UPDATED: Fremont man threatens to shoot police

Man caught after car chase on Fangboner Road.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 11, 2013


UPDATE 11 a.m. — Sandusky County deputies stopped Randy Endicott, 41, after a pursuit that started on Ohio 53 North and continued Fangboner Road.

Fremont police had spotted Endicott on his motorcycle inside the city limits, lost sight of him and called the county for assistance.

In addition to a felony domestic violence charge, Endicott faces additional charges of fleeing or eluding a police officer and carrying concealed weapons.

Pick up a copy of Thursday's Register for more on this story.

ORIGINAL STORY — Police are on the lookout for a man who allegedly assaulted his wife and threatened to shoot any police officers who would come after him.

Randy Endicott, 41, 3900 block N. Ohio 53, Fremont, has been convicted of domestic violence before, Sgt. Ty Conger of the Fremont police department said.

In a fight with his wife outside a home in the 1000 block of Franklin Avenue Tuesday afternoon, he allegedly caused her minor injuries, then left the area on a black 2014 Harley Davidson motorcycle, Conger said.

"When he left, he made the comment about killing one of our police officers," Conger said.

Endicott's wife, Dawn Endicott, made officers aware of the threat when she called police about the assault.

Fremont officers issued a warning to surrounding agencies in case Randy Endicott posed a danger to any police officer.

A warrant for felony domestic violence has been issued for his arrest.

The victim and police are unsure where he might have been headed after the 2:48 p.m. incident.

"We've tried some other avenues to locate him, but we've been unsuccessful at this time," Conger said Tuesday evening.

Endicott could be armed, Conger said.

Anyone with information about Endicott's whereabouts may call Fremont police at 419-332-6464.



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You do some soul searching, you two took a vow of your love and need to work through these problems without violence...


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Booked into Sandusky county jail @ 11:39 last night

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