Joy ride ends with charges

Man, 18, leads police on high-speed chase in stolen vehicle.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 19, 2013


An 18-year-old Fremont man told authorities he was joyriding in a stolen car Wednesday morning when he led officers on a highspeed chase through two cities, according to a police report.

Carl Click, 18, of the 2600 block of Port Clinton Road, remains in the Sandusky County jail on $50,000 bond on charges of grand theft, fleeing police, breaking and entering and operating a vehicle under the influence.

Click led Fremont police on a vehicle pursuit that topped speeds of 100 mph, ending only when a tire blew out on the SUV, the report said.

Fremont police Capt. Tim Woolf was in his cruiser when he first spotted the 2006 GMC Envoy on Hayes Avenue at about 3:15 a.m., driving at about 85 mph as it passed Granville Boulevard. Woolf set out to pursue the vehicle on Washington Street, but the vehicle pulled away at high speeds, the report said.

When Woolf finally caught up to the SUV and activated his overhead lights and sirens, the SUV kept going, pulling away and weaving through the city, the report said.

Two other cruisers then took over the pursuit, following the SUV east on State Street as it blew through at least two red lights and hit speeds of more than 100 mph heading into Clyde, the report said.

Fremont police asked Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers to set out spikes to pop the SUV’s tires, but the vehicle tore past troopers before they could place the spikes on the road. The SUV finally stopped on Main Street in Clyde, where one of its tires blew out.

Click then ditched the vehicle and tried to flee on foot, but he was quickly taken into custody, the report said.

Officers called the SUV’s owner, who said the vehicle was stolen. It had been parked in an unlocked garage with the keys inside.

For his part, a glassy-eyed Click told police he’d been drinking, the report said. A breathalyzer test registered his blood-alcohol content at 0.09 percent, just above the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Click told officers he was joyriding for the thrill of the chase, although he denied stealing the SUV. He told officers he found the keys on the ground next to the SUV, which was parked in the street.

The pursuit lasted about seven minutes, according to the report.





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This a day after the horrible life ending crash in Bellevue? Just for the "thrill of the chase"? Did he even think for a second he could have killed someone? Took someone's mother from them? Killed a child? A father? No...that is the problem, too many DO NOT THINK. Do not care. Only in it for themselves. All about me mentality.

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You know, if these idiots only killed themselves, I wouldn't really care. In fact, I'd appreciate the savings of taxpayer dollars! But they usually injure or kill innocents while they're taking their little "joy rides." A little over the speed limit? Okay, give him a ticket and send him on his way. 100 mph? In town? That needs to be a prison sentence, and a stiff one! Let's see how he enjoys "joy rides" in jail, shall we?


Come on. He looks like a fine upstanding citizen. NOT!

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Simple Enough II

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