Police: Boy pulls knife on Walmart clerk

Teen charged with robbery, concealed weapon and more.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 19, 2013


A Sandusky boy was arrested early Monday morning for allegedly brandishing a knife at a store clerk after she confronted him over a stolen Coca-Cola.

The boy, a 13-year-old Putnam Street resident, was charged with robbery, receiving stolen property, carrying a concealed weapon and criminal trespassing.

At 1 a.m. Monday, Walmart employees frantically called police regarding a robbery in progress, according to a Perkins police report.

A clerk later told officers she observed the boy—who was recently banned from Walmart property for another incident— walking out the door with an open Coke. She asked if he paid for it, and when the boy said “no,” asked if he wanted to return it or hand over payment. The boy then pulled a knife out of his pocket, unfolded it and turned back toward her, the report said.

The employee backed away, and the boy took off running. When police arrived, they found him hopping a guardrail behind a nearby hotel and ordered him to the ground at gunpoint, as he was still carrying the open blade, the report said.

Officers quickly recognized the child from an Aug. 9 foot pursuit in the same plaza. During that incident, the boy was charged with receiving stolen property, obstruction and disorderly conduct after he allegedly stole a pellet gun and ran from police, according to the report.

Once in custody, the child admitted to stealing the knife and a Nike gift card from Meijer earlier that day. A loss prevention officer with Walmart also identified the soda and a pack of cigars in the boy’s possession as originating from their store, the report said.

The boy was arrested and taken to the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.


Seen it All

To his Parents: Great job raising a little thuglet!

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1 AM

doggie mom

Speaking of parents where were they that this kid is out this late?


Probably with one of the baby daddy's breeding some more little paychecks. That's all these poor kids are to the cities welfare queens. The parent should be thrown in jail right along with the child.


your comment is uncalled for and assumes his parents are on welfare. they could be upstanding citizens in the community. some children are just rotten and although good parenting helps, it isn't always the case. don't assume-you know what that does!


Ignore ignorance!


48 million Americans are on welfare. Trust me, his parents are on welfare.


Wouldn't say it's uncalled for, since clearly his parents are not doing a very good job if they allow their child to stay out all night. At 13, my parents would never have allowed me to go out at 1am. Then again, I had great parents, who worked their hands to the bone for every penny they have, and avoided the temptation of an easier life on welfare, for the stress of working hard for what they need.


Of course, the first thing I thought of was 1am on a school night? Than of course my mind wondered where are the parents or parent? This kid was not just out at 1am, he was out wandering all over Perkins Township all afternoon. He stole from Meijer, earlier that day.

So, then my mind said, Putnam Street is more than 5 miles from Walmart, how does a child get that far from home? The answer is for $1 he jumps on SPARC!

Now do you see why the owners of Sandusky Mall do not want a SPARC stop?!


Future convict no doubt!! Parent can only do so much.. I know I wasnt the greatest growing n I got me a$$ beat.. Im a law abiding citizen now..

Just Because

Future? Sounds like he is already there!

westend resident

Shouldn't he have also been changed with a curfew violation?


Not out here in the township.

sandtown born a...

Its a thug life!!! Why was he free to run no probation/ jail time for previous crimes??? All over a soda? Yeah it was worth it. Maybe they will lock his tail up before he hurts or kills someone as he has shown the violent actions many times now.


Story should read: Punk *itch pulls knife.


The parents in this case happen to be the grandparents who are trying their best to raise this child and 3 siblings. The grandparents do have to sleep sometime. And just like when I was younger and would sneak out,( I never broke the law other than sneaking out to hang with my friends) you wait till the guardian is sound asleep. I too wondered why something more wasnt done the first time this child acted up. It is just like with adults. Unless you injure or kill someone, everything else is just a slap on the wrist. Unfortunately I dont see a very bright future for this child and it breaks my heart. A parent or guardian can only do so much.

doggie mom

He obviously has shown no respect for that situation. Since we are going to continue to pay for him the rest of his life I would rather do it with him behind bars were he can only hut the other stellar individuals of society than be out creating more just like him.

The Answer Person

See? THIS is why we need more guns. That clerk could have protected herself properly and just shot his arse dead. This scumbag lowlife cares nothing for society nor others so he might as well be dead now before he gets older and kills some other person or family. We need more guns that is all!


no, because the clerks at Walmart are under enough stress as it is without having the responsibility of carrying a weapon. also, this kid could be rehabilitated if he spends enough time in juvy for these theft crimes.


In juvie he will learn better tactics!


I doubt he'll get any rehab at the ECJDC. After all, the supervisors at the facility have a tendency to allow the inmates to stay up past curfew (i.e. 2012 Super Bowl party), play video games, and basically do what they want.


Sounds like the brother of the kid that threatened the girl on the bus! Maybe I am assuming too but it's obvious the criminals are getting younger and younger!

looking around

They could hire Zimmerman as a security guard...........


Good one!!!!!!! Why didn't I think of that? LOL!


Why don't we round up the parents (or grandparents as someone above suggested) and throw all three of them in a jail cell together for a couple months (assuming we can find both parents/grandparents) -- with that kind of time, maybe they can hash out a plan to keep this piece of dirt out of trouble. Kids sneaking out of the house to "hang out with friends" is one thing, but sneaking out and robbing Meijer and Wal-Mart with a knife is another -- that points toward a serious lack of discipline, not to mention intelligence.

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Just have him do community service picking up cigarette butts between the white lanes of 250 on a Saturday morning in gray clothes : )

Stop It


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You must be over 50 : )

Stop It

It's that obvious? lol

Stop It



this kids teachers, classmates, siblings, and guardians are probably relieved that he wont be around them for awhile, they can breathe easier for a little while at least.