Ohio: America's nerdiest state

Ohio is America's nerdiest state, at least according to Time Magazine. The popular magazine posted a map on its website today titled, "Why Your State Sucks: The Great American Map of Fail," which identifies each state's worst trait.
Jason Singer
Jan 26, 2011

Ohio is America's nerdiest state, at least according to Time Magazine.

The popular magazine posted a map on its website today titled, "Why Your State Sucks: The Great American Map of Fail," which identifies each state's worst trait.

Using various statistics and sources, Time determined North Dakota has the ugliest residents and Tennessee has the most corruption. Meanwhile, Massachusetts has the worst drivers and Arizona has a drinking problem.

Ohio's wasn't so bad: We're the nerdiest people.

How did they determine such a seemingly random label? They used a surprising statistic: A higher percentage of Ohioans use public libraries than any other population in the country.



I think that Ohio is as corrupt as Illinois. Utah is up there with nerds.


Mr Singer let me help you out if you wrote this fine article. That yellow state right below Ohio thats is labeled cancer deaths that is Kentucky. The one below that labeled corruption that is actualy Tennessee.


Being from the nerd state isn`t all that bad. Be glad you aren`t from Washington or the swamp state east of texas.  Also,I always heard that  Florida was Heavens waiting room. LOL


I guess we could do a lot worst than nerdiest by this study. Hopefully we are the most technologicaly advanced as well because of our nerdiness.


I'll take being nerdiest state any day over what the rest of the states are known for!  I love our libraries and frequent them frequently. Nerdy enough?


I can NOT believe all of you accept the premise from the liberal Time Magazine.  It is just as bad as the NY Times.  Here is a tip, most of the "scientific" discriptions for each state could actually fit in ALL the states including the Buckeye state.  This is pure sophistry and it is all about SLAMMING and degrading America.  I believe this is the greatest nation on the planet.  There is no doubt a few of the descriptions provide comic relief and Ohio is far from being the "nerdiest state" in the nation.  I am sure many people that post could provide better descriptions for each state.  I noticed they completely forgot about Washington, DC.  

Jason Singer

I'd love to hear from you guys: Any better suggestions for Ohio? Are there any other states you'd rename with a different "worst" trait? Let's hear some of that Buckeye ingenuity and humor.

Jason Singer

Editor, SanduskyRegister.com

Jason Singer

(I'd love to hear from women, too. I apologize for being male-centric with my nouns).


 Home of Cleveland?  


Bi-Polar Weather

The Orange Barrel State

Raoul Duke

Taxpayer: HOw many other countries have you been to, and spent enough time in, to determine that this is the greatest mation in the world?

Jason Singer

Ha! MichelleB is the leader in the clubhouse. (Although I'm actually quite fond of Cleveland. As a non-native, I had a very low opinion of Cleveland when I moved to Ohio because of its reputation as a dying city. It's exceeded my expectations. I think it actually has a great culinary scene with a lot of interesting and innovative chefs).


 I am surprised that Alaska is the suicide state..I've always thought of them all as kind and happy like Canadians.  Stereotyping I suppose.



I wonder if the suicide rate is highest when they have their 'seasonal' darkness?

When winter solstice kicks in and portions in of Alaska are dark 24/7.   Barrow, at the very top of the state, has a two-month winter period in which the sun doesn't rise.

Research shows that lack of sunshine DOES cause depression, many times so badly that doctors recommend tanning beds with special bulbs. Some take medication to overcome the 'SAD'  "seasonal affective disorder" .



Upper Canadians have this problem, so does Russia. Maybe the reason they drink so much Vodka?


 Native Americans have the highest suicide rate/alcoholism rate out of all American ethnicities.  They are very prevalent in Alaska, so I'm sure that's why the state is labeled that way.  It's a very sad and unfortunate truth that society seems to overlook.

Julie R.

The FEDS said that Cuyahoga County was the most corrupt county in the country and a good majority of the names are Italian (Russo, Dimora) ----and we already know how corrupt Erie County is! Now add on the fact that Ohio sent a whistleblower to prison for 8 years because she was a threat to the good old boys (and girls)......... and they even threw some black lady in jail the night before a hearing as a reminder she better not regain her memory----I would have to say OHIO is the least progressive-----Ohio hasn't progressed since 1920!


Beastiality?  Really TIME magazine, you couldn't do better than that?

The liberal press always goes to the gutter, ALWAYS. They insinuate that everyone is having their time with animals there? How insulting and irresponsible that rag of a magazine is. ABC, NBC,CBS and CNN are just like this and THIS is why FOX news is popular, the majority of viewers are sick of the  twisted liberal thinking of the liberal fools and manipulators.


Taxpayer, you REALLY need to RELAX.  Clearly this is tongue-in-cheek, loosely based on statistical analysis.


 Bailey: Really Fox not twisted? The company that brought us Al Bundy, The Simpsons, and Celebrity Boxing?


West Virginia, the toothless state.

Lily Von Schtupp

I think we should be called "The Purplest State" due to Ohio politics.    One year we're a red state, next year we're blue.    Combine the two colors together and what do you get?  That's right!  Purple!   I didn't even need my library to know that!!!  :}

Lily Von Schtupp

ah goofus!!   You do crack me up at times!!!!!!!!  LMAO!

Lily Von Schtupp

Bigbad1205--- I must be missing something...  Mr. Singer stated in his article that it was Tennesse that has the worst corruption. 

Taxpayer hails from the State of Denial........


brutus smith

 I'm sure the suicide rate went up in Alaska when palin became Governor.


Salvatore, apparently you've not spent much time in Utah.  Utah is nowhere near nerdy.  I do find it interesting that they are noted for porn useage considering the predominant religion there.

brutus smith

 Ohio could also be called the redneck state of the north.


Virginia is the Motorcycle Death State?

But they have a mandatory helmet law. So how can that be? According to the "we know what is better for you" crowd helmets will eliminate this problem


Don't you think "nerdiest" is the best of all those traits? Shouldn't Ohio be proud?


How come Massachusetts is the state with the worst drivers? I thought Ted Kennedy passed away? Living here in Florida for the winter I've noticed it should be the blue hair state.


Alaska has a high rate of suicide because 6months or so out of the year it's dark except a couple hours, how depressing would that be! The other 6 are daylight all day even at midnight !