UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Fracking film featured tonight

Sandusky filmmaker Joshua Pribanic is embarking on a national tour, but he’s coming home, too.
Tom Jackson
Sep 27, 2013


Pribanic is busy promoting his new documentary, “Triple Divide,” which takes a close look at the effects of fracking on Potter County in Pennsylvania.   

The tour will include a free screening of the movie in   Sandusky on Sept. 27 at Harlequins Community Theatre, also featuring a question-and-answer session with the filmmakers, Pribanic and his partner, Melissa Troutman.   

Pribanic said he’s grateful to Harlequins for providing a place for the screening. “We think it’s a hidden treasure for Sandusky and Ohio, being the oldest running community theater in the state,” he said.   

Pribanic and Troutman were the guests Friday on “Between the Lines,” at  sanduskyregister.com. Watch the program in the player below   

“I’m thrilled with the chance to   come back home and show the people of Sandusky what we’ve uncovered about the fracking process,” Pribanic said.   

As fracking grows in Ohio and other states, the experiences of states such as Pennsylvania are instructive, Pribanic said.“‘Triple Divide’ is a springboard for discussion about the real impacts from fracking, and it’s a forewarning for states like Ohio,     New York and California,” Troutman said.   

“Triple Divide” is narrated by actor Mark Ruffalo, who received an Academy Award nomination for his role in “The Kids Are All Right” and who is known for portraying The Hulk in “The Avengers,” which was partially filmed at NASA Plum Brook Station in Perkins Township and in Cleveland.    Ruffalo has spoken out against fracking in television appearances.   

Pribanic said that, through an intermediary, they contacted Ruffalo and asked him to take a look at the film. “He quickly got back to us,” Pribanic said. “He said he loved the film and he’d be more than happy to help out and get involved and narrate different parts.” Ruffalo turned out to be relaxed and down-to-earth, Pribanic said. “Mark was very open to the whole process and very flexible and easy to work with, actually,” Pribanic said. A 10-date tour of the film in Ohio launched Tuesday. The Ohio dates are the beginning of a national tour that will cover eight states.  

Want to go?

WHAT: Free screening of “Triple Divide”   

WHEN: 7 p.m. Sept. 27   

WHERE: Harlequins Community Theatre, 414 Wayne St., Sandusky   

MORE: Question-and-answer session with the filmmakers will follow the screening.

Click HERE for other Ohio dates



Josh ... it is Adam if you see this, I have been following this documentary and fracking online... I have some questions I would love to talk to you.....adameversole@ymail.com


If I do not here from you, I will be at the screening


Well, if you're here, do you need to hear from him?


Re: "the real impacts from fracking, and it’s a forewarning for states like Ohio, New York and California,”

Real impact? Like jobs, tax revenue and decreasing U.S. dependence on Middle East oil?

Pterocarya frax...

Or real impacts like increased air pollution, destroyed aquifers, and country roads rutted beyond usability from the truck traffic?


You re uninformed. Keep driving your car and boat and taking a plane that takes oil out of the ground and then say this is bad because it takes it out of the ground. Again Uninformed

Pterocarya frax...

I will see you at the screening on the 27th. Then we can have a discussion to see who is uninformed. In the mean time, you have a couple weeks to take a drive to Magnolia, Ohio, and a few of the other communities in Carroll County. Drive around the countryside and see the condition of the roads and talk to some of the property owners that live near these wells. I have talked to a lot of people there. I have also read extensively on this subject, good and bad. I suggest you do the same.

I don't have a boat, and haven't flown in years. I do drive a car, a Chevy Cruze that I am getting 36-37 mpg, and I have taken many other steps to lower my carbon footprint.



I'm glad others are also trying to limit how much of an impact they have on the environment, but some of the worst offenders are the very people telling us to lower our carbon footprint. Of course, one of the worst is Al Gore. I don't think I've yet to see him ride a bike cross-country, or row a boat to a foreign land.

As for fracking, it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. There's plenty of places we could drill for oil, but of course, activists won't allow it. So what other options for energy do we have right now, that can actually keep up with the amount being used, and in a cheap, effective way? I've not heard any as of yet, but I'm most definitely looking forward to whichever scientist makes that discovery. It'll fix many of our problems. Seeing as how there's no way we could get rid of gas and oil overnight without destroying much of the country.


Re: "Al Gore"

"Report: Al Gore's net worth at $200 million":


The AGW scare and investing in taxpayer funded green cos. that later went bankrupt has been good to Al.


@ contango

envious and off-topic


@4shizzle...pot meet kettle...off topic again.

Really are you ...

There is a way to produce, actually a couple, to induce electrical power by the end user. Not electricity from a distant power plant, wind farm, or solar farm. People are hooked on the fact, what they have been lead to believe, electricity is made. This belief is furthest from the truth. Electricity is not made, it is induced. Electricity is neither created nor destroyed. Electricity is everywhere, waiting to be harnessed. We don't need oil, coal, natural gas, or nuclear power plants to heat water to generate electrical power. This is the kicker, we do not need an outdated electrical grid delivery system either. Electrical power can be induced within feet of where it is needed. Just think about what if? What if I could power my house independent of the grid? Drive whatever size vehicle I wanted to and get unlimited miles per gallon because it does not combust a fossil fuel. Create new windows of opportunity. Possible? Absolutely, but it would cut into big oil's profit gains from selling sweet crude oil. The power companies profit from selling something they did not make, only induced. The history of every developed countries around the world who so heavily relies on an electrical grid to power their homes, businesses, and way of life. It is these people who do not want something like this to surface. It is these companies who may have some lobbyists in DC bending laws in there favor, to keep this technology from coming forward. If it does come out that there is a device out there that can produce electricity free from the combustion of fossil fuels, void from anything nuclear, solar, wind, or water driven. Well that person may just mysteriously pass away or what not.

Can we live in a world that is not dependent on fossil fuels to pruduce electrical power? Dino Technology such as oil, coal, natural gas? Yes we can. A device that has zero emissions, and is completely environment friendly. A device small enough to fit inside an automobile, and drive for years without having to stop and fill it with Dino Technology. Yet a device that can be modified to power your house, your place of business, your recreational activities. A device that will mark a new beginning for humanity. There is a way to accomplish this Mystery Cheese. There is a way.


You must be a hoot at parties.

Pterocarya frax...

Depends on the party.


Re: "Or real impacts,"

Love how the dumbed down liberals b*tch that all the mfg. jobs have "gone to China."

These ARE mfg. jobs Caucasian wingnut.


Application has been filed to construct a nuclear power station in Contago's back yard.

NIMBY Hyrdo Inc.


Re: "nuclear power station"

Stay informed putz. Nukes are closing and construction is down:


looking around

Contango.....Are you tired of paying your water bill? I will gladly supply you with water for cooking, showering, drinking for free! I will truck it in from my property in P.A. where my water supply has been negatively impacted from this process. I now have to bring water onsite for the aforementioned uses. I'm sure if you take me up on my offer we will no longer have to read your babbling nonsense in a very short time.


Re: "my water supply has been negatively impacted from this process."

And you know positively that nat-gas fracking is the source how?

Are you in touch with lawyers and with state, local and fed authorities or just blowing BS on a comment board?

looking around

I and four other land owners have filed a suit against the company doing the drilling. We have documented water tests from previous years as we needed to be sure of the quality of the water source which we all share. We used to have a stream that supported brook trout twenty yards from our backdoor, now the water has an oil sheen and we have not seen fish in three years. Authorities have been involved from the start but as one clip from this documentary points out the end results are not protected as well as they should be. How do we know for sure you ask? I would say fifty years of clean potable water and now this should be self evident.


"I would say fifty years of clean potable water and now this should be self evident."

1. You have not proven causality only possible correlation.

2. And yes, I've read stories of some wildcatters being sloppy. However, there is no need to paint the entire oil and gas exploration industry as criminal.

What do the operators say?

3. Also, reads like those 'good' elected and unelected bureaucrats (central planners) weren't worth sh*t. Where's your state, fed & local representatives???


Didn't he start that other farmer's market and some erie fresh deal?? What happened to that?



"Walk without rhythm, and we won't attract the worm"


On line there is a guy that converted a mustang and he is getting over 50 miles s gal.......so things can be done... the price of a barrel of crude oil had not tripled. In 12 years but the price of gas and energy has. I see these gas companies with record breaking prophits year after year .....they are steeling from the American people and beating us into the ground. The coast of living is out of control and taking its toll on the citizens of this once great land.....


"the price of a barrel of crude oil had not tripled. In 12 years but the price of gas and energy has."

The profit margin for gas and oil companies has, and is rather constant, no matter the cost of crude, or of gasoline. between 5% and 8%. There are many companies that have MUCH higher profits (profit margin) than gas and oil. When the costs and volume of sales are lower. The oil and gas companies have LOTS of volume, thus LOTS of prfits from jut a 6% profit margin.


Don't like that link? google "oil and gas profit margin" and get schooled. A company won't get investors with much less than 5% profits per year when the upper rate of profit is 8%. So the companies making less will not be happening... unless the gov't takes them over... and then we will see high prices when you add in the gov't built in inefficiencies.


Re: "price of a barrel of crude oil had not tripled. In 12 years but the price of gas and energy has."

Better check your FACTS:

2001 - $23/bbl (WTI)

2013 (Sept. 11) - $107/bbl. (WTI)

It ain't just tripled - it's more than QUADRUPLED.

One important factor: China and India were just beginning to be major importers of oil 12 yrs. ago.

Supply & demand.



Corperate greed is a muther f&%$#


I have seen Triple Divide and it is great, I feel everyone needs to view it and be informed. Every school should show it. We all know it is about the money, but without drinking water we don't have much.... Sometimes, it is about choice..health or income. And you can bet your last dollar that corporate bigwigs would not have this drilling in their back yard, greedy,selfish S.O.B.s'


The air is toxic, I can set my water on fire, and all my hair is falling out...but at least the gas bill is cheaper.


Nice optimism. After all, every EF-5 tornado spinning in a category 5 hurricane has at least a tiny bit of a silver lining. Most of the time. I think..


Rosa, Rosa, Rosa, you'll anger some with the truth. Btw, during the drought of 88, Ohio's largest peach farmer damned up the creek to have H20 for his orchard/Walcher. That water is pretty crucial stuff.

T. A. Schwanger


Thanks to Melissa and Josh for keeping the public informed on this issue. Great turnout last night. Good to see you two. Make sure if you have time to come back to Sandusky for investigative reporting on Sandusky and Erie Counties environmental issues.

Tim Schwanger


The United States has enough coal to make us energy independent for the next 200 years. Yet, despite spending billions of dollars to satisfy all sorts of environmental laws, there will never be another coal-fired power plant built in this country. We also have the technology to build safe nuclear plants, but none of these will ever be built in this country again. Now good old American ingenuity has discovered yet another way to supply energy at a reasonable cost (called fracking), and the environmentalists are screaming to destroy this industry also. Do you see a trend here? It is not about the environment or safety or even "fat cat" energy companies. It is about ideology. An ideology which believes that the masses (that's us normal folks) don't have a clue and therefore the intelligentsia and big brother government must run our lives. And one sure way to do this is to keep us dependent upon foreign oil and windmills for our energy. And in today's world, energy is life.

Should fracking be regulated? Sure. Should fracking have to meet basic environmental regulations? Sure. But you don’t hear this compromise from the extremists; their goal is to destroy fracking – just as they have destroyed coal, nuclear power and any other venture which threatens to keep people independent from the clutches of an ever growing government.