Jobs coming to Sandusky

Adrienne's Gourmet Foods, a cookie and cracker company that opened in a Hancock Street factory, could end up bringing 200 jobs to the area, city officials said.
Tom Jackson
Feb 4, 2011

A California cookie and cracker company has set up shop in Sandusky, and it may end up creating about 200 local jobs, city officials said.

Adrienne's Gourmet Foods purchased the former Consolidated Biscuit company at 1034 Hancock Street on Jan. 6 for $950,000, Erie County auditor's records show.

Representatives from Adrienne's Gourmet Foods did not return phone messages seeking comment, but Carrie Handy, Sandusky's chief planner, said the company has already started operating with about 45 people.

Consolidated Biscuit shut down its manufacturing plant here and had been using the building for storage, Handy said.

City officials said Adrienne's plans to expand operations, eventually hiring a total of about 200 people.

"With all of the bad news we get, these people are a breath of fresh air," said Gregory Sherman, a local economic development consultant. "They are nice people to work with. I think it's going to be great to have them there."

Handy, Sherman and other local economic planners met with Adrienne's representatives Jan. 26 and watched cookies and crackers being made at the 114,000-square-foot Hancock Street facility.

"They have a gluten-free line," Handy said. "They were making cookies. They were making organic stone-ground wheat crackers. They hope to put some other lines in there."

The company specializes in organic foods and was the first business to bring a kosher and organic water cracker to the market.

John and Adrienne O'Donnell founded the company in 1985.

On its website,, the company describes itself as a "Santa Barbara based family owned company that prides itself in bringing gourmet taste and health nutrition to our customers."

The company sells cookies and crackers under its own label, but also sells many products under private labels for various supermarket chains, including Meijer and Kroger, Handy said.

The company has already talked about donating food to local food kitchens and has promised to work with community job fairs and EHOVE, city officials said.

It moved into the Hancock Street building and started making food before local officials even realized it was up and running.

For area leaders, it's been a welcome change from other prospective businesses that eyed Sandusky in recent years.

Many prospects make all kinds of promises and ask for government money, but often deliver nothing, Sherman said.

This hasn't been the case with Adrienne's Gourmet Foods, whose owners apparently believe actions speak louder than words.

"These guys just kind of came in and bought it and started setting up," Sherman said.



That's great..I love crackers (and cheese)..wonder if the locals can get wholesale bulk prices?? Oh, and don't forget the wine!


good to see!!!


 Fantastic news.  Welcome to Sandusky, Adrienne's.  May your stay be long and prosperous.


Not so fantastic that they were up and running "before local officials even realized it."  That most assuredly does not bode well for the community.




Has anyone heard anything about the "other factory" tsubaki strike and what the current negotiation status is there??  off topic, but still a factory in Sandusky.


I eat cookies now and then too!!!


Storage my foot, they were operating that plant a few months ago.

Ziggy Rules

Sounds great, we need the jobs in this area. Sounds like they will be good to the community. Welcome!


200 jobs is great news!!  Good that the company does not have a long wish list to delivery to the city before they set up which is even better; it means they are pretty stable.


Did work in that building a decade or so ago. Glad to see somone has taken it over! We need more of this

Raoul Duke

There are all kinds of unemployed people in that area that could walk to work...


Hopefully people won't forget to buy local...REAL LOCAL. 

Don't forget about the Occasional Cookie or the City Bake Shop...REAL local companies

Return of Dragon II

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here in ohio

this is great news, I just hope the people that start working here dont mess it up !!




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Very Good ROD, I'm impressed. Very funny!!


They won't last long in that neighborhood!   There, is that better SR????  


from TruthHurtz,

"They won't last long in that neighborhood! ...


In all due respect, what do you mean by "that neighborhood"?

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

Fantastic news! Glad to see Sandusky has a draw for new business! If only the haters and naysayers would offer up help and suggestions instead of derogatory remarks then maybe more businesses would take an interest in this city.  Just as a side: When I was born my family lived on Hancock St. 


This IS great news.  The company PAID $1 MILLION for the property and will spend MORE on manufacturing equipment and environmental controls.  For you liberals, it requires more "big" money to invest to MAKE money.  I understand your liberal "spreading the wealth around" and "class envy" concept and HATE for rich business executives, but try and THINK about how difficult it is to start up a business to make PROFIT (Ooo, such a dirty liberal word), PAY TAXES and INVEST in employees.  That place used to be the old Prepared Foods/Consolidated Biscuit building.  When I was a little kid, I remember the smell depending on the direction of the wind.  A lot of people USED to work in that place.  I know the city will assist Adrienne's in every way to bring JOBS to the city.  Once the operation and scheduled production begins, if the NATION buys their product (Yes, even that nasty Wal-Mart that you HATE), then they will require GROWTH and more employees.  If things are running good, WHEN will the UNIONS infiltrate the business?  I am positive the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) UNION will be looking to get back in that building.  They are almost BROKE.  Ha! Ha!  I want Adrienne's to be successful.  I do NOT want it to end up like that Japanese chain company or ALL the HISTORY of UNION shops that have opened, went on STRIKE, closed down and FLED out of town.  In case you liberals have forgotten, a BUSINESS is to make people PROFIT!  It is NOT created to be a WELFARE distribution center.  A successful business equates to more UNION members PAYING more UNION dues making the UNION more money for big UNION salaries.  Oops!  That ALMOST sounds like private, capitalistic, business enterprise to me.  Ha! Ha!  An organized labor STRIKE equates to NOTHING.  STRIKES have occurred in this liberal UNION town for a century and WHAT has it accomplished or done to enhance the quality of life in the city?      

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Sandusky Regist...

For awhile unions looked good when health and safety working conditions were unsafe.  That was until they became too greedy and ruined the emploee/employer relationship and drove companies overseas for cheapER labor. I just hope that we have learned from that mistake.  Wasn't that nice to send the Welcome Wagon out to thank them for opening up shop here. Hey, if things go well maybe they'll bring a couple of buddies in to set up shop here too. Like a Napa Valley  wine maker and  a California cheese producer to go with them there crackers.

looking around

TAXPAYER? So is it only liberals that will be employed hourly by this company? Do you think that business is solely owned by conservatives? Think again my friend. Good marketing, financial management, and manufacturing methods have as much or more to do with profitability as anything else. A company expanding or entering the market place should expect to pay living wages and benefits to it's employees. This should be a factor in their business plan.  If labor laws are followed, health and safety regulations adhered to and employees are treated fairly and with respect then they need not fear a union. But remember the workforce has the right to organize if they want. I would say corporate greed not employee greed play a major part in that decision.

The best of luck to this company and all those who will work for them!


Taxpayer is on a roll today! Go Taxpayer!   Moderators will probably remove this comment for some bogus reason.

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Let's hope it works out and not another crummy deal for Sandtown.


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