Downtown intersection potential danger zone

Jennifer Jackson frets each time she spots cars approaching the Columbus Avenue and East Market Street intersection.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 17, 2013


“I work at Cabana Jacks, and every day that I work, I watch three to four cars run through the four-way stop as if it doesn’t exist,” Jackson said. “They don’t even attempt to brake.”

The intersection has a four-way stop, featuring a flashing red light in every direction. Drivers are supposed to treat it as a stop sign, no matter what direction they’re heading.

And yet, many ignore the red light. They simply zip on by, ignoring cars and pedestrians alike, Jackson said. “I watch parents with strollers and children on bicycles cross this intersection all day long,” she said. City data shows three crashes have occurred in this area in the past two years.

Sandusky officials said they’re still working on ways to make the intersection safer. “This is something that has been considered for several weeks,” city engineer Aaron Klein said. “We are still having discussions internally.”

Jackson said the city should consider installing actual stop signs. This is one of several ideas city officials continue to mull. Whatever happens, it must happen soon, Jackson said.

“I’m concerned that this isn’t going to get any attention until someone is seriously hurt or killed,” Jackson said.



I thought there were (or used to be) stop signs at all four corners, or were they removed? I don't come downtown much anymore, so I guess I don't know, but I could've sworn there were signs.


In order to have stop signs that would be effected on that corner , you would have change the parking on Columbus ave to be like on any city residential street and that would cut down on parking in that area .
So the only other thing that you would have to make that corner safe is to reinstall the traffic signals


Sounds to me like someone needs to go back and attend Mr. Roth and Mr. Mackey's drivers ed 101

4-wheeler al

thats not the only one,coming out from the lofts people dont stop at water street. i about t bone three cars already there.


It called police patrol's. There is no police presence in this town! They seem to flock to certain areas and avoid the rest of the town! But hey on the bright side they will be in NEW Uniforms soon!!!


Can't blame the cops the Register is all up in there while they piss or spit.One day the liberal cop hating editor will need the cops.


Did the law change? I thought flashing red lights ment stop. I must have missed that day in Drivers Ed.With all there is going on in Sandusky to fix this is what people want the City to work on.


Weren't the red flashing lights installed to draw more attention than regular stop signs? I say we leave the lights alone, and station a police officer there on a random basis. Ticket the CRAP out of people who don't come to a complete stop. Maybe a few hundred dollars will jog their memory of driver's ed!