Critical letter prompts investigation of county worker

County officials said an anonymous letter accusing an Erie County Job and Family Services administrator of berating subordinates has prompted an investigation.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 27, 2011


County officials said an anonymous letter accusing an Erie County Job and Family Services administrator of berating subordinates has prompted an investigation.

The three-page letter from the spouse of an anonymous employee accused Aaron Voltz of yelling at workers inside the Parish Street office.

Voltz, 37, is assistant director at Erie County Job and Family Services.

"I'm disturbed and upset these accusations were made against me," he said. "If necessary, I will show the false nature of these accusations."

Job and Family Services director Judy Englehart asked a special investigator from the county prosecutor's office to help look into the allegations.

Even so, Englehart said she supports Voltz 100 percent.

"I always take these accusations seriously," Englehart said. "I didn't see him yell at people. He is a man who cares very much for the children and the families, and at times, he demands excellence from his staff."

Prosecutor's employee Paul Schnittker has been assisting with the investigation since Dec. 10.

The work should be completed by week's end, and if any action is taken it'll likely be administrative on the part of Englehart, said Kevin Baxter, county prosecutor.

Voltz said he's confident the investigation will show he did nothing wrong. He also serves as a reserve officer with Norwalk police.

His personnel file shows no reprimands or discipline in his 15 years with the agency.

The letter accuses him of "instilling fear in staff" and telling them "they WILL do their job and if they did not do their job he would 'gut them like a fish.'"



Maybe he is just trying to get them to do their jobs.  This group is capable of taking cars out and damaging and then returning them and saying nothing.  Any investigation is likely to determine that the subordinates should be fired for laziness and failing to protect the innocent children of the local druggies and misfits.  Imagine a supervisor daring to tell employees to do their jobs or else.  More power to him.  The employees should be ashamed and whoever wrote that letter should be fired on the spot.  Typical useless government employees.  Still think their isn't room to cut the fat?  If you have time to write anonymous letters, you're not doing your job.


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Gtruth.  If I were you, I would be careful on making unsubstantiated accusations on here.  Don't think you are anonymous on here.  Those types of comments can get you sued.  Have some intelligence.

Wes Poole

The employer may never ever yell at an employee.    Is that in the contract?   Sweet deal.   Probably in the section next to:  I don't have to tell you if I wreck a company car.

Mr. Info

Although G. Truth's comments were deleted, he was partially correct: There are Norwalk police reports on Voltz saying he supposedly hit and abused a woman. Whether the accusations are true or not, I do not know. It's not libelous to say the police reports exist; that is fact. It may be libelous, however, if you proclaim Voltz is automatically guilty, as G. Truth did.

One thing I know: I don't have faith in the Erie County proseuctor's office to do a full and thorough and fair investigation.

Julie R.

Oh wow! The big tough prosecutor's office is investigating an anonymous letter. So what are they going to do to the person--------drag her or him off to Cuyahoga County on bogus charges so the clown Cuyahoga County Judge "lawmiss" can throw her in the clink for 8 years? I'm still waiting on the prosecutor's office to show me the law that says their attorney buddies are above the law! I'm also still waiting for the auditor/recorder's office to make all fraud documents viewable on the Eeerie County Recorder's website!

Shut it

Just because he has a report in his file it doesn't mean he's guilty! anytime a person makes accusations about any type of abuse has to be reported whether it's true or not no matter who the individual is!

Trust me i've been there, had a relationship with a psychotic drunken girl friend years ago and anytime she didn't have things go her way she would threaten to hurt herself and call the cops to say i did it.


Oh, how his reputation preceeds him.  The Register sure loves a good story about a cop and this one is fit for a true Register hangin' out to dry!!  Allegedly there are multiple police reports in several surround departments.  Interesting for sure.........


So Sandusky Register... that's all three pages were about? Yelling at the employees. Hilarious, however I highly doubt it considering Aaron Voltz. Why not report the majority of the allegations... not only will the prosecutor's office cover this up the very newspaper will too.  Erie County should be confident in everything that goes on as reported in this paper! What a joke.


here's the thing.. we all have good days and bad days. we have our ups and downs. so if one person does something that a girl says its true? some girls lie just to get ahead. supervisors may yell bc most of their employees they have under them cant keep their head on straight and do the job right. its a he said she said game. let this just die. no point in any of this. what if someone wrote to your employer just bc he didn't like you some nonsense. like this has happened before? happens all the time to ppl. joke. when you build your life around your career someone always wants to pull the rug out from under you. i cant see why this was even printed in the paper! why don't people try to focus on whats really going on in this world rather than this pity crap just to get a stab at someone? again what a joke. voltz needs to tell the world to screw off bc this isn't right. things happen all the time at many companies. he said she said bull crap. why don't we just throw everything in the paper to waist money. ridiculous!!!

Julie R.


The million dollar plus city of Sandusky vs. Kim Nuesse case was nothing more than a bunch of "he said, she said" bullcrap, too!


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Funny I read speculative accusations, but no real examples of wrong doing. I know this man personally and am awhere of his dedication to the community. He has been in public service since graduating from college 15 years ago. Aaron record is impecable; did you know he was the Norwalk reserve Officer of the year several years back. Tell me have you talked to the children whose llive have been positively impacted by this man. It is easy to sit back annomously attacking with wild accusations, but you would be hard pressed to find someone who cares more and had a larger impact on the lives of at risk children in this county. He is dedicated to Erie County and those of you living there with children should be thankful to have such a man leading your Human Services.

Making refernce to random unnamed police abusing their power has no business in this discussion. Thank You Aaron Voltz for all you do for your community. I certainly hope the bashing stops NOW!


@ witchhunt. Thank you Mrs. Voltz for your kind words.


Ref: Stacy0101

Because he's a county employee, paid out of tax payer dollars, EVERYTHING any of them do is PUBLIC RECORD. 

The paper reports it because it sells.

Citizens buy it because all you hear people talk about is how County and State employees WASTE $$... Therefore, citizens are intrigued when County or State employee are being investigated for anything of which lately, has been quite a few of them. 


That's just life!


Let me get this straight.  I can write an anonymous letter "complaining" about any public official and it will trigger an investigation??  I am sure this letter was convincing and matter-of-fact, but an anonymous letter can begin a costly investigation?  So, I could write a letter about anyone and the investigation would go into their 201 file?  This is incredulous!  Let's see....what public official might have a few issues??


Ref: Serious. I know his exgirlfriend and that girl is WHACKED!


Yes, I agree very CRAZZZY! Consider the fact he seen SC before her she was a sweetheart and he did nothing but toy with her.  What goes around comes around for Voltz. When you walk on someone the way he did with her. He deserves what ever comes to him. For the crazy lady. Should write a story on her!




RE; Serious

If you are going to use capital letters to try and yell in print then try to spell WASTE correctly too!


Anyone who has had to deal with this agency knows that most of them working there are uneducated, rude and beligerant and feel they are entitled to treat anyone they come into contact with as low class citizens. 

If someone got Yelled at remember  their is a saying What Goes Around Comes Around. Learn to treat people how you want to be treated


I can not agree with you more!!!!  I am a mandated reporter and was told I had "2 minutes" to file my report of child abuse.  I am a professional and expected to be treated with professionalism-boy was I disappointed!!!  Then, after I left a message on the supervisors voicemail for a return call to file a complaint against this worker-I still have not received a return call and that was 2 months ago.


One man can't save the world no matter how hard he tries-those employees are LESS THAN incompetent and if I was their superior-I would probably want to allegedly gut someone like a fish, too!


Witchhunt, are you AWARE that LIVES are impacted by your spelling, which is not impeccable?

From:  Anonymous



They only return calls one day a week and if they don't like your voice mail message you will never get a return call.


grannygrunt and cockynurse---you two are totally right! they are very rude there, my caseworker has been changed several times and i was never told once it was going to happen, i just end up calling the wrong person enough times that someone figures out they changed.  they have put the wrong information in so many times, its rediculous.  after my 2nd child was born, my caseworker never filed the paperwork she received from me to get my child on medicaid.  my daughter ended up not being able to go in for her 2 week check up because of this. she ended up going in for her first check up when she was almost 2 freakin months old!!!! and was so upset, when i called and complained to a supervisor i had her medicaid card in hand within 3 days. sandusky county job and family services is a joke! their lastest blunder............putting my bi-weekly pay in the system as weekly, and my one time only job (only one paycheck) in the system as twice as much as it was, and putting in there that my husband, who receives bi-weekly wages as receiveing bi-weekly wages and weekly unemployment.  but, like i said sandusky county job and family services is a joke! and they absolutely treat everyone there like they are low class, and when i go there with my kids, oh my gosh, its like they look at me with disgust for having children. i have never received a call back from them, and the girls at the front counter are just as bad! they interrupt you, cut you off, and when you ask them a question they act like your stupid. i can not wait until i'm done with school and get a better job and don't have to deal with them anymore.  i've also deal with th ehuron county job and family services for a very brief time some 5 years back, but from what i remember they were complete opposite.  i hope this investigation make SCJandFS alot better. let people who acutally care have the job, not people there for a paycheck.


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My7Cents, it appears you have an issue with Sandusky County JFS.  This article is about Erie County JFS.  I would suggest reading the article before posting on it.  


anyone who really wants to know about jobsa and family services contact the SPD or sandusky register  they have a copy of jobs and family services internal records showing how mr voltz does not care about children and how he helps his caseworkers assist in the abduction of children out of the country   see the video  yes I also know what goes on with erie county jobs and family services. or ask the erie county sheriffs office they forwarded my complaint to the proscutors office all 90 pages of it ...yet no answer yet about the case..


sanduskytaxpayer: You seem confused. Your link is irrellevent to Mr. Voltz, as he works for Erie County. Your complaint is with Sandusky County. Maybe you should read the article before falsely attacking.


witchhunt  why dont you read the article i posted before you comment . because when did mr voltz work for sandusky co job and family services I stated mr volts the one who works for erie county jobs and family services .i suggest you stop sticking up for him if you do not know all the facts .I also stated check spd that wopuld mean it is from erie county jobs and family services .now i live in sandusky county!!!!!!!!! I did live in erie county  GET THE FACTS WITCHHUNT talk to the erie county sheriffs office just to make it clear WITCHHUNT notice I stated ERIE COUNTY> erie county

Julie R.


I'm confused. It sounds to me like "sanduskytaxpayer" IS talking about Erie County..............


WOW!! This is nothing.. I think you the newspaper should do a full review on Voltz. His life and all!!! This is a man that shouldn't even be working for Erie county especially around children. Take a man that treats everyone like crap around him and goes bars to bars. Seen him on the booze cruise how many times?? ON HOW MANY GIRLS? This is someone that has to represent our county and lives of many of children. Many of people ask why in the world is he even doing the job he is doing. I think the higher ups really need to look at what they are getting into besides listening to his smooth talk. Not only that check the police records on this guy. Needless to say I hope he looks for a different job. This job is not cut out for a person such as himself.


just for the record....I know of an example that  as a direct result of Aarons actions ...he ruined a 16 year olds life..the child was run out of the state because ECJFS couln't afford him anymore and is sitting in jail in another state...who said he cares about the children???


There is NO WAY IN HELL this man cares about children. He don't even have one. He only cares about what in his pants. If Erie County is going to sit back and listen to all his lies what else is Erie County doing??????

Try asking the girls hes been with. How he treated their kids? I heard he was with one girl that had a little one. ASK HER IF HE CARED? I'm sure she would know first hand! They are making a HUGE mistake by keeping him. EVALUATE HIS LIFE!


This is how he represents Erie County!!!!! Don't worry people he will have his time coming because he does not know when to stop. He will ruin everything on his own. I am ashamed at Erie county letting this man take control. He does not even know how to control his own life. I know a man that dated his RECENT ex girlfriend who is CRAZY. He keeps feeding into that. Don't you think if he was doing this kind of stuff for a living he would know when to back off.She will take him out of Erie County. If he goes back to that. I pray that happens because he has no right to be around children with his type of behavior. He is no role model. He is NO one to even hang around.


 This is ridiculous. This man does not care about children.


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