Two Fostoria football players arrested, jailed in assault case

Perkins hosts Fostoria this week in prep football action.
Associated Press
Sep 11, 2013


Arrested were Dominique Fuller, 16, Rolando Silva, 16, and Miguel Arana, 17, said Maj. Tony Hetrick of Bowling Green Police Division.

Fuller, a junior, is Fostoria's starting quarterback, and Silva, a sophomore, is a running back and linebacker. Arana is not on the football team.

All three suspects were taken to the Juvenile Detention Center in Bowling Green and each was charged with one count of felonious assault. They will be held at the detention center until their adjudication hearings in Wood County Juvenile Court on Sept. 23, according to Tim Brown, executive director of the juvenile court.

According to Bowling Green police, shortly before 5 a.m. Sunday, Luke Swint and Kyle Wensinger, both in their late 20s, were walking to an apartment complex in the 800 block of Sixth Street in Bowling Green when they were approached by the Fostoria teenagers.

The teenagers, who were traveling in a white Chevy Blazer, allegedly began punching the two men and kicking them once they hit the ground, police said. Hetrick said several of the suspects had blood stains on their shoes and socks when they were arrested.

The three assailants then fled the scene, but their vehicle was stopped by Bowling Green State University police at the Wooster Street entrance ramp to Interstate 75. Capt. Tim James of the BGSU Police Department said one of his officers stopped the vehicle and held the suspects until city police arrived.

Hetrick said the driver of the vehicle admitted to the assault, and stated that one of the two victims made a comment to them as they were driving down the road. The other juveniles in the vehicle denied involvement in the incident, Hetrick said.

During the stop, Hetrick said, officers discovered marijuana in the vehicle. There are no charges pending in juvenile court for drug possession, Brown said.

Swint and Wensinger were taken to Wood County Hospital where they were treated for injuries. One of the victims received numerous stitches, while the other was treated for "several large swollen spots on his face and head," Hetrick said.

Jim Kelly, Fostoria Redmen football coach, expressed disappointment Tuesday. "As far as the situation goes, we had a few kids that got into some trouble; made a couple bad choices. We have set rules for accountability and discipline here and all of our kids know their responsibility to themselves, to their family, to their school, to their teammates," Kelly said. "I love all those guys, still do. We're going to miss them, but right now their situations are out of our hands."

Fostoria City Schools Superintendent Andrew Sprang said the school does not condone such behavior from its students.

"This is conduct unbecoming of a Redmen. What they allegedly did is horrible," Sprang said. "They did not do this representing the school."
In addition to any penalties ordered by the court if convicted, the athletes could be banned from all sports for the remainder of their high school careers, according to Fostoria Athletic Department's Athletic Code of Conduct.

Fuller was also a starter for the 2012-13 Redmen basketball team.

Findlay Courier Staff writers Andrew Williams and Morgan Manns contributed to this report.



What are three high school kids from Fostoria doing in Bowling Green at 5 o'clock in the morning in the first place?


That is a VERY good question. I would certainly love to know the answer. Slightly past curfew if they are athletes, I would think.


That is a VERY good question. I would certainly love to know the answer. Slightly past curfew if they are athletes, I would think.


double post


Go Pirates!


We have a boy on Margaretta football team..but I have advice for the Pirates this weekend..BLITZ and BLITZ often..just saying


I used to drive through Fostoria on Route 12 on a regular basis. Have you seen that town and it's residents lately? Straight ghetto.


Are you talking about Sandusky?

The New World Czar

How come the AP mentions names of those juvies under 18 and the SR won't, in light of the skirmish last week off Perkins Avenue? Just wondering...


There used to be curfews . If there were no football, this might not have happened .