VIDEO: Welcome home Capt. Kane

In case you missed it earlier this week...Margaretta Elementary student surprised by father's return from Afghanistan deployment.
Angela Wilhelm
Sep 22, 2013


Alex Kane asked his father Nicholas if "all the bad guys were gone" upon Capt. Kane's surprise visit to Margaretta Elementary on Wednesday afternoon. Kane has returned from a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan, his third in five years.

Watch the reunion in the player below



That's awesome!!!!! Welcome home nick!

Darwin's choice

Thank You for your service!!

And, Welcome Home!

tired of stupidy



"Hey son! I'm back from fighting for Israel."

princedenny're a JACKA$$


You are thoughtless...He works for our country doing the most admirable and unselfish job of all. He does not decide what or where the military fights. He does what he is told by the Commander-in-Chief (no matter who that is at the time) no questions asked. Always somebody out there that wants to take a wonderful story and make it negative. Well, Negative Nelly, you only made yourself look very bad.


Glad you made it back home safely Nick. Thank you for your service!!!!


Thank you Capt. Kane welcome back


That was a well deserved and wonderful homecoming for father and son. What a tear-jerking moment. WONDERFUL. Nice work by one and all who cooperated in that moment.

Welcome home, Capt Kane. Thank you for all you have done.

Seen it All

Welcome Home Captain Kane! Thank you for your service!!

Truth or Dare

Now that's the kind of story I would LOVE to see more of. A lot more! Welcome home Capt. Kane, and thank you for your service!


What a great upbeat human interest story! Moved me to tears! Welcome back Capt. Kane and thank-you for serving our country! I hope you get to spend that day at Cedar Point with your son seeing those dinosaurs. You both deserve it!


Military members don't set foreign policy. They go, without question, where they're told they're needed.

Thank you, Captain Kane, for being one of the few brave and upstanding citizens who is willing to risk it all in the defense of the country! More often than not — and whatever you think about the current "wars" — that's precisely what you've shown yourself willing to do! I'm glad you're home safe.


Thank you, sir, for serving our country and protecting our Freedom. May you enjoy the time with your family. God Bless you.