized! What's the problem pooh?


Re: "You had no problem when Wall St. got subsidized"

The Dems passed TARP and Stimulus with few Repub votes Bambie.

Seems like the rich are getting richer goin' on 5 yrs. of Mr. Obama.

And he had NOTHING to do with it. LMFAO!!!


Did you have a problem with it? YES or NO! Circle one! lol...


Re: "Did you,"

I wrote EARLY & OFTEN I was against it.

And did you read in the WP article where it said:

"...there is a risk that employees will choose plans that are inexpensive yet provide inadequate coverage."

Be forewarned: Employers will be dumping their employees on the exchanges.

The Big Dog's back

pooh likes to comment 1st so he can go off topic.


Re: "likes to comment,"

You're off topic putz.


Winnie's favorite words "Ponzi scheme". Say it somemore.........


Re: Say it somemore........."

I could use the term pyramid scheme, but ignoramuses like you would think that it has something to do with ancient Egypt.

And yes, Obama☭are is yet ANOTHER pyramid scheme in the same vein as SS, Medicare and other entitlement programs.

Prove me wrong putz.


Re: "It is better to tell your employees to get the health exchange coverage,"

Yea, working at Walgreens is such a GREAT paying job!

AGAIN, read the WP article Bozo.

401(k)s have not been good for most employees because they are financially ignorant and don't know squat about investing.

Likewise, these HC exchanges are about education and most employees are again ignorant and will make poor choices - see the article Dunce.

All the slow witted like you have to remember is: Trust Obama. :)

sandtown born a...

Let the Obama bashing begin!


My husband has insurance through his job that his employer wants to drop and may have legal recourse to do. She stopped paying for the family plan years ago and said we could purchase our own but at $400 a month it wasn't something we could afford. I don't know if there will be an option for me or not or if I can afford it but I am certainly going to check into it. If I only get penalized 1% of my income for not having though, that won't be that much!


That's only the penalty for the first year. They go up — dramatically — with each passing year. In the end, you can't afford the monthly insurance premium. You can't afford the fines. The IRS can attach your bank account since it's enforcing Obamacare (and don't think it won't) so you won't be able to afford other things, either. And then? Then the powers that be in Washington will nod sagely and give us the single payer plan that doesn't work well anywhere, which costs taxpayers a bloody fortune, which further erodes the quality of healthcare, which ALWAYS results in rationing, and somehow we're all supposed to pretend that's a good thing.

Sorry. I'm not criticizing you in any way. I'm venting because I'm in the same boat!


Smokers got it. Next the fatties. Told ya.


This is a good law and will benefit millions of Americans.


Re: "This is a good law,"

Undoubtedly why the liberal members of the Political Ruling Class had to shove it down the throats of the American people with fancy legislative footwork.




C O N T A N G O O O O O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





The Bizness

If wanting everyone to have access to medicine and not having to file for bankruptcy after receiving it is Soviet Russian thinking then I guess I am a Soviet.

I really wish you would have discussions on here rather than call people names all the time. By the way, I wish some liberal commentators on here would stay away from the name calling as well.

Let's just discuss the topic and maybe come to some middle ground.


Re: "Soviet Russian thinking,"

The Soviet constitution GUARANTEED health coverage. It was rife with waste, fraud, abuse and corruption.

Where's it at now???

What's wrong with a free market approach?

The dumbed-down solution always is: Let Govt. do it.

The Bizness

Whats wrong with the free market approach?

1. Insurers are out to make money

2. Hospitals are out to make money

3. Pharmaceuticals are out to make money

Health care should not be a business to make money. Yes doctors should get paid and drugs should be given (As a last resort) but they should not function the same as a steel mill or multinational.

The doctors that actually care about your health are the ones that do not like the free market approach.


Re: "Health care should not be a business to make money,"


Not-for-profit does NOT mean FOR LOSS.

Without a profit, businesses, even NFPs can't expand and grow.

So healthcare workers are going to work for free or minimum wage?

Dr. Ben Carson had some good free market ideas - Health Savings Accounts for EVERYONE, et al.

Besides, approx. 70% of health problems are caused by:

Obesity &
Lack of exercise.

Unless ya get a handle on those, any govt. "solution" is nonsense.

Darwin's choice

"This is a good law and will benefit millions..." How about the failure of Obama to enact "law" to keep this from happening?

From Druckenmiller...

"This is fantastic for every rich person," he said Thursday, a day after the Fed's stunning decision to delay tightening its monetary policy. "This is the biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the rich ever."


Okay, deertracker, if this is such a good law, why is it resulting in so many serious problems even before it's in effect? Why are expert economists, including those with the government, saying it's going to be a fiscal disaster? Why is the law going to result in longer waits and fewer doctors (look no further than California's exchange)?

And if you STILL think it's a good law, explain to me how it's a good thing for people who can't currently afford premiums to pay even HIGHER premiums under Obamacare?


You are in the minoritym that believes this is a good thing. Heck, even the unions are now coming out against it.


IF it is not about $$$$$$ why can't my doctor and I make the decisions about MY health and NOT the insurance company???? Why does the pencil pusher in an office building some who have NO medical training get to make medical decisions about my treatment???? I agree something needs to be done, I am not sure "ObamaCare" is the right move. There are too many problems that are in the fine print that many did not know about.

Darwin's choice

More Obama blunder.....
and this is disgusting...


"trickle down spending hasn't worked for the last five years..."
Obama fail....Obama care is next......


....more Dagwood blunder................

Darwin's choice

It must be tough when you don't comprehend.....!

From the democrat playbook...... 4. when you don't comprehend, call them names.


typical deer response........"Uhhh, I have no clue how to respond to this"......"Time to throw out an insult followed by an off topic statement in an attempt to get this person off topic".

Your playbook is that of a 5th grade flag football team deer.


@ Dc:

Good stuff.

I watched Mr. Druckenmiller on Squawk Box this morning.

In this video (starts around the 3:30 mark), he said that a 65 yr. old will take out about $327K MORE from Soc. Security than what he put in, whereas an unborn will LOSE $400K.


Legal cross generational theft sanctioned by the liberal wing of the Political Ruling Class.

What a great transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich!

ObamaCare: Just another Ponzi scheme ripe for waste, fraud and abuse.

The Bizness

Well my generation will be left to clean up the mess your greedy generation has created.


Re: "Well my generation,"

1. Don't point fingers if you have been stupid enough to vote for Obama and other Progressives.

2. Who started SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Obama☭are and most other federal entitlement and transfer of payments programs?

It SURE wasn't my political persuasion.

The Bizness

I think President Obama has tried to be a very moderate leader. The Affordable Care Act could work if both parties worked together to fix the problem areas.

And I will blame you, you voted for men that have done nothing but dig our country into a deeper hole where all a organization wants to do is make as big a profit as they can rather than respect the environment, or their workers.


Re: "The Affordable Care Act could work if both parties worked together to fix the problem areas."

"Problem areas"? - The whole thing is a bureaucratic legislative nightmare!

So more taxes, borrowing, printing and spending would help make this legislative abortion perfect?

Whatever shred of financial and fiscal credibility I ever extended you is GONE.

Well, blame whomever you want if it helps make you feel better.

Your generation is financially screwed. I didn't set the ball in motion, the party you vote for did.

Good thing that Mr. Bernanke is keeping the printing presses operating so I can help support my child and others of my family.

And WHY is the Fed Resv. continuing QE? 'Cause the economy stinks.

The Big Dog's back

pooh listens to the WSJ, Business Insider, CNBC and the rest of the financial "wizards" who brought this country to it's knees in 2008.


" WSJ, Business Insider, CNBC and the rest of the financial "wizards" who brought this country to it's knees in 2008."

Wish you would settle on who brought the country to its knees. Do you change your tune depending on the day of the week? first it was Reagan, then Bush, now you claim financial "wizards". It is pretty obvious to those who have read what you spew that you have no clue what caused the economic fall, since you rotate between those I listed and probably a few I don't recall you whining about, that would be the banksters and the 1%. Probably a few more if I bothered to try to remember what dribbles out of your mouth.

The Big Dog's back

I'd explain it to you pooh, but obviously it's way, way over your head.


Re: "I'd explain it,"

Not-to-worry schmuck, the ONLY thought that you need is: Trust Obama.

Enjoy trying to survive off the crumbs that the Political Ruling Class 'might' throw your way in your old age.

"God bless the child that's got his own" - Billie Holiday


ladydye_5. I hate to say it to you, But I bet I spend less a year on health care than most. I see the doctor when I want, I get in within 24 hours of calling, I make my own choices with the doctor. It is called an HSA. Over time it has accumulated. Rather than putting 200 or 300 or 400 a month into insurance, I put it in savings.


Re: "HSA"

Along with a high deductible plan - it works for me.


Contango Exactly.
The problem Heath care faces is too many people have a sense of entitlement. We owe them for there lack of self-respect.


The new America....I want something and want to give nothing.


Since the Gov.declined, I'd like to have the same health care he has.


Get a state job.

Darwin's choice

1000 straight days of gasoline prices ABOVE $3.00 per gallon!!!

Democrat proud!!

Obama fail.

2cents's picture


From a youth view, where does it state in the constitution that the president has the power to shove his agenda down the citizens throat?


Yo know its a big F up when even the Dems have made it so they don't have to follow the rules they put in place for the rest of America.

Big F up obamacare is. Watch the madness unfold, because it will


New York Times-If you work for Walgreens, you may want to start looking for a new job.

Walgreens announced it will be laying off 160,000 employees because of Obamacare. The largest drugstore chain in the U.S. cannot afford to cover employees’ coverage under the new Obamacare exchanges.

Walgreens decided these layoffs were necessary to buffer the company from the rising healthcare costs, which will double over the next 25 years.


You think we are in a recession now, just wait until Obama Care comes on board and wrecks the entire economy or what is left of it. I pity the next president to come after Obama. The person will have a mess on their hands to try to straighten out. It will take years to build our nation back up from all the blunders this president has muddled through.


"Doctors Brace for Health Law’s Surge of Ailing Patients":

"In effect, the 2010 health law’s biggest promise becomes its most formidable challenge: unprecedented access to care for a needy population when the nation is already grappling with overtaxed emergency rooms and a shortage of physicians."

Quality &

Pick two, 'cause only that 'economic genius' Barack Obama says that you can have all three for less money.



Key words "HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT"......aka.......TAXES collected to pay for this mess. So misleading.


When the nightmare of Obama☭are becomes a reality and millions of Americans are have difficulty understanding their coverage, plus millions of hard working citizens who do not warrant federal subsidies see their premiums increase exponentially, voters will know who to blame in the 2014 mid-term elections.

It'll be a bloodbath for the Dems!

Dr. Information

Agree with the subsidized comment. People think this thing is paid for by itself when it clearly is not and its not even close. More tax dollars put to use on something that causing many companies across this nation to cut hours and coverage because they simply cannot afford it to keep out of the red.

How do anyone of you know this is a good law when it hasn't even went into affect yet? How do you know that out of the estimated 30 million people that are not covered that all 30 million will go out and get medical insurance? How are those that cannot afford medical insurance suppose to get medical insurance even through Obamacare? If one is living paycheck to paycheck (majority of the 30 million uninsured), how are they suppose to buy medical insurance even if its as cheap as 50-75 bucks a month?

3 key points to why this thing will be nightmare: 1. Biggest point: Washington, Democrats included have made it so they themselves do not have to follow what they passed. 2. The national reaction to Obamacare: Companies large and small are preparing for the crunch and cutting hours and employees and coverage. 3. Unions reaction: It took some time, but the biggest Democratic supporters are even at odds with Obamacare. Simply put, they hate it.