Ohio man accused of growing 30 pounds of pot

Law enforcement officials confiscated $200,000 worth of the drug from a "grow house."
Associated Press
Sep 11, 2013


A Stewart man is accused of cultivating more than 30 pounds of marijuana after law enforcement officials confiscated $200,000 worth of the drug from a "grow house" in Millfield Tuesday.

Donald Cribbet, 44, was released from the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail on a $10,000 signature bond after appearing in Athens County Municipal Court Wednesday. He is charged with a third-degree felony of illegal manufacturing of drugs and/or cultivation of marijuana.

According to Athens County Sheriff Patrick Kelly, the Narcotics Enforcement Team led by Det. Jim Heater executed a search warrant at 18755 North Lafollette Road in Millfield and allegedly found a grow operation inside a home at the address. Kelly said a confidential informant provided information on the location of the marijuana.

Cribbet, of New England Road in Stewart, was arrested at the Lafollette Road residence. In a news release, Kelly said no one was living at the residence on a permanent basis but visits were allegedly being made to cultivate marijuana. "Rooms in the top of the residence were utilized for processing and rooms in the basement were used to cultivate marijuana," Kelly said in the release. "A similar operation was seized in Morgan County in the same area. NET detectives are working with Morgan County deputies investigating the connection between the grows."

Kelly told The Messenger that at least 30 pounds of marijuana were confiscated and the total weight could be more than 50 pounds. He also said evidence was present that indicated the drugs were being distributed.

Cribbet is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in the case on Sept. 19 at 2 p.m.


Raoul Duke

$200,000 times 6.75% tax equals $13,500. Why not?

The General

Jimmmmmmyyyyy u pot head you. Always knew you were a closet user

Stop It

The leafs and the stalks and branches should not be allowed to count as weight. Only the buds. The rest is headache material not worth crap.


Take notice of the time and date on this story on the main page...September 11th 4:20pm....lol Intentional?

Capt. Ford

I believe someone on board has a sense of humor, probably giggled himself silly.


Good thing they caught this guy. With all that marijuana, there could've been hundreds of people sitting on their couches, watching Adult Swim and eating Cheetos, but luckily they can now just go buy some alcohol, get trashed, maybe beat their wives and kids, or possibly go for a swervtastic drive. Heck, they might even pass out and choke on their own vomit. Thank the Lords though that no one's chilling and smoking a doobie while playing videogames. Whew!


*two thumbs up*

Stop It


Stop It

Ohio LE is obviously showin the people who live here that they will uphold the marijuana laws every time, until we shut their money making scam disappear and make it legal. They are fighting tooth and nail to keep it where it is and make the cash right now before this backassward state legalizes it.