Caption this...

A reader sent this photo to us and said it is in Bellevue.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 9, 2013


The caption given by the reader was... "If the city won't do it ya have to do it yourself!"



Hey hold my beer and watch this!!


No caption but, IMO he should "at least" get honorable mention for the Darwin Awards.


Any hot picnic tables out there?


Heard the city cut down approximately 500 trees in the blvd. If they could save them, they did. It might just be that this man THINKS this tree should come down. Some people will do anything to make a city look bad. People complained about the way a cable co. trimmed trees. Maybe the city should just get out of the business of doing trees altogether.

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Ha! Ha! Ha! Got them suckers beat now : )

Darwin's choice

Bill, is that you?????


"you always work from the top down after you cut the limbs off". "Then you pull a board and hop down a level and chug a beer".


WOW!No more bath salts for me.


Darn. Now how do I get down?

he said she said

alriiiiiiiighty then