Infant’s injuries under investigation

A Cleveland woman took her 9-month-old infant to Firelands Regional Medical Center Friday afternoon to be treated for injuries she said the child’s father caused, according to a Sandusky police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 12, 2013


The woman said her boyfriend assaulted her Saturday night at their Cleveland home because she refused to cook bacon, the report said. He then allegedly hit the child, causing a cut and significant swelling on her forehead.

A Sandusky doctor told police the child’s injuries did not align with the mother’s story, the report said. The doctor agreed to admit the baby overnight to keep an eye on her injuries.

The woman did not say why she delayed seeking medical treatment for the child, the report said. When officers asked her why she sought treatment in Sandusky, the woman said she called a friend from Sandusky for a ride, but she offered no other reasoning, the report said.


Officers have asked social workers to look into the case.



Yes, because when you need a ride to a hospital from somebody who lives in Sandusky, it just makes perfect sense that they would drive to Cleveland & bring you all the way back to Sandusky. Then after the hospital they would have to take you all the way back to Cleveland & then come all the way back home. I bet she's very well known at the Cleveland hospitals and at Cuyahoga County CPS.


Here we go again.

he said she said

If this story was true, I would applaud the mother for getting her child out of that situation but since "A Sandusky doctor told police the child’s injuries did not align with the mother’s story" she should have her butt kicked for letting someone hurt her child this way.