City axes another employee

(UPDATED AT 4:25 P.M.) For the second time this week, the city announced the layoff of a veteran employee. Carol Roth, an administrative secretary, will be let go Feb. 17.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 4, 2011

For the second time this week, the city announced the layoff of a long-tenured employee.

Carol Roth, the finance department’s administrative secretary, received her lay-off notice Thursday.

Roth’s position will be eliminated after the city made a priority of reducing unnecessary positions and consolidating costs in 2011.

“I’m trying to restructure the department,” said finance director Hank Solowiej. “It was by far the toughest decision I have had to make as finance director."

Roth, a 20-year employee, will continue to earn her hourly salary of $20.23 while on administrative leave until Feb. 17, her final day of work.

Her yearly salary totaled about $42,000.

Earlier this week, the city also laid-off acting deputy engineer Kathy McKillips and abolished her position. She earned $82,200 a year.

McKillips once ran the department, but had been demoted to serve beneath John Hancock in 2009 and Todd Roth in 2010.

The city won't have anymore layoffs in the near future, interim city manager Don Icsman said.

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1rst mnfg, now this. Welocome to the world 101. 

Julie R.

Is Carol Roth related to Todd Roth? Also, why does it seem like it's always the females that get the ax when it comes to Sandusky, Ohio? 


No, they aren't related.

I'm sure there were other positions that could have been eliminated before they got rid of two females who have been employed there for numerous years who had no disciplinary actions against them.

The finance director said it was one of the hardest decisions he had to make? He doesn't care about anything other than the bottom line of the budget to make himself look good.


DontCMarie1972 : You are absolutely right.  Maybe we should call the Commission and let them know what a big mistake has been made.  These women grew up in Sandusky and live here.  Where is Mr. Solowiej from and where does he live.


Sandtownguy, the finance director is not a Sandusky native and is from Lorain or somewhere around there. He clearly doesn't have Sandusky's best interest at heart if he can't make the move to live here.

Jason Singer

Hank Solowiej's wife works near Cleveland, (and has held her job longer than Hank has been in Sandusky), so out of compromise, I believe they decided to live somewhere in between.

Jason Singer



Julie R...I wondered the same thing. Plus $82k a year after a demotion? WOW!!!


Strange that it's two people hired from outside that made these decisions.


The city is laying off more people; but on the other hand,  it would like to maybe move city hall and do a Sportscomplex.  How does that happen?  Are the commissioners out in left field somewhere?  Do any of them have any common sense when going after these projects and at the same time laying off people?



Re:  Julie R:

Please…don’t give women a bad name by indicating (whining) that it’s only women who are getting laid off.  Let’s not start that nonsense.  Not every woman sees what you see.  Are you absolutely certain that only women have “gotten the ax” in Sandusky?  Really?  Men have been laid off in Sandusky too.  Please don’t embarrass the rest of us with your antics.   

Dinghy Gal

To Pragmatic

  Well said!


First off Ms. Roth has been with the City closer to 25 years not 20.  She was one of the most knowledgable, dependable and helpful City employees:  always someone you could count on.  She was always willing to help out where ever necessary.  Most recently she had been covering the City Manager's office for the past year while still doing Finance work.  I know her personally from my many visits to the City Building.

It is unfortunate, that they had to get rid of her and Ms. McKillips instead of people who do not have the same experience as these two women do.  Maybe they need to look around at the other employees to see who is not doing their jobs and keep the ones who do.

I wish the best for both of these women.


Here we go.  "We NEED to cut the spending NOW!  But, NOT in my back yard." (NIMBY)  You can whine and complain and bellyache all you want.  The city is taking the RESPONSIBLE role of cost savings and cutting SPENDING.  This IS an extremely difficult task to make hard decisions to cut jobs in order to save money.  Many of you liberals must think the city can PRINT more money just to make you crybabies happy.  This is going to be PAINFUL for EVERYONE because EVERYONE is RESPONSIBLE for this.  If the Sandusky Register was losing money because of low subscriptions, WHAT do you think they would do?  They definitely have the means to PRINT money.  They could apply for a AP-0bama press bailout or they could do the RESPONSIBLE thing and begin to "AX" their OWN employees.  Maybe,....just maybe, the federal government could LEARN to do the same.  Because YOU voted for this $5 TRILLION jump in the federal DEBT in TWO YEARS, we are all in pain.  Where did those BILLIONS in stimulus money go?  Come on, I am sure you have plenty of examples of growth, jobs, and economic stability through out the state.  Here is a tip.  All 50 states (Not 0bama's 57 states) have spent their BILLIONS and now want MORE.  It was NOT enough!  It NEVER is enough so GIVE more, More, MORE!!!  Ha! Ha!  I hate to see anyone lose their job at no FAULT of their own.  But, these decisions MUST be made in order to get the city and county back to a financial zero sum game.  According to a few of you miserable liberals, the federal government is EXEMPT from being RESPONSIBLE because of being so "messianic" or being able to "unify" the world.  "Harry, I have a GIFT"  (Sen. Hussein 0bama, D-IL, 2006)  Ha! Ha!


Were these 2 long time city employees given the opportunity to accept a wage cut and transfer to a lesser position held by someone with much less seniority as a city employee ???

If not, why ?


Blah! Blah!  Ha! Ha!  Drool.


Boo, hoo, hoo.  I am such a miserable loser.  Ha! Ha!


 Are all you bleeding hearts going to cry when the state has to cut thousands of jobs and levels of entitlement due to an $8 billion dollar deficit? Stop complaining and start handing over more of your paycheck to help this lady out. Open up your wallets and your hearts. What's wrong with you people?


  Let's see, local  Ford and GM plants workers are mostly making about 14 dollars an hour, Tsubaki workers are making less and have't recieved a wage increase in 8 years, look at the wages of all government (township, county, state) workers.  Now, come on all the auto union bashers, where are you?  82,00 to sit on your behind and not be missed?

Sally Tomato

Wouldn't the budget surplus pay for these positions and then some?  I'm just saying.  I know they are trying to be proactive but it is sad to lose an employee with this much experience.

I worked for a different city at one point and they had all employees take furlough days to avoid laying people off.  I think that is a better way.  All employees take a little bit of a loss, but everyone can keep their jobs.  


Sally, I believe a year or so ago when they were going through a round of layoffs, furlough days were brought up and they had some volunteers (Ms. Roth included) but I don't remember how that all panned out. I do believe none of the union employees would have had to take furlough days. Union employees have been given regular raises whereas administrative employees have not.

I would be curious to see what others in the finance department (and other departments with clerical jobs) are making along with their years of service. I am sure it would show that there are union employees with less years of service making about the same as administrative employees with twice the service years.

I would also be curious how much other cities of comparable size pay their employees. I would bet you won't find clerical workers who have 10-15 years of service making $37,000 to $40,000 a year like the union employees of Sandusky make.

Oh, and the cutting of unnecessary positions is bull. I am willing to bet that the work performed by those unnecessary positions are vital to the running of the city. Are those duties just going to disappear or are they being distributed to other positions? If they are distributed to other positions then they are necessary.

How many times is the city going to cut unnecessary positions and have the slack picked up by other positions. They are eventually going to end up with no support staff.

Isn't there a clerk that handles income tax? I'm sure that position is busy from January to April but what does she do the rest of the year? Sit and twiddle her thumbs? Maybe that position could be eliminated and farmed out to other positions. Oh, wait. I believe that is a union position so just screw the administrative employees out of their jobs to keep all the unnecessary union positions.

Julie R.

@ Pragmatic:

So who are the men that have been laid off----or should I say who are the men that have been unjustly fired and cost the taxpayers a ton of money in lawsuits? Like the female employee Tom Paul fired in the auditor's office so he could give her job to a county commisioner's wife and Kim Nuesse...........

(P.S. As for embarrassing you with my antics (?)  --- why is that? Because I say those clowns at the Erie County courthouse are corrupt?  They are---big time!)

My thoughts

Mike Pisarsky, a man, was let go by the city.


Notice the job description says full-time and/or part-time.  Bet this position will pay more than what Ms. Roth was paid and will probably do essentially the same thing she was doing.

My Opinion is...

As I recall, the last time the City of Sandusky went on a lay-off frenzy "to balance the budget" they decided to just drop in a part-time Engineer and were going to pay him $90,000 a year. This better not be more of the same (laying off 2 people to make room in the budget to hire some croney)




SameOl SameOl

Ouch! "unnecessary positions." That really stings to find out after 25 years of dedication your career has been "unnecessary." In Ms. Roth's layoff notice is stated that the Finance Office was restructuring resulting in "staff reductions" (plural). Who else was laid off from Finance as a result of the restructuring? How was the department restructured besides pushing the Admin Asst duties onto others.  Face it, Hank was threatened by an employee with years & years of knowledge, contacts and experience in the City of Sandusky that he does not have. Hang in there Carol, this might be an opportunity for a brighter future.  


Dontcmarie1972:  If she isn't twiddling her thumbs she is out on a smoke break with the other girl in her office.  At least that seems to be the way it is when I've been in that office to pay my water or taxes.  Let's not get into the time I had to wait 20 minutes when she was on a personal call.

I believe all of the union clerical staff make more than Ms. Roth and maybe have half the years of experience that she does.


sandusky pays r.i.t.a. for income tax services.  r.i.t.a. is located in breckville.  sandusky retained one income tax office employee to provide local assistance to tax payers year-round. 

some people and most businesses pay quarterly taxes.  as for corporate taxes, some businesses end their fiscal year in june and others in september. 


After what happened to the famous $100,000 check that sat in the city's safe for three months, the city should clean out the whole Finance Department and start over. Not one person in that department came forward to question why a $100,000 check did not get cashed. It sat in the safe without cashing out the daily deposits as required by law.


Re:  Julie R.


Go to the City building…they can help you with that. 


As far as for embarrassing, we don’t need another person dividing cultures in this town.  We don’t need you dividing the genders even further by saying that no male has ever been laid off/fired in Sandusky.  There may be some police/fire personnel who may disagree…along with others.


Be sure that your statements are factual.  I don’t care who you “feel” is corrupt.  It’s the evidence that matters.  Your opinion is only important to you.   Women have already been embarrassed enough by the recent history of Sandusky.  Of course, I don’t have proof that all women feel that way…but, some do.  Unless you are absolutely sure that only women have been targeted for layoffs/firing in this town…you should be careful (not that it matters here). In the corporate environment, this could be construed as an EO issue…one with a bias toward men.


Everyone has the right to run for public office. Since you seem to have a handle on everything and are very willing to cast stones at people…why not “step up” to one of those positions?  Rather than complaining (constantly) that everyone is corrupt, why don’t you get in the leader’s seat?  After all, any of us can run for a commission seat.  If you don’t have the courage to take on a leadership role…to put yourself out there for everyone to see…then, do you think it is intelligent, decent, and professional to degrade others who do step up to lead? 


It’s only the people that are doing things…who are complained about.  It’s easy for the Lazy-Boy jockey to sit in judgment.  And if you should run for a leadership position, it would behoove you to speak more factually – especially in regards to equal opportunity issues…this could land you into litigation yourself.    


The American way is not to sit in judgment. Americans are doers. 


Julie R.


First off, I'm not the kind of person that casts stones at anybody and/or call them corrupt unless I know it for a fact----and unfortunately when it comes to this county I know it to be a fact.

That said----all I'm going on is the stats when it comes to women here in Erie County. Would a male ever get a harsh 5-year prison sentence for the theft of $40,000.00 from an elderly aunt as the aunt's legal Power of Attorney like the black lady Krista Harris did? Would a male ever get thrown in jail the night before a hearing on the pretense of "making sure he showed up at the Hearing" as the black lady Krista Harris did? Ever hear of a male attorney getting disbarred and then sentenced to 8 years in prison for "intimidating" (i.e. bogus bunch of crap) one of Erie County favorite rent-a-judges like the infamous Elsebeth Baumgartner did? And then there was the lady that was unjustly fired in the auditor's office only so Paul could give her job to Ferrell's wife----would they have done that to a male employee? And then there was the infamous Kim Nuesse case-----for some reason I just can't see the good old boys firing a male police chief and then putting the male through a humiliating and degrading experience like they put Kim Nuesse through with that (scam) fixed Hearing and that idiot talk about "a demon with its head spinning around."  

Once again, I'm going on the stats here-----and the stats in just these few cases show that women sure are getting scr*wed over big time when it comes to corrupt Erie County!