Alcohol, sleeping pills prove bad mix

Bellevue police charged a man with using a weapon while intoxicated Saturday night after he shot himself in the thumb while cleaning his gun, according to a police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 17, 2013


Daniel Artino, 56, of the 100 block of Sheffield St., suffered an injury to his right hand and a graze on his stomach.

Artino told police he sat down to clean his 9mm Springfield and he didn’t think the gun was loaded, the report said. When he placed a rod down the barrel, however, the weapon discharged.

When police first arrived at the home, Artino was using the shower to clean off his hand. Officer Joshua Pick told him to grab a towel and put pressure on it, and he was soon taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment, the report said.

Artino smelled of alcohol, and he admitted to drinking a few beers and taking a sleeping pill before cleaning the gun, the report said.



He should have his GUNS taken away from him. Anyone with HALF a brain would KNOW better than to try and clean a gun after a "few beers and a sleeping pill". Was he trying to kill himself or someone else? This is a PRIME example of one bad apple ruining the whole basket.


which is also why so many people want gun control-because of idiots like this and some with mental illness that go off and kill a bunch of people for no apparent reason. unfortunately it makes it more difficult for regular, law abiding citizens to get guns.


My Dad started preaching gun safety to me at 10. I remember offering him a can of beer before we cleaned the rifle (at 10 it was real cool to pull the trigger while Dad held it and aimed). That was my first lecture on guns and alcohol. Clean then drink. If drink comes first gun gets put up, and since you never put a dirty firearm away I learned the beer came after. Wish Dad was still here that we could share an afternoon at the range, clean the weapons and sit back and have a cold one. But I'm sure he's smiling everytime he sees me do it right.


What is next?

Are they going to start charging people that accidentally cut themselves making dinner while sipping a glass of wine?

A knife is a dangerous weapon and wine is alcohol.

This was an accident and I don't think he should have been charged.




Glad I don't live by YOU!


I am also glad you don't live by me. I don't feel like moving:)


Rule #1- ALL firearms are ALWAYS loaded.
Whether they are actually loaded or not is another story. It doesn't matter if the thing has not been fired since WWII, if there is a trigger on it, its HOT, no matter what.

Stop It

bull s*&t. I have a revolver and when I flip the thing open I can see daylight through it. Also, with a semi-auto, just take out the magazine and clear the chamber. If it was ALWAYS loaded, it'd never get cleaned.

red white and blue

So since there no such thong as accidental.what went on there report attemted suicide? Wait that's only sandusky county

Señor Clown

This story does not add up, and the 'cleaning it and it went off' story is terribly flawed. For one, I find it very unlikely that anyone would run a brush or patch through a barrel with the action closed. Even if someone were to be so inept at cleaning the bore of a gun as to try and do so with the action locked up and a round chambered, I am not convinced that striking the nose of a chambered round could cause it to fire. It's infinitely more likely that there was finger-to-trigger contact than spontaneously combusting gunpowder with no primer strike. If anything, he should be charged for wreckless discharge of a firearm and obstruction of justice for making up such an obviously bogus story to explain what happened.

Stop It

Totally in agreement, Mr. Clown. Alcohol and guns never mix.