LETTER: Don't have a war if you can't pay for it

I just finished reading a book titled "In Cheap We Trust." It is a fascinating romp through American history from the tigh
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


I just finished reading a book titled "In Cheap We Trust." It is a fascinating romp through American history from the tightwad point of view. I was especially struck by the contrast in war funding between World War II and the present day. When we went to war in the 1940s, the price was paid for by Americans. Political leaders and celebrities filled the airways with exhortations to buy war bonds. Citizens were urged to match the blood sacrifices of the fighting men with financial sacrifices of their own and did they ever.

Are we less heroic today? Last year, I heard the mother of a dead soldier say bitterly, "There is no sharing sacrifice. Some of us give everything and others give nothing." There was never an effort made to call upon U.S. citizens to fund the present day wars. The Bush administration turned to foreign powers -- China and Japan -- to finance the Middle East wars.

We are indebted to China for $790 billion and China's influence over our businesses and policies is growing dismally. President Bush justified this folly by saying we would "grow" our way out of debt. Remember that? How could Americans buy this pie in the sky, bye and bye? Are we that detached from reality? Am I alone in thinking that we should not launch wars we are not willing to pay for ourselves?

Phoebe Borman

Port Clinton



Chung, what happened? Perfect English????

Let me guess. Your DVD player broke, so you've had to go a few days without watching your collection of Charlie Chan movies.

Yes, Bush-lite was a lousy president. Yes, Iraq was a mistake from Day One. Afghanistan is a different story. Bush didn't start it, the Taliban did, first by letting Bin Laden run his terror network from there, and later by refusing to hand him over.

And lest we forget, the Dems in congress went along with GWB most of the time. 'Rational thinkers' always manage to overlook that undeniable fact.

Chung Lee

Funny how the Republicans cry when rational thinkers blame Bush for our recent problems. Most people realize that Bush started 2 wars and managed them poorly and left the economy in tatters with a 1.3 trillion annual deficit (with the war spending) and his last month in office shed 800,000 jobs. Yet the Republicans complain that Bush gets much of the blame yet they have no problems blaming Carter and Johnson? One would think that if the message was so great that those 6 years that they held the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court this country would have been Nirvana. How exactly did that Republican control work out anyway?

6079 Smith W

What's your book say about LBJ's guns and butter strategy?

LBJ stole the Social Security Trust Fund and offloaded govt. mortgage company Fannie Mae in order to help balance the Federal Budget in order to pay for Vietnam, his War on Poverty and Medicare programs.

Ignorant GW Bush hating libs seem to want to believe that all the economic and spending problems of the U.S. miraculously appeared a mere eight years ago - it ain't so.

BTW: The 1990 Persian Gulf War was internationally financed.