Ohio to limit food stamps for some adults

Able-bodied adults without children will be required to spend at least 20 hours a week working, training for a job or volunteering
Associated Press
Sep 9, 2013


Gov. John Kasich's administration plans to limit food stamps for more than 130,000 adults in all but a few economically depressed areas starting next year.

According to The (Columbus) Dispatch, the requirement will cover able-bodied adults without children.

They will be required to spend at least 20 hours a week working, training for a job, volunteering or performing a similar type of activity unless they live in one of 16 high-unemployment counties.

The requirements begin next month but those failing to meet them would not lose benefits until Jan. 1.

More than 1.8 million Ohioans receive food stamps.

The exempt counties are Adams, Brown, Clinton, Coshocton, Highland, Huron, Jefferson, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingun, Noble, Ottawa, Perry, Pike and Scioto.

"It's important that we provide more than just a monetary benefit, that we provide job training, an additional level of support that helps put (food-stamp recipients) on a path toward a career and out of poverty," Ben Johnson, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, told the newspaper.

For years, Ohio has taken advantage of a federal waiver exempting food-stamps recipients from the work requirements that Kasich championed while U.S. House Budget Committee chairman during the mid-1990s.

"The governor believes in a work requirement," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said Friday. "But when the economy is bad and people are hurting, the waiver can be helpful. Now, fortunately, Ohio's economy is improving."

An estimated 134,000 adults will be subject to the work requirements. They are ages 18 to 50, without children under 18, and deemed to be physically and mentally able to participate, Johnson said.

County officials who administer public assistance and advocates for the poor predict the requirement will take food stamps away from thousands of Ohioans.




Works for me.

Licorice Schtick

Huh?. This appears to be identical to an article that posted yesterday, which has as of this moment 128 comments.



Good idea..


AWESOME idea!!!

Fibber Mcgee

Long overdue.... Huron County, economically depressed? This means more people will move there...??

red white and blue

With free child care they should make all work and limit help to 3 months also drug test


this is not a new idea, this has been in effect for years.. seriously why just in like I want to say 2005 this was required of a neighbor of mine who had 1 school age child and one that wasn't old enough for school, and while it was a good plan, she couldn't pay me to keep her kids and she had no gas to get to the "training classes" they don't give out gas cards, so in a real situation its almost impossible to do, she had to drive from new London to Norwalk, now with that being said , if they are going to do this, then these training centers need to be available in more locations than just the county seat, cause if you have no income, you cant get there, also, the idea of the training is great.. but it would be better if it were training, with a job at the end of the training.. cause whats the use of getting the training if there isn't a job available..


But they have gas money to get their smokes, beer, in some cases drugs, go out to the bars and McDonalds etc. You know, the real important stuff.


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The Bizness

Wrong location for this comment

However, I never support war, or military campaign.


Re: "unless they live in one of 16 high-unemployment counties."

The future stats will be interesting, in order to see if their respective single adult numbers increase.

In the long run fiscally and financially, it's best to take this whole bureaucratic mess out of public hands and return it to private ones.

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Eligible Food Items

Households CAN use SNAP benefits to buy:

Foods for the household to eat, such as:
-- breads and cereals;
-- fruits and vegetables;
-- meats, fish and poultry; and
-- dairy products.

Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat.

In some areas, restaurants can be authorized to accept SNAP benefits from qualified homeless, elderly, or disabled people in exchange for low-cost meals.

Households CANNOT use SNAP benefits to buy:

Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco;

Any nonfood items, such as:

-- pet foods;
-- soaps, paper products; and
-- household supplies.

Vitamins and medicines.

Food that will be eaten in the store.

Hot foods.

Additional Information

“Junk Food” & Luxury Items
The Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 (the Act) defines eligible food as any food or food product for home consumption and also includes seeds and plants which produce food for consumption by SNAP households. The Act precludes the following items from being purchased with SNAP benefits: alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, hot food and any food sold for on-premises consumption. Nonfood items such as pet foods, soaps, paper products, medicines and vitamins, household supplies, grooming items, and cosmetics, also are ineligible for purchase with SNAP benefits.

Soft drinks, candy, cookies, snack crackers, and ice cream are food items and are therefore eligible items

Seafood, steak, and bakery cakes are also food items and are therefore eligible items

Since the current definition of food is a specific part of the Act, any change to this definition would require action by a member of Congress. Several times in the history of SNAP, Congress had considered placing limits on the types of food that could be purchased with program benefits. However, they concluded that designating foods as luxury or non-nutritious would be administratively costly and burdensome. Further detailed information about the challenges of restricting the use of SNAP benefits can be found here:

Report -- Implications of Restricting the use of
Food Stamp Benefits

Energy Drinks
When considering the eligibility of energy drinks, and other branded products, the primary determinant is the type of product label chosen by the manufacturer to conform to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines:

Energy drinks that have a nutrition facts label are eligible foods

Energy drinks that have a supplement facts label are classified by the FDA as supplements, and are therefore not eligible

Live Animals
Live animals may not be purchased with SNAP benefits.

Pumpkins, Holiday Gift Baskets, and Special Occasion Cakes
Pumpkins are edible and eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits. However, inedible gourds and pumpkins that are used solely for ornamental purposes are not eligible items.

Gift baskets that contain both food and non-food items, are not eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits if the value of the non-food items exceeds 50 percent of the purchase price.
To read our most recent notice about Gift Baskets, click here.

Items such as birthday and other special occasion cakes are eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits as long as the value of non-edible decorations does not exceed 50 percent of the purchase price of the cake.

Last modified: 07/25/2013

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Licorice Schtick

That document basically says it's too hard to only allow food stamps for healthy food, and even if they did, there's no proof it would improve health.

Not convincing, and quite convenient for the food industry, which the FDA serves.

This program is welfare for the food industry, and less directly, by making people less healthy, it subsidizes the medical industry, too, at the cost not just of tax dollars, but of human health.


Re: This program is welfare for the food industry, and less directly, by making people less healthy, it subsidizes the medical industry, too, at the cost not just of tax dollars, but of human health."

Conspiratorial nonsense.

More like: the unintended consequences of bleeding heart liberal politics.

Get the (bleeping) govt. out of it and give it back to the NFPs.


Re: "quite convenient for food industry, which the FDA serves."

It's the Iron Triangle - business, interest groups & govt. bureaucracy both elected and unelected.


Privatize it.

Licorice Schtick

Democratize it. Our corrupt system is of laws (and absence thereof) bought and paid for with "perfectly legal" campaign contribution payoff to politicians for sale to the highest bidder.


Re: "Democratize it."

Which means what?

DC/"Wall St." is a revolving door of personnel - REALLY hard to separate the two.


SR, Why did you post this story twice?


They like to stir the pot!

The Bizness

I do wish food stamps could only be used for "outer ring" food items meaning, the food that is stored on the out side isles at a grocery store. That would leave mostly just produce, meats, dairy, eggs, bread, and some frozen foods.

I do think that it would genuinely be hard to implement, but once in place I think just using the codes, and bar codes it would be fairly simple to do. The problem comes in when some one is using the food stamp along with cash, they would have to have two different baskets or carts.


I agree to an extent. People waste their food stamps on candy, chips, cookies, name brand pop, high priced steak or meats that many who are working and are educated can't even afford, processed foods instead of making meals,and then cry that they run out before the end of the month. Learn to shop wisely and food stamps will last. But then you also get the ones who get an insane amount of food stamps and sell them for money by trading food for cash. And then people wonder why they are restricting assistance? Well, the government and tax payers can't afford to take care of people who can take care of themselves. It is impossible. Too many people abuse the system and ruin it for the ones who actually need and deserve it.


But, but, you can't tell people what to eat just because they're poor! That would be MEAN.

The Bizness

Well it does kind of contradict conservative thinking... Government imposing on a person what they can eat.


Re: "Government imposing on a person what they can eat."

You mean like Mayor Bloomberg's 32 oz. soda and other nonsensical food campaigns?


Re: "conservative thinking..."

I prefer to think of it as free mkt. thinking.

The (bleeping) conservatives don't own it though they often pander to it.

Why should the govt. tell ANYONE that they cannot buy unpasteurized milk products or foie gras?

The Bizness

You know you don't have to quote everything, I can follow a conversation.

Anyways, I don't agree with that soda thing, but he is not a conservative so he doesn't mind more government control, right?

As for the unpasteurized milk, that is because of a public health reason, and making sure that a massive food born illness outbreak doesn't happen. (I do think that you should be able to purchase unpasteurized milk from small producers however). Foie gras is allowed to be bought in the U.S. it is even on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/LaBelle-Fa...) so I am not sure what you are getting at there. Also you are free to produce either for your own consumption whenever you like.


Re: "I can follow a conversation."

Perhaps others who may care to read don't have your keen sense of perception. :)

Murphy's Law: If it can be misunderstood, it will be.

Re: "Also you are free to produce either for your own consumption whenever you like."

Ya think?

Better see: Wickard v. Filburn


Foie gras?


The Bizness

I don't think Wickard V. Filburn could be applied to a person with one cow, producing milk for their own consumption, and never in commerce, and as I said before I do think small producers should be able to sell unpastuerized milk.

That is California, they are cray cray out there. It can still be bought on Amazon though so buy it while you can! :)


Re: "could be applied to a person with one cow,"

The point: The govt. CAN effectively tell you what you can do with and on your own personal property.

Another one of Murphy's Laws: If it can be misused, it will be.


In these comment streams you've demonstrated far thinking that fits in far better in California than here. What does that say about you?

The Bizness

I am not sure what you mean? I do contradict myself a lot though.


The point being you called people crazy with whom you agree most of the time.

And then there's this:

@The Bizness: Well it does kind of contradict conservative thinking... Government imposing on a person what they can eat.....I can follow a conversation.

Then how did you manage to miss the key differentiator here - WHO IS PAYING THE BILL. If you buy your own lunch, you can have whatever you like, assuming you can afford it. If I am buying your lunch, then I get to pick what I buy for you. Your freedom to have what you want goes as far as your ability to pay for it.

"As for the unpasteurized milk, that is because of a public health reason"

It becomes a public health issue only if A) it's falsely labeled as pasteurized, or B)I'm buying it and forcing others to drink it. Otherwise its a personal choice.

"Foie gras is allowed to be bought in the U.S. Also you are free to produce either for your own consumption whenever you like."

Maybe you should make a better effort to familiarize yourself with an issue before commenting on it. It's illegal to produce or sell in California, and illegal to sell in Chicago and several other leftist cities.


Don't forget the canned goods such as vegetables and fruits are cheaper on a good sale. Many are low sodium. We use a lot of canned tomatoes. Not everybody has the luxury of having space for a garden.


Able-bodied adults with children should be included too. If they don't want to support their kids and work then give them to those who will. Don't single out the childless. There are plenty of parents (not all but many) who can work but don't because they are lazy and use their kids as crutches and excuses not to work and just collect benefits. If you can work, children or not, you should work.


Sandusky should put together a "to do" list for volunteers. Cut grass, pick up litter, shovel snow.... Lots of opportunity here!

The Big Dog's back

Pretty soon we will have a community pot for chicken soup.


I think this is a good idea. I am remined of a woman I know who works at Kalahari resort. They gave her a 25 cent hourly increase a year or so ago and it immediately made her non eligible for food stamps.

So.........what did she do???? She told Kalahari she could no longer work on Wednesday only Mon and Tues and Thurs and Friday and that loos of hours on Wednesday again made her eligible for food stamps.

A short time later a school levy came up in town and she was oppossed....Why ???? she said those teachers have it so easy only work Mon thru Friday and have weekends off and all summer..........said if they had to work at a job like I do they would be glad to have what they are getting paid now.

Yep....that was her reasoning and voted against the school levy.


Why shouldn't able bodied people who are living off the government give back? This should of been mandatory for the beginning of welfare.


I'm wondering what the MINIMUM amount is per month for one person as compared to a family of four. I know a person who is getting less than $40 per month, they're on disability.

I do know the maximum for one person is $200 per month.