Greyhound to open new Sandusky location

Life is about to get better for people riding the bus to or from Sandusky.
Tom Jackson
Jan 21, 2011

Life is about to get better for people riding the bus to or from Sandusky.

Greyhound announced Friday that it has a new location for Sandusky, which has been without a bus station since the last one closed in November.

The new bus station is the Friendship Food Store, 3515 Tiffin Ave. Greyhound will begin service at the new location on Tuesday. The phone number is 419-609-9378.

Until then, the bus company will continue to drop off or pick up passengers in the parking lot at 6012 Milan Road. It is the parking lot for the former bus station that Greyhound’s former local agent, Tom Halbisen, closed on Nov. 10.

Dee Vansadale, manager of the Friendship Food Store, said she believes bus passengers will find that the store meets their needs.

“We will have places for them to sit,” she said. “It will be a really good convenience for them. They can come in here and get their pop, their snacks. It will be right here.”

Hungry passengers can get items such as pizza and chicken in the store, or can go next door to the Subway, she said. Passengers will be able to buy their tickets at the store and ship packages.


Raoul Duke

Cool. Now all we need is that ice skating rink...


All Sandusky ever needed was a bus out.  Bye.

old dog

Sounds like a great location with alot to offer the bus passengers. A nicer place than being set up in a shack on Rt. 250 and only open when the buses come in.


That's an excellent location! Now all the homeless relocating to Sandusky in droves don't have far to walk to get to the shelters.  Heck, they may even be able to panhandle some spare change from the customers.

Norma J-C

to YAWWNN, perhaps your name was blocked because it was offensive and not as creative as you had hoped it to be when you were trying to say that you have a huge as$ with your sounding out the name that was deleted. Hope this helps.


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Will there be parking available if I decide to travel for a couple of days to leave my car?


SALVATORE if you had a car you wouldn't be taking the bus


If you had a POS car like mine that you would be afraid to drive out of town or out of state, you would take a bus or a train.


 The SPARC bus doesn't stop by here,so how do people get around the area now without city bus service?