Jason's Mailbag: What are the rules on ethanol gas in Ohio?

Q: Hey Jason, I'm concerned about the amount of ethanol in the gas I buy. Do the stations have to post the percentages? Is it state law? Thanks. - Mike at O.V.H.
Jason Singer
Feb 23, 2011


Q: Hey Jason, I'm concerned about the amount of ethanol in the gas I buy. I have an older boat that it does damage to. Also I get less mileage with my truck. Do the stations have to post the percentages? Is it state law? Thank you. — Mike at O.V.H.

A: Ohio is one of 12 states that does not require gas stations to post how much ethanol is in their gasoline. In fact, Ohio gas stations don't have to tell you whether or not their gas contains any ethanol at all.

You can find the exact law in Ohio Revised Code 1345.021:

"A retail dealer shall not be required to disclose the fact that gasoline contains ethanol and shall not be required to disclose the percentage of ethanol in the gasoline by any law, rule, resolution, or ordinance of any agency or department of the state or any political subdivision of the state."

Unfortunately, there aren't any local gas stations that sell ethanol-free gas if you have old boats or cars that don't handle ethanol well. According to pure-gas.org, the closest ethanol-free gas station is in Eastlake or Ravenna.

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He is right,  Ohio does not regulate fuel., we are concidered the dumping grounds for bad fuel from surrounding state that regulate theres,


Congress wants to mandate that all gasoline increase ethanol content from 10% to 15%.  Of course they just extended the ethanol subsidies as they buy votes of the corn producers.  It will not be surprising if there is a scandal brewing right now conerning engine damage caused by ethanol.  Maybe we should start a movement demanding more accountability from our elected officials regarding fuel standards.  Of course, every available acre in this area is feasting on the subsidy and is planted in corn which will result in a wheat shortage in 2011.  Not good!  The law of unintended consequences is on display in Ohio!



I was concerned as well several years ago when this started. You can find ethanol free gasoline available at Marinas.


http://www.energyfuturecoalition.org/biofuels/fact_ethanol.htm#5  The federal government provides a tax incentive to gasoline blenders (not ethanol producers) to encourage the use of ethanol.

Ethanol is grain alcohol which is moonshine. Grain alcohol can be found in any alcoholic drink, some medicines and in some extracts. Don't drink the ethanol that is meant for gasoline as it have been denatured, can be contaminated when distilled with non-food grade equipment and is a poison for human consumption. There are better ways to use corn than to make it into a fuel. Ethanol distillation is too expensive to use as a fuel.

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