Car dealer still behind bars

Sadusky car salesman Tim Newman, who's accused of 25 charges including corruption and theft, can't afford the bond to get out of jail. The government's also hopeful one of Newman's co-defendants will testify against him.
Sarah Weber
Feb 7, 2011

Car salesman Tim Newman, indicted last month for reportedly defrauding customers, will remain in jail until a probation officer decides if he's a flight risk.

Newman's attorney, Loretta Riddle, asked Erie County Common Pleas Court visiting Judge Michael Corrigan to reduce her client's $120,000 bond so he can go home and run his business while his cases are pending.

"He's a long-standing member of the community," Riddle said at a hearing Friday. "He is not going anywhere."

Newman, 50, owns and operates the Newman Motors car dealership at 1033 Cleveland Road.

He was indicted in January and has since pleaded not guilty to 25 charges, including counts of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, theft and motor vehicle title violations.

He is also in bankruptcy proceedings, Riddle said, which makes it impossible for him to meet such a high bond.

Newman also can't afford an attorney, so Riddle offered to represent him in a case filed in July, if the public defender's office approves.

Newman will likely have to find a different attorney to handle the case tied to his January indictment.

Perkins police charged Newman in July for allegedly defrauding Vacationland Credit Union by forging signatures on insurance claim checks. His co-defendant in the case, Nicholas Lesch, also appeared Friday in court with Newman.

Lesch is accused of forging an endorsement on loan paperwork related to Newman's claim checks. Lesch told police he didn't know what they were doing was illegal.

Newman offered Lesch $2,000 to forge the signature, though Lesch declined, insisting that Newman give him work for the money, according to police.

Erie County assistant prosecutor Pamela Gross and Lesch's attorney both told Corrigan they were close to reaching a plea deal in exchange for Lesch testifying against Newman.

Corrigan said he will rule on Newman's request for a bond reduction after getting recommendations from the county's probation department on Feb. 8. He'll also likely set a trial date for the July case at that time.



haha nick lesch, hes got everyone after him these day!


He's not a flight risk.  He can't go far, his car will break down!

Left Sandtown

I never post,I just view all you bloggers,Thank-You.This time I will,back in high school I moved to Mr Newmans school, never did I think I would go through what I did there.Mr Newman was VERY cruel,and back then I laid wake at nights thinking of ways to get even.Well I`ll take this as getting even,here`s spitting in your face-remember me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TruthHurtz, very good. LOL


 Nick Lesch will lie to your face and not blink an eye.  Assistant Prosecutor Gross are you out of your mind believing that man?

Hey, Ms. Gross, while you are making that deal can you tie in the 5 or 6 small claims judgements in Sandusky against Mr. Lesch?


Let me get this straight... You're offered a hefty sum of money to fill out fraudulent paperwork. Then you say you didn't actually take the money in exchange, but that you did fill out the fraudulent paperwork anyway. Oh yes, and in case the fact you didn't take the cash in direct exchange isn't enough to get you off the hook, you claim you also didn't know what you were doing was illegal. Yeah, right!


 Lets me get this straight. Ms. Gross is going to put a lying scumbag on the stand to testify against another lying scumbag. How do you tell which lying scumbag is telling the truth?

Don't you just love our county legal department.


Aw, give him a break.  This "long-standing member of the community" was just trying to get his PERSONAL "cut" from his own liberal and socialist, "spreading the wealth around" program.  If the president can do it, why not this pillar of truth and integrity?  I do NOT think he will get too many supporters from all his CUSTOMERS, but there is always HOPE that he will CHANGE.  "Where be my check?"  Ha! Ha!   


Ms. Gross needs to take a look at the corruption in the very office she works for.


Mr. Lesch and Mr. Newman are a great couple and crooks in crime.  Screwing everyone they look at.  Well boys, now its time to screw u!!!!!! HAHAHAHA YES ITS ABOUT TIME and i hope u boys read all the posts.  Many people will get even with both of you.


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Julie R.

Newman's attorney, Loretta Riddle, asked Erie County Common Pleas Court visiting Judge Michael Corrigan to reduce her client's bond..................

So why is there a VISITING JUDGE? Certainly can't say it's because this car salesman is a public official like Binette did with the auditor Tom Paul case. Does this mean that all three of the Erie County Common Pleas Court Judges----Binette, Tone, and McGookey------recused themselves for conflict of interest? So what's the conflict of interest?


That is an extremely intriguing question Julie.  WHY do we have a "visiting" judge?  Are all THREE on vacation or leave?  Did they have to recuse themselves for unknown reasons?  Why are we PAYING another judge to visit and hear cases?  What is going on at the Court House?  THREE judges are adaquate to handle ALL the cases the County Prosecutor's Office decides to bring to trial.  Hey, Sandusky Register, can you investigate these elitist individuals receiving tax dollars for all their salaries, staff, and expenses?  Are they all above approach?  Inquiring minds would like to know?     


Go after those who will provide the BEST conviction. That is ALL that matters. CONVICTION RATES!!!! YES?  Who cares who goes to jail. Convict those to keep up the %  rate. YES?  Send innocent to prison to keep up the good prosecution rates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!


SO, HOW does a VISITING JUDGE have a case in this?  ALL ABOUT MONEY???   I will put ALL MY  MONEY ON JULIE!!!!!!!    OY Julie, YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hows everything been Lesch?  Sounds like all going well for you!

Julie R.

Yes SR, why don't you find out why all three of the Erie County Common Pleas Court judges----Tone, Binette, and McGookey---- recused themselves from this case and brought in yet another visiting judge. Is it conflict of interest again? If so, what could the conflict of interest possibly be in a case involving a car salesman being charged with 25 counts of engaging in a pattern of corrupt acitivity, theft, and motor vehicle title violations? Considering how the taxpayers are paying for the visiting judge shouldn't they be entitled to this information?

Julie R.

When the city of Sandusky chose Judge Joseph Cirigliano as the hearing officer in the Nuesse case,  I seem to recall the SR questioning if Cirigliano was going to be fair and impartial. This question was understandable considering that Cirigliano certainly was no stranger to cases in Erie County. I believe the reason the SR questioned it was because Cirigliano was the visiting judge in the Baxter probate estate case and he ruled in Kevin Baxter's favor.

On the other hand in the December 6, 2010 story (Tom Paul files suit disputing recount) it says that Paul filed a petition in the Erie County Common Pleas Court asking Judge Roger Binette to set a hearing to address the issue--------yet in the story on December 20, 2010 (Erie County's next auditor won't be determined until January 20, 2011) the story says that Judge Richard Markus of the county's common pleas court ruled the BOE must provide documents relating to the election..... 

The SR didn't give a reason at all as to why Binette recused himself----in fact, they didn't even say that Binette did recuse himself. Even worse, they didn't even call Markus a visiting Judge----yet Markus by far is no stranger to Erie County cases, either. Same with this story----no explanation at all as to why all 3 of the Erie County Common Pleas Court Judges recused themselves----------they just simply state that: Newman's attorney asked the Erie County Common Pleas Court visiting Judge Michael Corrigan..............

Hey SR, don't the taxpayers deserve to know why visiting judges were brought into these two cases?


Julie R.

Car salesman Tim Newman was indicted last month for reportedly defrauding customers and has since pleaded not guilty to 25 charges, including counts of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, theft, and motor vehicle title violations...................

Considering how a rent-a-judge in Probate recently said that there was no wrongdoing in public officials allowing attorneys to fraudulently transfer an elderly, incompetent person's property a short time prior to her death causing serious defects in the title during the time the crook attorneys and crooks at two financial institutions were engaged in a pattern of corrupt activity to criminally change an incompetent person's trust contracts and Will a short time prior to her death not only with the intent of criminally defrauding others but also Medicaid fraud..........perhaps Mr. Newman's attorney should put in a special request for this rent-a-judge.