Fisher-Titus to offer after-hours medical clinic

Fisher-Titus Medical Center began construction Tuesday of a new medical office on the north side of the city, which will offer the hospital’s first after-hours clinic.
Tom Jackson
Sep 13, 2013


Hospital officials held a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning for the new 11,000-square-foot building at 368 Milan Ave.

The building will cost about $2 million, including the price of land and construction. It’s scheduled to be finished in summer 2014. Janotta & Herner, of Monroeville, is serving as the general contractor and architect.

Fisher-Titus has never offered an after-hours medical clinic for people who become sick in the evening or on the weekends but don’t necessarily need to go to the emergency room, hospital president Ross Matlack said.

“This will be a completely new offering,” he said, adding that the hospital itself plans to provide a similar offering as part of the restructuring of its emergency room.

Matlack said the hospital will look for other opportunities to offer services on the north end of Norwalk to supplement the hospital complex on the south side.

The new building will also house the hospital’s industrial health unit and rehabilitation services, including physical therapy.

In addition, 3,400 square feet will be rented out to Northern Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists. Dr. Marc Dolce started the practice 12 years ago and has since added his wife, Dr. Kareem Dolce, and Dr. Nichols Brown.

“We’re very excited about a new location, which will allow us more room for growth,” Marc Dolce said at Tuesday’s ceremony.

Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan, who also attended Tuesday’s ceremony, said Fisher-Titus has spent more than $200 million in building expansions and equipment purchases over the last decade.

By the numbers Fisher-Titus

950: Employees 
20: Jobs added since last year

In 2012 
3,732: Admissions 
622: Babies birthed 
27,601: Emergency room visits 
6,692: Surgeries 
132,277: Outpatient visits



All hospitals should have a after hours care medical clinic so the emergency rooms will only be used for emergencies. Emergency rooms are way to expensive and you are kept in a holding pattern for hours until they decide to do something with you. Watch out for those observation rooms if you are a senior. Ask questions when moved over to observation as to whether Medicare will cover.


Is this the old Bob Evan's property?


I believe it's that big lot next to the new Bob Evans property. It's in front of the movie theater.


As far as observation goes in the will be seeing a lot more of this due to the strict Medicare guidelines. The hospitals have no control over this. It is a good idea to ask your healthcare providers whether or not you are a inpatient or an observation patient.


Still won't use Fisher Titus.


Most after hours places are billed like your doctor's offices so watch for that as well. Insurance companies, medicare included, don't like to pay much of that billing, so when you go in expect to get most of the bill to pay on your own. I found that one out the hard way.


Hopefully this will decrease the misuse of the EMERGENCY room.