Rappers Drake and The Game to pay for Tiffin funerals

Multiple sources, including TMZ, report donation for six people killed in mobile home fire.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 18, 2013


According to TMZ the donation is part of Drake's Robin Hood Project and each rapper is donating $10,000 for funeral expenses. 

"In addition to their $20K ... the producers of Game'sTV show, "Marrying the Game" also pitched in $2,500." according to the entertainment news website.

Drake announced the gift through Instagram.

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Azure Ray

That's really great!


Thanxs fellas!


Its so great to see people from fame and fortune giving back to the rest of the world and not expecting anything in return!!..Sending much love to The Game and Drake and prayers to the family who have to endure the pain of this tragedy forthe rest of their lives! :(


Apparently they are also giving her enough money to get a car. They don't know her, yet are willing to donate a substantial amount of money. These guys are just amazing, god bless these men


Y'all are winners in my book fellas..... I just got a whole new respect for drake and game.... class all the way on this one. Wish their were more of you two. My heart and prayers are with the victims family..


Impressive and really great!


God bless you! There are many good people in this world! My thoughts and prayers to the family. There will be many hard days ahead for you. May God be with you!


God Bless Drake and The Game. That is phenomenal! I think this helps them keep in mind that they are people too and that this could have very well been them. Glad to know that they have not let Fame go to their head!


Has anyone read her Facebook page? In one post she mentions getting her childrens' 'as#$s' to bed. Her language is deplorable and grammar awful. Is it tragic that her children were killed in a fire? Absolutely, but this lady was no saint and her parenting seems questionable.

doggie mom

Get a load of the world we live in! It is no longer a "Leave it to Beaver" or "June Cleaver" type of women we deal with any longer. Women have demanded equality in all aspects of life and in, some regretably, we should have left to men. However trying to get her childrens "as#$s" to be doesn't seem to make like she is unfit. Why were you stalking this woman's facebook? Are you also a rubber necker at an accident?n I think you ashamed should be just that ashamed of yourself.


Actually, the reason I looked is because I was considering a substantial donation to the family. I don't donate to charities I don't investigate and won't donate to an individual I don't look into either.


nobody is making you donate. pretty pathetic you have to get on here and make a jab. heartless.


So due to the fact she cusses like a sailor and might not have "proper English" you have the right to question her parenting skills? Good thing you have no clue who I am. I am married to a Marine, worked in midnights in a truck stop (while pregnant with my twins) and then my husband worked midnight for the better part of 13 years, deploying numerous times with the Air National Guard. My kids have heard every cuss word KNOWN to man. I have called them Lil *hits, raga'muffins and worse. Yes, raising twins, while my husband was deployed or in bed was nerve rattling. I had my rough days. Some worse than others. My kids also were spoiled rotten and WELL TAKEN care of and KNEW they were loved and the apple of our eye. Every night they were tucked in bed, told they were loved and kissed good night. Never ASSUME someone is a bad parent or lacks parenting skills just from a slip in grammar or for using a word you find offensive. I can make a sailor BLUSH from my vocabulary. But I also have children that KNOW I would fight the devil for them.


Any good parent that cares about their kids has smoke detectors. Can't afford them? The fire department hands them out for free. Good parents know that the best protection for their child is being proactive and taking all reasonable steps to make sure your kids are safe in case something happens. You check the batteries every time you change your clocks. It's common sense.


That I agree with. You were commenting on the fact of her getting her "children's as&*$$ to bed and her use of grammar, not smoke detectors.


Are you now trying to say that there weren't smoke detectors so she wasn't a good parent? You need to read more about this story. Read more locally written stories to where this happened. It was reported that when the doors were busted in, the smoke detectors were heard going off.
From absolutely everything I've read about this woman, she did the best she knew to do for those children. All the neighbors seemed to feel that they were good kids and I haven't seen a single photo of them where they don't look like happy fun loving children. So from what I can tell, those babies have a good mother and she shouldn't be looked down on by anybody. Certainly not right now.


Glad you clarified that. Jumping to conclusions and assuming she was a bad parent for not having working smoke detectors is just shameful. Again thanks for setting the record straight


I think that this is awesome for these folks to come forward and help out the way they are , And All I CAN SAY IS GOD BLESS YOU ALL

The Big Dog's back

Good going fellas.